1815 Census of Wayne County

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Transcribed entries
Name Township
Adams, James Sugar Creek
Akins, Alexander Lake
Anch, David East Union
Anderson, James Mohican
Anderson, Johnathan Mohican
Arnold, Philip Mohican
Aucher, David Sugar Creek
Bain, William Sugar Creek
Baird, Aaron Mohican
Bales, David Sugar Creek
Bales, Jacob Sugar Creek
Bales, John Sugar Creek
Bales, William Sugar Creek
Bardston, George East Union
Bare, Adam East Union
Barnet, William East Union
Barnhill, Gabriel Sugar Creek
Baughman, John Sugar Creek
Bennet, Aaron Perry
Bigham, James East Union
Bollin, Elijah Lake
Bollin, John Lake
Booth, Eli Lake
Bowman, John Sugar Creek
Boydston, Benjamin East Union
Boydston, David East Union
Boydston, George Jr East Union
Boydston, John East Union
Boydston, Thomas East Union
Bradybough, Peter Sugar Creek
Brakefield, Jacob East Union
Brit, John Lake
Brown, Emanuel East Union
Brown, John B Lake
Bryan, Daniel Mohican
Bryan, David Mohican
Bryan, James Mohican
Bryan, John Mohican
Buckley, Robert East Union
Buckmaster, Wilson Prairie
Bundy, Calob Sugar Creek
Bunn, Benjamin Mohican
Burnet, John East Union
Burnet, Thomas East Union
Butler, Jonathan Prairie
Buzzard, Daniel Lake
Buzzard, Jacob Lake
Buzzard, Jonathan Lake
Buzzard, Jonathan Lake
Camble, James Sugar Creek
Campbel, William Sugar Creek
Campbell, Arthur Perry
Canaday, Archabald S Mohican
Cary, Benjamin Sugar Creek
Cashaday, John Mohican
Caster, s[r], John Prairie
Caulfield, Thomas Sugar Creek
Chaffin, Simon East Union
Chandler, Joseph Perry
Chandler, Thomas Mohican
Chasey, Daniel Perry
Cheyney, John East Union
Christopher, Walter Sugar Creek
Clapper, Jacob Sugar Creek
Clerk, David East Union
Cline, Jacob Mohican
Clipbiver Sugar Creek
Collier, James Mohican
Collier, John Mohican
Conley, James Mohican
Cotton, John Prairie
Cox, Peter Sugar Creek
Crable, Jacob Sugar Creek
Cully, John Mohican
Culver, Aaron Sugar Creek
Darnal, Henry Prairie
Davis, Fenios Perry
Davis, Henry Sugar Creek
Davis, Levi Perry
Dawson, Thomas East Union
Day, Elam East Union
Day, Oliver East Union
Day, Oliver Sr East Union
Dewalt, Daniel Perry
Dewalt, John Perry
Dorland, Cornelius Perry
Drake, David Lake
Drake, Thomas Lake
Eagle, Thomas Mohican
Eagle, William Mohican
Early, George Sugar Creek
Eddy, Abner Lake
Edgar, Hugh Sugar Creek
Edginton, Levi Sugar Creek
Edwards, Samuel Sugar Creek
Eldridge, Stephen East Union
Emmens, Benjamin Perry
Ensley, David Sugar Creek
Evans, Even Lake
Evans, John Lake
Evens, James Sugar Creek
Everhart, Jacob Sugar Creek
Ferdrick, Thomas Sugar Creek
Finley, Mis?? Mohican
Firestone, George East Union
Forbes, William Sugar Creek
Foreman, David Sugar Creek
Foreman, John Sugar Creek
Franks, Jacob Sugar Creek
Franks, John Sugar Creek
Frary, Elihue East Union
Frary, Mordicai East Union
Frase, John Mohican
Galleher, John Sugar Creek
Glago, John Sugar Creek
Gosset, Nathan Lake
Goudy, James Sugar Creek
Goudy, John Sugar Creek
Goudy, Thomas Sugar Creek
Goudy, William Sugar Creek
Goudy, William Sugar Creek
Greenley, William Lake
Hacket, James East Union
Handworth, Israel Lake
Harkins, William Sugar Creek
Harman, Conrad Sugar Creek
Harman, George Sugar Creek
Harris, James Sugar Creek
Harris, Warren Sugar Creek
Harry, George Perry
Hatch, Elemuel Mohican
Hatfield, Joseph D Prairie
Hatfield, Robert East Union
Haverstock, Tobias Sugar Creek
Hawkins, Daniel Sugar Creek
Hays, Jonathan Perry
Heckathorn, John Sugar Creek
Heller, John Mohican
Heller, John Perry
Heller, Joseph Perry
Helmich, Nicholas Sugar Creek
Henderickson, John Lake
Henderickson, William Lake
Henderickson, William Lake
Henry, John Sugar Creek
Herrin, Samuel Mohican
Hervey, William Sugar Creek
Hilton, Ira Sugar Creek
Hilton, John Sugar Creek
Homan, William Sugar Creek
Hoover, John East Union
Hoover, Joseph East Union
Houtz, Henry Sugar Creek
Hoy, Daniel Sugar Creek
Huing, John Mohican
Huing, William Mohican
Hunter, David East Union
Hunter, Zephaniah Sugar Creek
Hure, John Prairie
Jackson, John Perry
Jewell, William East Union
John, David Sugar Creek
Johnson, Daniel Sugar Creek
Johnson, Henry Perry
Johnson, Thomas Perry
Johnson, William Sugar Creek
Jones, Charles East Union
Jones, Samuel Perry
Kampf, Anthony Sugar Creek
Kelley, Charles East Union
Kelley, Ezekiel East Union
King, Joshua East Union
King, Ralph East Union
King, Thomas East Union
Kinney, John Sugar Creek
Knight, John East Union
Knox, Robert Prairie
Lake, Abner Lake
Larue, George East Union
Lee, James Lake
Lee, John Lake
Lisle, Robert Sugar Creek
Lock, Thomas East Union
Logue, Benjamin Mohican
Long, Noah Perry
Lordon, Adam Sugar Creek
Loshure, Christian Mohican
Loshure, David Mohican
Loshure, George Mohican
Louthen, John Perry
Lowthen, James East Union
Lowthern, Moses East Union
Luce, Obediah East Union
Luckey, Andrew East Union
Lyon, Isaac Perry
Mackrill, John Mohican
Martin, Daniel East Union
Martin, John Sugar Creek
Martin, Joseph East Union
Marvin, Samuel Lake
Matcalf, John East Union
Mathews, Isaac Perry
Maxwell, William Mohican
McBride, John Mohican
McBride, Robert Mohican
McClelan, Charles Sugar Creek
McConahay, David East Union
McConkey, Daniel Sugar Creek
McConnel, William Perry
Mcdwel, John Sugar Creek
McFadden, Charles Sugar Creek
Meek, William Mohican
Metcalf, Amos Mohican
Metcalf, Edward Mohican
Metcalf, John Mohican
Metcalf, Josiah Mohican
Metcalf, William Mohican
Miller, Andrew Jr East Union
Miller, Andrew Sr East Union
Miller, Conrad East Union
Miller, George East Union
Miller, Jacob East Union
Miller, John Mohican
Miller, John Sugar Creek
Miser, Adam Sugar Creek
Miser, John Sugar Creek
Montgomery, William Sugar Creek
Moor, William Sugar Creek
Morgan, Stephen Prairie
Murdick, David Mohican
Murdock, Samuel Mohican
Nailor, John Mohican
Nathan, Mansfield East Union
Neggle, David Mohican
Nelson, James Perry
Nelson, William Perry
Newhouse, John Sugar Creek
Newkirk, John Lake
Newman, Thomas Mohican
Norris, Joseph Mohican
Odel, Nathan Lake
Okeley, Aaron Perry
Okeley, Abraham Perry
Okeley, William Perry
Oran, Joshua Lake
Oran, Thomas Lake
Orr, Hugh East Union
Orr, Samuel Sr East Union
Owens, Thomas East Union
Page, Elijah Mohican
Patton, Mathew Sugar Creek
Pfouts, Ruben Sugar Creek
Phillips, Joseph Perry
Pittinger, Henry Sr Perry
Pittinger, Henry Jr Perry
Pittinger, John Perry
Pittinger, Thomas Perry
Porter, Patrick Sugar Creek
Porter, Richard Sugar Creek
Pratt, Oliver East Union
Premer, John Perry
Premer, Valentine Perry
Priest, James L Lake
Quick, David Lake
Rambo, Aaron East Union
Raver, John Perry
Reed, Charles East Union
Reed, John Sugar Creek
Richards, Leonard East Union
Richey, William Lake
Riggs, Ephriam Sugar Creek
Risher, David East Union
Ritchey, James Sugar Creek
Rogue, Jacob Lake
Rowlin, John Lake
Rowlin, Robert Lake
Ryland, Henry Mohican
Salsberry, William East Union
Schamercorn, Abram Sugar Creek
Selby, Thomas Mohican
Shank, Thomas Sugar Creek
Sherer, Thomas Lake
Shinaberry, Jacob Mohican
Shinaberry, John Mohican
Shook, Daniel Sugar Creek
Shreve, Thomas Lake
Shull, Samuel Sugar Creek
Sigler, Philip Sugar Creek
Siritchfield, Amos Mohican
Sishsher, Soloman Sugar Creek
Slator, James Mohican
Smith, Aron Sugar Creek
Smith, Bower East Union
Smith, Charles Mohican
Smith, Christian Lake
Smith, Daniel Perry
Smith, George East Union
Smith, John Mohican
Smith, Jonathan East Union
Smith, Philip Sr East Union
Smith, Valentine Jr East Union
Smith, William Lake
Sooy, Samuel Perry
Sorels, John Prairie
South, Major Sugar Creek
Sprag, John Sugar Creek
Stough, John East Union
Straw, Philip Mohican
Strouse, Frederick Mohican
Stward, George Lake
Swigret, George Lake
Swinehart, Jacob East Union
Tanner, John Mohican
Taylor, Free Gift Perry
Teaters, Henry Sugar Creek
Termeans, Daniel East Union
Thomas, John East Union
Thomas, Michael East Union
Thomas, William East Union
Thomson, Griffith Lake
Totten, Arcahald East Union
Tremeans, John East Union
Trusdell, John East Union
Tryon, David Lake
Tunner, Adam Mohican
Tylor, Benjamin Mohican
Tylor, John Mohican
Tylor, Major Mohican
Venasdall, Simon Perry
Wade, Isaac Perry
Wade, William Perry
Walker, Nathaniel Sugar Creek
Walkins, Robert Sugar Creek
Walls, James Lake
Walls, Moses Lake
Walls, William Lake
Ward, John East Union
Ward, Richard East Union
Warner, Ezra Mohican
Watson, James Sugar Creek
Watts, Peter Sugar Creek
Waxler, Michael Sugar Creek
Wells, Ezekel East Union
Wells, James Mohican
Wells, Pleney East Union
Wells, Timothy Mohican
West, Jonathan Sugar Creek
West, William Sugar Creek
Weygandt, Coorad Sugar Creek
Weygandt, Peter Sugar Creek
Whaly, Richard Perry
Whitford, Noah Lake
Wilford, Dugal Sugar Creek
Willford, William Sugar Creek
William, Edgar Sugar Creek
Winkler, Lawrence East Union
Wolf, Jacob East Union
Wolgamot, David Prairie
Wolgamut, Jacob Sugar Creek
Woods, John East Union
Worst, Henry Perry
Wright, John East Union
Young, Abram Sugar Creek

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Mohican Township

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Wooster Township