1919 Letter of Appreciation

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This document is a signed letter of appreciation for Col. Gerlach from the officers of the 146th Regiment. The letter is dated April 11, 1919, and is sent from Camp Sherman, Ohio. The letter is found in the Frank Gerlach file.

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Transcription Notes

  • Typographical errors, such as capitalization and spacing errors, have been corrected where appropriate.
  • Given the age and condition of the document, certain names and segments have been rendered illegible.
    • Suggestions have been given in brackets where appropriate.
    • Empty brackets indicate that a segment is missing, however, no suggestion has been made.
    • The notation [sic] has been inserted where possible mistakes have been made.
    • The notation [redacted] has been added where text has been mechanically overwritten.
  • As with all names and old documents, misspellings and phonetic spellings are common. Please be advised that certain sounds and letters, such as "B" and "P", "M" and "N", "T" and "L", and "I" and "J" are frequently confused and adjust your search accordingly.
  • Likewise, common first names are often abbreviated on this list. Names like George, Charles, and Joseph are shortened to "Geo.", "Chas.", and "Jos."
  • Handwritten and signature elements of this document have been rendered in italics.
  • The signatures in this document have been cross-referenced with other documents in the Frank Gerlach file. However, there is still a possibility for error. As such, please continue to abide by the above suggestions.

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Camp Sherman, Ohio. 11 April, 1919.

Colonel F. C. Gerlach, 146th Infantry, U. S. Army.

Sir: - Before we depart for our homes, we, the undersigned officers of your command, desire to record our devotion and esteem for our regimental commander. You have always inspired us by your exemplary conduct and bearing. Your soldierly qualities and extraordinary leadership made this regiment an organization in which we were proud to do our utmost in every task assigned to us. In looking back upon the fine record of the 146th Infantry, we want you to feel that it is only the true reflection of your own personality.

Ernest O. Thompson   Harry B. Beriolette
Lt. Col.   Lt. Col, M.C.
Jesse B. Blue   Herve W. Miner
Major 2nd Bn.   Major 1st Bn.
E H Collins   I. F. Bair
Major 3rd Bn.   Capt. Co. A
Samuel J Cole   Karl T Meyer
Capt. Co. B   Capt. Co. C
Fred C. Redick   Miles D. McCarty
Capt. Co. D   Capt. Co. E
Julius A. Stark   Harry H. Kerr
1st Lt. Co. F   Capt. Co. H
Merlin Mitchell   A Mitchell
Capt. Co. G   Capt. Co. K
Thos. D. Weaver   Millard E. Blythe
1st Lt. Co. I   Capt. Co. L
Albert L. Allen   William M. Hicks
Capt. Co. M   Capt. M.C.
Grover G. McCoy   Henry A. Sprow
Capt. Hq. Co.   Capt. Personnel
J. Earl Ports   Eston H. Kiplinger
Capt. Sup. Co.   1st Lt. M.G. Co.
J. C. Hawkins   Francis A. Boylan
Capt. M.C.   Capt. D.C.
Russell J. Caton   Edward F. Evans
Capt. M.C.   1st Lt. Co. H

Page 2

Charles J. McNeal   Emil F. Marx
1st Lt. Co. A   1st Lt. Co. B
George S. Ashman   I. N. Gottdiener
1st. Lt. Adjt2d Bn.  1st Lt. Co. B
Hugh M Stevenson   Frank A. Kromer
1st Lt. 3d Bn. Adjt.  1st Lt. Co. D
Walter D. Riggin   Perry J Funk
1st Lt. Hq. Co.   1st Lt. Co. G
Lawson F. Smelts   Warren L. Farver
1st Lt. Co. I  1st Lt. Co. F
Boyd Carroll   Walter R. Yast
2nd Lt. Co. F  1st Lt. Co. D
Carlton W. Shaw   Justin McElroy
1st Lt. Co. K  1st Lt. Hq. Co.
Daniel O. Webster   Ervie R. Hoover
1st Lt. Co. M  1st Lt. Co. A
Ralph Jackson   Edward L. Bolce
1st Lt. Co. H  2nd Lt. Sup. Co.
Henry C. Brewer   Kenneth C. Sebring
1st Lt. Co. C  2nd Lt. Sup. Co.
Charles W. Andrews   W. B. Wilcox
1st. Lt. Adjt. 2nd Bn.  1st Lt. Sup. Co.
Herbert J. Martyn   Thos. G. South
2nd Lt. M.G. Co.  1st Lt. Co. L.