Mechanicsburg, Ohio

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Brief History

Mechanicsburg, Ohio was once a hamlet in the western part of Wayne Township. Its location was given by E. H. Hauestein as being "located in the extreme western part of Wayne township, where the road west of Madisonburg intersects the road leading north from the Medal Brick & Tile Co. at the west edge of Wooster. Haenstein continued, "Old-timers recall when Daniel George ran a wagon shop: Hiram Walton was the pumpmaker, Joe Manges made shingles. Daniel stout and his sons were stone and brick masons. Nick Sheller was the carpet weaver, and John Baer the blacksmith."

Hiram Walton, the pump maker, had the largest family in earlier years. He and his wife had 13 children, including three sets of twins. Daniel George had seven children, and Daniel S. Stout had five children.

The little hamlet had its own school house. The school house was built by brickmason Daniel Stout in 1872. Twenty years later, a second room was added to accommodate the growing young population.