Caldwell's Atlas (1897)/Wooster, Ohio

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Last Name First Name Company Name Township Village/Town Section No In Lot No Out Lot No Acres Company Description
Adair & Adair Wooster Attorneys
Archer House Wooster Bevard & List, Propietors. This House is first in the city; Electric Light, Steam Heat, Fire Escapes, and fine Sample Room. Everything First Class.
Bechtel & Beard Wooster City Livery. North Buckeye St, two doors north of Archer House. Boarding a Speciality. Patronage of Traveling Men Solicited. Telephone No. 56. Wooster, O.
Board of Foreign Missions, Presby, Church Wooster Second Ward 1875, 1345
Christian Church Wooster Second Ward 1600
Chritchfield & Chritchfield Wooster Attorneys. Law Office on Public Square. All business promptly attended to.
Clapper Printing Co. Wooster Book and Catalogue Work. Fine Wedding Stationery. Diamond Alley Block.
D. C. Curry & Co. Wooster Dealers in Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash Doors, Blinds, and everything used in building.
Dawson Wooster Leading Photographer. Opposite Archer House.
Elliot & Smith Wooster Second Ward bldg. on 774
Foss & Schwartz Wooster Fourth Ward 62
Geo. & John Bell Wooster Liverymen. First-Class Horses and Buggies. Stable in the rear of Yoder House.
Gray & Son Wooster Second Ward bldg. & scales on 634
Harding & Co. Wooster Farm Implements, Imperial Plow, New and Second-hand Bicycles. Next to Court House, Wooster, Ohio.
Hoelzel & Kaltwasser Wooster First Ward 39
J. D. Lisle Wooster 36
Johnson & Taylor Wooster Attorneys
Kinney & Cooley Wooster Second Ward 1279
Landis & Schumch Wooster Fourth Ward 82
Laubach & Kipfer Wooster Second Ward 624
Liggett & Power Wooster First Ward 36, 35
Logan & Taylor Wooster Fourth Ward 62
McClarran & Caskey Wooster Fourth Ward 821
McClellan & Sanborn Wooster Real Estate and Insurance Agents for The Fire Association, The Lancashire, The Ohio Farmeers, The U.S. Casualty Co. Wooster, Ohio.
Miller Bros. Wooster Fourth Ward 77
Minglewood Coal Co. Wooster First Ward Buildings on 1312
Morrison & Johnson Wooster Fourth Ward 1942
Nold & Gasche Wooster First Ward 41, 451-453 74
Nold & Peckinpaugh Wooster Fifth Ward 1498
Nold & Peckinpaugh Wooster Second Ward 791, 1595, 1599, 1604
Nold & Peckinpaugh Wooster Third Ward 101
Nold & Thomen Wooster First Ward 45
Ohio Experiment Station Wooster Station. C. E. Thorne, Director.
Ohio Farmers' Ins. Co. Wooster Second Ward 120, 1280
Ohio Nat'l Bldg. & Loan Co. Wooster Second Ward 662
Ohliger & Taylor Wooster Second Ward 1710
P. Ft. W. & C. R. R. Wooster First Ward 343, 344
Parsons & McSweeny Wooster First Ward 162
Plank & Gray Wooster Second Ward 634, 635
Presbyterian Parsonage Wooster Third Ward 232, 233
Quinby & Kline Wooster One of the Leading Dry Goods Houses in Wooster. You will find the latest styles of Fancy Dry Goods and Carpets, etc.
Quinby & Zimmerman Wooster Fourth Ward 77, 184, 185, 187-189, 203, 204, 520
Reformed Church Wooster Second Ward 1421
Reformed Parsonage Wooster Second Ward 1421
Robertson & Droz Wooster Second Ward bldg. on 139
St. James' Parsonage Wooster Second Ward 1278
Standard Coach Pad Co. Wooster Fourth Ward 213-215
Standard Oil Co. Wooster Fifth Ward 1550
Taylor & Johnson Wooster Second Ward 518
The McClure Stove and House Furnishing Store Wooster Stoves and Ranges, China, Crockery, Glassware, Lamps, Tinware, Enameled Ware, Wodden Ware, House Furnishings Goods. Southwest corner Public Square. C. W. McClure Agt.
The Nat'l Bank of Wooster Wooster Third Ward 220
The Wooster Nat'l Bank Wooster Fourth Ward 1628
The Wooster National Bank Wooster
Try the Farmers Ten-Cent Barn Wooster Corner of Buckeye and North Sts. One-half square north of Archer House.
U. P. Parsonage Wooster Second Ward 1578
United States Whip Co. Wooster First Ward 169
Wayne Co. Infirmary Wooster
Wayne Co. Nat'l Bank Wooster Fourth Ward 68
Wooster Electric Co. Wooster Second Ward 646
Wooster Gas Light Co. Wooster First Ward 341
Wooster Gas Light Co. Wooster Fifth Ward 1525, 1470
Wooster Hardware Co. Wooster Hardware.
Wooster National Bank Wooster Second Ward 1917
Wooster Store Co. Wooster Second Ward 139, 138


Last Name First Name Company Name Township Village/Town Section No In Lot No Out Lot No Acres Company Description
Ackerman Linda Wooster First Ward 1334
Ackerman Mary Wooster First Ward 449
Ackerman Mary Wooster First Ward 806
Adair Thomas Wooster First Ward 277
Adair John S Wooster Second Ward 1565
Adair R. L. Wooster Third Ward 89
Adams C. C. Wooster Fifth Ward 1676, 1689
Adams Jacob & M. Dausman Wooster Second Ward 937
Adams Maggie H Wooster Second Ward 1802
Adams Jacob Wooster Second Ward 915
Adams Maggie A Wooster Third Ward 569
Airkenhead Annis Wooster Second Ward 936
Albright O. M. Wooster First Ward 47
Albright Clara B Wooster First Ward 165
Alexander J. B. Wooster First Ward 272
Alexander Mary Wooster Second Ward 1568
Ames Samuel & Frank W. Miller Wooster Second Ward 10
Ames Martha W Wooster Second Ward 1352
Amsden C. M. Wooster Second Ward 511
Ankley F. Wooster Pastor St. Mary's Catholic Church
Ankly Fridolin Wooster Fourth Ward 460
Antenucio Jendela Wooster Fifth Ward 863, 862
Aplebaugh M. Ellen Wooster Fourth Ward 1198
Appleman M. H. Wooster Fourth Ward 375, 2032
Arm Valentine Wooster Fourth Ward 478, 479
Armstrong Wm. Wooster Second Ward 1011
Armstrong Catherine Wooster Second Ward 1579, 1582
Arnold Jennie M Wooster Third Ward 2011
Art Caroline & Mary M Wooster Second Ward 1977
Atkins David Wooster Third Ward 401
Atkins David Wooster Fourth Ward 1425, 1212
Atkinson J. T. Wooster Third Ward 393
Auburn Louisa Wooster First Ward 306
Auman Frederick Wooster Second Ward 749, 750
Aylesworth Warren Wooster Second Ward 1560
Aylesworth Olive Wooster Third Ward 489
Babb John Wooster Second Ward 643, 644
Bahl Elizabeth Wooster Fourth Ward 259
Baird Emma M Wooster First Ward 316
Baker Catherine Wooster Second Ward 621, 1333, 1352
Bardon Agnes Wooster First Ward 1287
Bardon Godfrey Wooster First Ward 805
Bardon Agnes Wooster Fifth Ward 1038, 1542, 1543, 1981
Bardon Christina Wooster Fourth Ward 813
Barker John M Wooster Second Ward 1562
Barker J. M. & Edward Bixler Wooster Second Ward 1721
Barker L. J. Wooster Third Ward 1377
Barnard Amanda Wooster First Ward 807
Barnard Jacob Wooster Second Ward 895, 899, 900, 1709
Barnes Mary C Wooster Second Ward 1335
Barnett Isaac Wooster Fourth Ward 268
Barnhart Sabina Wooster Second Ward 761, 700
Barrett John F Wooster First Ward 156
Barrett Robt. M Wooster Second Ward 651
Barrett B. Sons Wooster Second Ward 636-639
Barrett Mrs. B Wooster Second Ward 642, 643
Barrett W. D. Wooster Second Ward 1614
Barrett Sue J Wooster Second Ward 667
Barrett B. Sons Wooster Third Ward 1960
Bartol George Wooster Second Ward 1602
Bartol John Wooster Second Ward 727
Bartolomeo G Wooster Fifth Ward 861
Bartram Catherine Wooster First Ward 173
Bauer Eva Wooster Fifth Ward 1702
Baughman J. W. Wooster First Ward 276
Bechtel Isaac Wooster First Ward 1301
Bechtel Jane Wooster Third Ward 392
Bechtel John, heirs Wooster Third Ward 391, 1787-1785, 1874 1781-1783
Bechtel John, heirs Wooster Fourth Ward 68
Beck Albert Wooster Third Ward 534
Beebe Fanny S Wooster Second Ward 1882
Beebe Fanny S Wooster Third Ward 482
Beelman Lydia Wooster Third Ward 535
Beer Jane L Wooster Second Ward 125
Bell George George Bell Wooster First-class Sample Room and Restaurant. Finest Grades of Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Billiards and Pool in connection. The oldest and best stand in the city. Rhine Wines, Export Beer, Anheuser-Bush Beer, Chas. H. Koch, in attendance. 27 East Liberty St.
Bell Susan Wooster First Ward 167
Bell Samuel Wooster Fourth Ward 194, 195
Bell Nancy Wooster Fourth Ward 252, 254, 255
Bell William Wooster Fourth Ward 264
Bell John Wooster Fourth Ward 1367
Bender Simon A Wooster Third Ward 535
Bennett Wm. Z Wooster Second Ward 1720
Bentel Mary J Wooster Second Ward 871
Bentz Sarah J Wooster Fourth Ward 1820
Berbert Anna Wooster Third Ward 1378
Beresford Wm. Wooster Second Ward 13
Berkey Mary Wooster First Ward 304
Betson Samuel P Wooster First Ward 335
Betson Anna Wooster Second Ward 1570
Bevard J. W. Wooster Fourth Ward 387
Bevington B. M. Wooster Third Ward 1653 107, 105
Bevington Della Wooster Third Ward 994
Bigham J. C. Wooster Second Ward 847
Billiard Jacob Wooster Fifth Ward 1695
Bissell Melissa Wooster Second Ward 854
Bixler D. J. Wooster Second Ward 1562
Bixler Guy C Wooster Second Ward 1720
Bixler E. & G. Weimer Wooster Second Ward 1713, 1715, 1716
Bixler Henry Wooster Third Ward 124, 123, 112-108, 106, 104
Black Emily W Wooster Second Ward 1967
Black Elizabeth R Wooster Second Ward 1001, 1002
Black Susanna Wooster Third Ward 91
Black Daniel Wooster Third Ward 1328
Blackburn Hannah J Wooster Second Ward 1355
Blackburn J. M. Wooster Third Ward 228
Blackburn A. W. Wooster Third Ward 1413
Blandford Ida L Wooster First Ward 355
Blandford John J Wooster Fifth Ward 1030
Blandford Sarah E Wooster Fifth Ward 1068
Blenel Katherine Wooster Fifth Ward 1688
Blessie John Wooster First Ward 156
Blessing John Wooster Third Ward 97
Blessing James L Wooster Third Ward 1962
Blile Eva Wooster Fifth Ward 1693
Bloom John Wooster Second Ward 1710
Blosser P. S. Wooster County Commissioner
Blough Mary & C. Stoner Wooster Third Ward 418
Bloxham George Wooster First Ward 315
Bloxham Lucy Wooster Second Ward 620
Bogner Peter Wooster Fifth Ward 589
Bolus Mary Wooster Second Ward 1737
Bolus Maggie Wooster Second Ward 1740
Bolus Anna Wooster Third Ward 556, 557
Boose John Wooster First Ward 153
Boose Rachel Wooster First Ward 1392
Boose John Wooster Second Ward 955, 954
Booth Michael Wooster Fifth Ward 1698
Borgegrain Leander Wooster Fourth Ward 207
Botsford Annie E Wooster Second Ward 746, 747
Bowers Elizabeth Wooster First Ward 1457
Bowers Michael Wooster Fifth Ward 1698, 1699
Bowers Margaret Wooster Fourth Ward 206
Bowers Freeman Wooster Fourth Ward 1202
Bowman C C. Bowman Wooster Distiller of the very best Rye Whiskey. Distillery located at Wooster, Ohio.
Boyd Samuel H Wooster Second Ward 839-841, 843
Boyd Amanda Wooster Second Ward 842
Boyd J. C. Wooster Second Ward 1973, 1972
Boyer Louisa Wooster First Ward 1382
Boyhan Christina Wooster Fifth Ward 579, 578
Brandon Patrick Wooster Fifth Ward 1497
Brandt Frederick Wooster Fifth Ward 1079, 1082
Branstetter Andrew Andrew Branstetter Wooster Manufacturer of and Dealer in Brick, Drain Tile, Coat, Sand, Gravel, Salt, and Fertilizer. Factory and Yard - Branstetter Station, B. & O. R. R.
Brauneck George Wooster First Ward 154, 155, 1381
Brewster Flora A Wooster Second Ward 1986
Brewster Flora A Wooster Third Ward 99, 100
Brice Herbert L Wooster Fourth Ward 1316, 1317
Brick Jeremiah Wooster Second Ward 1230
Brounfield Nancy Wooster Third Ward 230
Brown Jane Wooster First Ward 278
Brown Michael Wooster Fifth Ward 577, 1499
Brown W. J. et al. Wooster Second Ward 851
Brown John Wooster Second Ward 850
Brown Mary F Wooster Second Ward 519
Brownfield Nancy & Susan Wooster Fourth Ward 1314
Bruce Margaret H Wooster Second Ward 1619
Brumter Sarah Wooster First Ward 279
Brumter Elizabeth Wooster Third Ward 430
Brumter Mary Wooster Fourth Ward 1200
Brumter Louisa Wooster Fourth Ward 1205
Bucheit Lena Wooster Fifth Ward 583, 582, 1980, 1508, 1509
Bucheit Caroline Wooster Fifth Ward 1080
Bucheit A. F. & F. W. Wooster Fifth Ward 1036
Bucheit A. F. Wooster Second Ward 1526, 1527
Buckley Johanna Wooster First Ward 574, 1324
Buckley Timothy Wooster First Ward 1454
Buckley Jerry Wooster First Ward 1453
Buckley Timothy Wooster Fifth Ward 84, 81, 82
Buckley Jerry Wooster Fifth Ward 80
Buckley Johanna G Wooster Fifth Ward 1039
Buckley Johanna Wooster Fourth Ward 468, 469
Burke John Wooster Fifth Ward 1691
Burkholder Arretta I Wooster Third Ward 522
Burns Mary Wooster Fifth Ward 1687
Bush Mary M Wooster Second Ward 1962, 1224, 1342
Bush William Wooster Third Ward 409
Callahan H Wooster Fifth Ward 1502, 1501
Callahan Dennis Wooster Fifth Ward 90
Cameron Mary Wooster Second Ward 717
Cameron Thomas Wooster Second Ward 714
Cameron Mrs. Thomas Wooster Second Ward 719
Campbell Frank & Mary E Wooster Third Ward 1667
Carl Charlotte Wooster Third Ward 400
Carnes Wm. Wooster Second Ward 679, 689
Carr Ellen D Wooster First Ward 164
Carr A. A. Wooster Fourth Ward 1466
Carroll Michael J Wooster First Ward 273, 1386, 274
Carroll M. J. & Wm. F Wooster First Ward 269
Carroll M. J. Wooster Fourth Ward 1, 2
Carse William Wooster Third Ward 429
Carson Sarah Wooster Second Ward 781
Caskey John S John S. Caskey Wooster Grocer, Flour and Feed. W. Liberty St.
Caskey John S John S. Caskey Wooster Grocer. Dealer in all First-Class Goods in the Grocery line.
Caskey John S Wooster Third Ward 92, 439
Cassady B. F. Wooster Third Ward 1666
Cassady David E Wooster Third Ward 1667
Charlton Ida M Wooster Third Ward 101
Childs Maria Wooster Third Ward 1639
Christine Wm. F Wooster First Ward 281
Christine Z. Z. Wooster First Ward 1393
Christine Henry B Wooster First Ward 1393
Christine James W Wooster First Ward 1395
Christy Ella Wooster Second Ward 1009
Church U. P. Wooster Second Ward 1359
Clapper Huldah S Wooster Second Ward 1612
Clapper Alfred Wooster Second Ward 632, 633
Clapper Sinclair Wooster Second Ward 678
Clark Allen Wooster First Ward 40, 33
Clark J. W. Wooster Second Ward 663
Clark Allen Wooster Second Ward 1346
Clark Walter F Wooster Third Ward 528, 527, 502-500
Clark Charles H Wooster Third Ward 1654
Clark Newton J Wooster Third Ward 563
Clark Geo. H Wooster Fourth Ward 33
Clinedinst Louisa Wooster Second Ward 1339
Collier Nancy Wooster Second Ward 897
Collins Hugh Wooster Fifth Ward 1699-1701
Collins Hugh Wooster Second Ward 623
Collins Hugh Wooster Third Ward 98-100
Compton Elias Wooster Second Ward 1897
Conn Jehu E Wooster Third Ward 2020
Conrad Chas. F Sr Wooster First Ward 27, 305
Conrad Chas. F Jr. Wooster First Ward 152
Conrad Henry Wooster First Ward 353
Conrad Jacob Wooster Fifth Ward 1477
Conrad Elizabeth Wooster Fifth Ward 1979
Conrad Rebecca & Wm. Wooster Second Ward 885-887
Conrad Rebecca & Wm. Wooster Third Ward 483
Cooley F. L. Augusta Wooster Third Ward 1639
Coulter S. D. Wooster First Ward 809
Cox Lewis J Wooster Third Ward 429
Crawford Mary A Wooster First Ward 1380
Crissmore W. D. Wooster Fourth Ward 1193
Crisswell Elizabeth & Charlotte McCormick Wooster Second Ward 908, 909
Culbertson Mary J Wooster Fifth Ward 1548, 1549
Cunningham Robert J Wooster First Ward 1263
Cunningham M. J. Wooster First Ward 285, 286
Cunningham John Wooster First Ward 300
Cunningham Mary E Wooster Fifth Ward 1533, 1534
Cunningham Matilda Wooster Second Ward 125
Cunningham Alvinzi Wooster Second Ward 625
Cunningham Martha Wooster Second Ward 763
Cunningham Mary E Wooster Second Ward 656, 770, 771, 765, 764
Cunningham R. J. Wooster Fourth Ward 1463
Curry Mary Wooster First Ward 1218
Curry Maggie J Wooster Second Ward 1801, 1003, 1002
Curry D. C. Wooster Second Ward 775, 878, 1617, 1668, 1669, 1725, 1726, 1728, 1748,
Curry Mary Wooster Second Ward 667
Cusack Michael Wooster Second Ward 706
Cusick Edward Wooster Third Ward 103, 1651, 1652 105
Cutter Mary J Wooster Second Ward 14
Dague Huldah Wooster Fifth Ward 1041
Dague John Wooster Third Ward 567
Dausman Michael Wooster Second Ward 685, 896
Dausman Margaret Wooster Third Ward 561, 2007, 529, 421, 422
Davis Charles Wooster First Ward 328
Davona Ellen Wooster First Ward 1394
Dawson Melissa Wooster Second Ward 1565
Day Martha P Wooster Fourth Ward 81
Deer Jacob Wooster Second Ward 1615, 1614
Deneke Chas. Wooster Second Ward 692, 693
Deperro Felix Wooster Fifth Ward 1685
Derr Wm. F Wooster Second Ward 1361, 1356
Derr W. F. Wooster Fourth Ward 14-17
Devine Elizabeth Wooster Fifth Ward 1503
Di Pasque Rafaella Wooster Fifth Ward 1542, 1543
Dice Joseph Wooster Fifth Ward 1076, 1075
Dice Alex Wooster Second Ward 753
Diehl Katie Wooster First Ward 1325
Dietrick Esther S Wooster Fourth Ward 250
Donald James Wooster Second Ward 923
Douglass Narcissa Wooster Second Ward 1010
Dow Alonzo Wooster Fourth Ward 362
Dowell E. S. Wooster Second Ward 659
Downing D. T. Wooster Attorney
Downing Addie & Ella Wooster Second Ward 115
Downing W. C. Wooster Second Ward 117
Downing Sarah E Wooster Second Ward 791, 790
Downing E Wooster Second Ward 1578
Downing R. E. Wooster Second Ward 1927
Downing Addie Wooster Second Ward 116
Dravenstott Joseph Wooster First Ward 289
Dravenstott Eleanor Wooster First Ward 802
Dreenan James Wooster First Ward 450
Drinkhouse Frank Wooster Fourth Ward 1375 68
Droz Ira Wooster Third Ward 1294, 226
Duden Sarah Wooster Second Ward 973
Dulin Lydia M Wooster Fourth Ward 1208, 1207
Dull Daniel Wooster Third Ward 732, 416
Dull Susan Wooster Third Ward 732
Dull Jennie Wooster Third Ward 1376
Dullaghan Catherine Wooster Third Ward 428
Dunkle Jennie Wooster Third Ward 1958, 1959
Dunkle Frank H Wooster Third Ward 1956
Dunkle Amelia Wooster Third Ward 1954
Dunlap Jemima Wooster Second Ward 1009
Eaby Lucy E Wooster First Ward 1222
Eagan James Wooster First Ward 776
Eagan James, heirs Wooster Fifth Ward 584, 585
Eason Samuel B. Wooster Attorney-at-Law. Office over the Wooster National Bank.
Eason Benj. Wooster Attorney
Eason Rebecca B Wooster Third Ward 241
Eason Lovinia Wooster Third Ward 1630-1632 1997
Eberhardt J. L. Wooster Third Ward 92
Eberhart Julius L Wooster City Engineer
Eberhart R. & E. C. Boyan Wooster Second Ward 1567, 1568
Eberly Henry Wooster Second Ward 1167
Ebinger Hattie Wooster Second Ward 853
Eckenroth Benj. Wooster Third Ward 1635, 1633
Eckert Martha Wooster Third Ward 1999
Eddy Robt. E. Robt. E. Eddy Wooster Real Estate Dealer. Wooster, Ohio. Attends to all business connected with buying and selling of all kinds of Real Estate.
Egger Charles Wooster Third Ward 565
Eley Mary E Wooster Third Ward 1642
Elliott Amelia J Wooster First Ward 1308
Elliott J. S. Wooster Fifth Ward 1092-1096
Ellsperman Louisa Wooster First Ward 1309
Ellsperman Adam Wooster First Ward 317
Ellsperman Philip Wooster First Ward 324
Elser Maria Wooster Second Ward 773
Elson Richard, trustee Wooster Second Ward 626
Elson Richard Wooster Third Ward 396
Ely John Wooster Fourth Ward 60
Ely H. B. Wooster Fourth Ward 1192
Emmet John Wooster First Ward 159
Emrich Kate Wooster Third Ward 1638
Ernest Annie M Wooster Fourth Ward 1752
Ernest Rosanna Wooster Fourth Ward 1753, 1754
Everhard Lewis Wooster Second Ward 1282-1284
Eversole W. S. Wooster Third Ward 1628
Ewing Samuel J Wooster Second Ward 903
Excell J. J. Wooster Second Ward 1735
Eyman Adam Wooster Second Ward 705
Faber George Wooster Second Ward 7, 1249
Faber Lizzie Wooster Fourth Ward 77
Faith George Wooster Second Ward 1187, 1186
Feeman Catherine Wooster Fifth Ward 1491
Feightner George Wooster Fifth Ward 588
Feightner Geo. W Wooster Fifth Ward 1488
Feightner Mary C Wooster Fifth Ward 1073, 866-869
Feightner Mary C Wooster Fifth Ward 1097-1101
Feightner John W Wooster Fourth Ward 1749
Fetzer Peter Wooster Second Ward 118
Fetzer Peter Wooster Third Ward 1664
Figert Fred. Wooster Second Ward 619
Filling Henry Wooster Second Ward 931
Finley R. M. Wooster Fourth Ward 1464
Firestone W. W. Wooster First Ward 332, 333
Firestone W. W. Wooster Second Ward 1965, 1966
Firestone Henrietta L Wooster Second Ward 1964
Firestone W. W. Wooster Third Ward 97, 98
Fisher Geo. A Geo A. Fisher Wooster Steam Granite and Marble Works. Wooster, Ohio. Cemetery Work of Every Description. Prices the lowest consistent with good work. Specialty: Fine Family Monuments. Office and Works: East South St. opposite Frick's Warehouse
Fisher Wm. S Wooster First Ward 1383
Fisher Susanna Wooster First Ward 26
Fisher Mary Elvira Wooster First Ward 168
Fisher Louise Wooster Fifth Ward 1490
Fisher Joseph Wooster Second Ward 1161, 1162, 1164, 1165
Fisher Geo. A Wooster Second Ward 707
Fisher Chas. A Wooster Third Ward 1409, 1410, 744
Fisher Geo. A Wooster Third Ward 558
Fisher James P Wooster Third Ward 559
Fisher E. D. Wooster Fourth Ward 1931
Fisher C. H. Wooster Fourth Ward 1935
Fitzgerald John Wooster Fifth Ward 1022
Flattery Mary Wooster Second Ward 1970
Fletcher D. W. Wooster Third Ward 538
Fogleson Elizabeth Wooster Fourth Ward 376
Foglesong David Wooster First Ward 1456
Follis James H Wooster Second Ward 894
Fombell Ambrose M Wooster First Ward 38, 313
Foreman Samuel Wooster First Ward 280
Foreman Samuel Wooster Third Ward 419
Foss Adam Wooster First Ward 49, 50, 270
Foss Walter D Wooster First Ward 1450, 4149, 1451
Foss Walter Wooster Second Ward 1990
Foss Oliver Wooster Third Ward 411
Foss Walter D & Geo. J. Schwartz Wooster Third Ward 737, 1953, 1954
Foss Walter D Wooster Third Ward 481
Foss Adam Wooster Fourth Ward 1298
Foss Louisa Wooster Fourth Ward 357
Foust Peter Wooster Second Ward 757
Frailey Emanuel Wooster Second Ward 796, 795
Frailey Peter Wooster Second Ward 794
France John B Wooster First Ward 1455, 448-446
France John B Wooster Third Ward 1275
France Emeline Wooster Third Ward 245, 1329
France Eliza J Wooster Third Ward 733
France John B Wooster Fourth Ward 208, 201
France Maggie Wooster Fourth Ward 299
France Emeline Wooster Fourth Ward 1751
France Wm. R Wooster Fourth Ward 820, 821
Franks Sadie E Wooster Fourth Ward 83
Frick Jacob Wooster President Wayne Co. Bank
Frick Jacob Wooster First Ward 1256, 1262, 1261
Frick Jacob Wooster Second Ward 1423, 1603 1979
Frick Henry Clay Wooster Second Ward 796
Frick Jacob Wooster Third Ward 95, 1276, 94, 1332
Frick Sallie Wooster Third Ward 392
Frick Jacob Wooster Fourth Ward 1271, 260
Frost Helen M Wooster Second Ward 506, 507
Frost Helen M Wooster Fourth Ward 78
Fry Mary O Wooster Fifth Ward 1490
Fry John W Wooster Fifth Ward 864
Fryer Sidney J Wooster Second Ward 512
Funck Daniel Wooster First Ward 336, 337
Funck Martin Wooster Second Ward 1253
Funck Ross W Wooster Third Ward 490
Funck Daniel Wooster Fourth Ward 197
Funk Ross W. Wooster Prosecuting Attorney
Funk Nancy J Wooster Second Ward 704
Funk Rachel A Wooster Second Ward 944
Furie A. B. Wooster Fourth Ward 59
Gann John A Wooster Second Ward 110, 793, 792, 112
Gann Elizabeth Wooster Second Ward 111
Gann John A Wooster Third Ward 406
Garing Margaret Wooster Second Ward 603
Garing Jennett Wooster Second Ward 602
Garver W. W. Wooster Sheriff of Wayne Co.
Gasche Charles Wooster Second Ward 1616 1704
Gasche Gotlieb Wooster Second Ward 1619
Gasche Mary Wooster Second Ward 1618
Gasche Christian Wooster Second Ward 1173, 1178-1181
Gasche Mary Frances Wooster Third Ward 547
Geiselman Jacob Wooster Second Ward 1355, 1006, 1005
Geiselman Jacob Wooster Third Ward 122
Geiselman Harvey Wooster Fourth Ward 1750
Geitgey Samuel Wooster Second Ward 1595
Geitgey Samuel Wooster Fourth Ward 63
Geitgey J. J. Wooster Fourth Ward 377, 265, 264
Geltz Elizabeth Wooster Third Ward 244
Gentill Nicodenio Wooster Fifth Ward 1679
George J. G. J. G. George Wooster Dealer in all the latest styles of Gents' Furnishing Goods, Hats, Caps, and everything that is kept in a First-Class Store. Three doors west of Court House.
George Frank Wooster Second Ward 609
Gerlach Johanna Wooster First Ward 356
Gerlach Wm. G Wooster Second Ward 670, 671
Glasgo Milton W Wooster First Ward 314
Goetz Adam et. al Wooster First Ward 1225
Goetz David Wooster Third Ward 532, 738
Good Lydia B Wooster Second Ward 1174
Goodman Michael S Wooster First Ward 53
Goodman Hattie S Wooster First Ward 288
Gordon Mary Wooster Second Ward 1798
Gorgas Lizzie Wooster Second Ward 597, 598
Gorges Joseph H Wooster First Ward 321
Grady Sarah Wooster Second Ward 945
Grady Israel Wooster Second Ward 1573, 1574, 1570, 1712 1705-1709
Graeter Charles E Wooster Third Ward 486
Gravatt H. P. Wooster Second Ward 728
Gray Eunice Wooster First Ward 294, 348
Gray Sylvester Wooster First Ward 801, 803 73
Gray James L Wooster First Ward 326, 327
Gray Nellie Wooster First Ward 310
Green Emma Wooster Third Ward 423
Greenwald Francis E Wooster Second Ward 675
Greesemer Louise Wooster Second Ward 1928
Griest Isaac Wooster Fourth Ward 1821
Griffin Emma E Wooster Third Ward 432
Grist Mary Wooster Third Ward 2008
Groeser Charles Wooster First Ward 444, 1260
Groesher Charles Wooster Fourth Ward 1823
Grosenbach Ida Wooster Third Ward 560
Grosjean Laura B Wooster First Ward 798
Gross Magdalena Wooster Fifth Ward 1486, 1487
Haley Patrick Wooster Fifth Ward 1040
Hall P. D. Wooster First Ward 36
Hall Julia Wooster First Ward 42
Hall P. D. Wooster Second Ward 505, 506
Hall Catherine Wooster Second Ward 1350
Hall P. D. Wooster Third Ward 121, 120, 118, 117
Hall John C Wooster Fourth Ward 818, 819 69
Haller Frederick Wooster Second Ward 513
Haller David Wooster Second Ward 516
Haller Henry A Wooster Fourth Ward 383
Hamilton James W Wooster First Ward 183
Hamilton Isabella Wooster Fourth Ward 361
Hamlin Sarah J Wooster Second Ward 710
Hammer Susanna Wooster First Ward 346
Hammer Mary Wooster Second Ward 1575, 1166
Hampton Frank L Wooster Second Ward 624
Hanshue Barbara Wooster Third Ward 539, 745 113
Hanson Laura Wooster Third Ward 537
Happer A. P. Wooster Second Ward 884
Hard C. V. Wooster Second Ward 106, 883, 943
Harrington Artie et al. Wooster First Ward 181
Harrington Artie Wooster Fourth Ward 3, 4
Harrison H. R. Wooster First Ward 180
Harrison H. R. Wooster Second Ward 669, 670
Harry Alice A Wooster Second Ward 718
Harry Charlotte Wooster Third Ward 572
Harsh Wm. Wooster Third Ward 435
Harsh Zach Wooster Third Ward 434
Hart Mrs. P. A. Wooster Second Ward 844
Hart Catherine E & Gertrude W. McQuigg Wooster Second Ward 1565
Hartman Jacob D Wooster Second Ward 683
Hartman J. B. Wooster Third Ward 2010, 2013-2019
Hartman Mary F Wooster Fourth Ward 79
Hartman B. J. & Frank Maize Wooster Fourth Ward 1366
Hartzell Emma W & Mary T Hoch Wooster Second Ward 1604
Hartzell Emma W Wooster Second Ward 1351
Hatfield Rebecca A & Sarah A Wooster Second Ward 1581, 1580
Hayes Mary D. et al. Wooster Second Ward 1991
Hayes Mary D et al. Wooster Second Ward 3
Hayes T. J. Wooster Third Ward 230, 231
Hayes Mary S, et al. Wooster Fourth Ward 30
Heffelfinger Frank L. & Jas. K Wooster Third Ward 417
Heffelfinger Jennie Wooster Fourth Ward 1206
Hefron Michael Wooster Fifth Ward 1520
Heindel Geo. M Wooster Second Ward 1337
Helfrick John Wooster Fourth Ward 815
Henderson Agnes Wooster Second Ward 1608
Hennesy John Wooster Fifth Ward 575
Henninger John Wooster Second Ward 613, 612
Hershey Henry Wooster First Ward 354
Hess Philip Wooster First Ward 329
Hess Philip Wooster Second Ward 631
Hessler Flora M Wooster Fourth Ward 364
Heyl John Wooster Third Ward 93
Hilderbrand Samuel K Wooster Second Ward 1362
Hill James Wooster Fifth Ward 1091
Hill James M Wooster Third Ward 420
Hills Miriam Wooster Second Ward 1878
Himmelrich Martin Wooster Third Ward 2041
Hindman John Wooster Third Ward 1295
Hine Philip, heirs Wooster Second Ward 14
Hine Philip Wooster Fourth Ward 480
Hiner Mary Wooster Second Ward 906
Hinton Wm. H Wooster Fourth Ward 198
Hinton Louise E Wooster Fourth Ward 812, 198
Hippy Geo. M Wooster Second Ward 1604
Hoak Martha & Catherine Wooster Third Ward 227
Hoffman Calvin E Wooster Second Ward 1554
Hoffman Daniel Wooster Fourth Ward 1191
Hoffstott Harry A Wooster Second Ward 510
Holloran Patrick Wooster Fifth Ward 1046, 1047
Homer Elizabeth Wooster Second Ward 891
Hookway Frederick E Wooster Second Ward 1610, 1611
Hoover Geo., Tho., & Albert Wooster Fourth Ward 43, 44
Horn Philip L Wooster First Ward 163
Horn John J Wooster First Ward 345
Horn Edward D Wooster First Ward 23
Horn John B Wooster Second Ward 8
Horn John B Wooster Second Ward 599
Horn Catherine Wooster Second Ward 960
Horstman Rev. I. F. Wooster Fourth Ward 1462, 1461
Hosler Addie Wooster Second Ward 605, 604
Howard L. B. Wooster First Ward 303
Howard Lewis B Wooster Second Ward 12
Howard Esther E Wooster Second Ward 17
Howard L. B. Wooster Fourth Ward 456
Hower Wynona Alma Wooster Third Ward 426
Hoyt Mary J Wooster First Ward 174
Huffman Sarah L Wooster Second Ward 935
Huffman B. W. Wooster Second Ward 941
Hughes Malinda Wooster First Ward 1292
Hughes Mary M Wooster Fourth Ward 467, 468
Hullinger Annie Wooster Fifth Ward 590
Humberger Edward L Wooster Fourth Ward 1203
Hummer John Wooster Second Ward 919, 918
Hunt Abigail Wooster Second Ward 1598
Hurst Anna E., Wm. C. & Anna Wooster Fifth Ward 1690
Hurst Charles Wooster Second Ward 1572
Huston Emily J Wooster Second Ward 2023
Hutton George Wooster Second Ward 715
Ihrig Elizabeth Wooster First Ward 302
Ihrig Elizabeth Wooster Second Ward 127-129
Imgard Catherine Wooster First Ward 31
Imgard F. L. Wooster Second Ward 1624-1627
Imgard August Wooster Second Ward 1565
Imgard F. L. Wooster Third Ward 491
Ivers Maggie Wooster Fifth Ward 1072
Jackson Anna Wooster First Ward 171, 1864
Jackson John & Annie Wooster Second Ward 122, 123
Jacobs Wilhelmina Wooster First Ward 28
Jacobs Kate Wooster First Ward 1386, 1385
Jacobs Wilhelmina Wooster Second Ward 144
Jacobs David Wooster Second Ward 1717, 1718
Jacobs Clementine Wooster Fourth Ward 371
Jacobs David Wooster Fourth Ward 1822
Jeffries John P Wooster Fifth Ward 1489
Jeffries Harriet H Wooster Second Ward 981
Johnson John Wooster First Ward 293
Johnson John Wooster Second Ward 759, 1929
Johnson Ruth Wooster Second Ward 849
Johnson John Jr. Wooster Second Ward 942
Johnson Louisa M Wooster Second Ward 1568
Johnson Isaac Wooster Second Ward 1969, 1717, 1718
Johnson Isaac & J. B. Taylor Wooster Second Ward 1969
Johnson Mary H Wooster Second Ward 1599
Johnson Wm. E. & John D Wooster Third Ward 2012
Johnson Gabriel W Wooster Fourth Ward 1463, 1944
Johnston Mary Wooster Second Ward 711
Joliff Abel Wooster Second Ward 926
Jones Hannah Wooster Fifth Ward 1512
Jones Jennie Wooster Fifth Ward 1487, 1486
Jones Quinby Wooster Third Ward 1953
Jones O. F. Wooster Third Ward 104
Jones Quinby Wooster Fourth Ward 5-7, 18, 37-41, 55-57
Jones Jennie Wooster Fourth Ward 381
Kaltwasser Catherine Wooster First Ward 319
Kanke Johnson & Co. Wooster First Ward 32
Kanke John H Wooster First Ward 172, 320
Kanke J. H. Wooster Second Ward 132, 133, 726, 870, 879, 882, 904, 905, 1915, 1916, 1918-1926 1171
Kanke J. H. Wooster Third Ward 96, 88
Kanke C. W. Wooster Fourth Ward 1201
Kanke John H Wooster Fourth Ward 374, 1246-1248 8-13, 28, 29, 36, 45-54, 66
Kauffman H. J. Wooster Third Ward 487, 1634
Kauffman Thomas A Wooster Third Ward 1634
Kauffman H. J. Wooster Fourth Ward 69
Kauffman C. & A. E. Wooster Fourth Ward 210
Kaufman H. J. Wooster Second Ward 888 1714
Kean W. F. Wooster Attorney
Kean Teressa Wooster Second Ward 699
Kean W. F. Wooster Second Ward 699
Kean Alice A Wooster Second Ward 1569
Kean Lura B Wooster Second Ward 1618
Keefe Mary Wooster Fifth Ward 1484, 1485
Keefe Lawrence Wooster Fifth Ward 1138
Keefer Christian Wooster Second Ward 672, 673
Keiffer Mary H Wooster Second Ward 1362
Keister Julius T Wooster Third Ward 225
Keister Lydia Wooster Fourth Ward 192
Keister Frank Wooster Fourth Ward 1930
Kelbly N. K. & Maggie Wooster Third Ward 440
Keller W. F. Wooster Third Ward 1297
Keller L. H. Wooster Fourth Ward 1272
Kelly Patrick Wooster Fifth Ward 586, 587
Kemmerer David Wooster First Ward 310
Kemmerline Geo., heirs Wooster Second Ward 1251
Kennedy Mary Wooster First Ward 1310
Kennedy Alice Wooster Third Ward 548, 549
Kent Mary A Wooster First Ward 275
Kesslar James Wooster Third Ward 1663
Kessler Geo. H Wooster Third Ward 1996
Kester Maria Wooster Third Ward 221, 1293
Kettler Gotlib Wooster Third Ward 1320
Kettler Rebecca Wooster Third Ward 1319
Kiefer S. P. Wooster Fourth Ward 1934
Kieffer Jacob Wooster Fourth Ward 1947
Kimber James G Wooster Fourth Ward 469
King Alex. Wooster Second Ward 713
Kingsley Imerta Wooster Second Ward 876
Kinion Russel Wooster Third Ward 1998
Kinkler Henry Wooster First Ward 318
Kinney J. R. M. J. R. M. Kinney Wooster Att'y-at-Law. Office, Southwest corner of Public Square.
Kinney Q. N. Wooster Second Ward 1594
Kintner Eva C Wooster Second Ward 932
Kipfer John Wooster Fourth Ward 816, 817
Kipfer John Jr. Wooster Fourth Ward 191
Kirkwood S. J. Wooster Second Ward 1879
Kishing Chas. W Wooster Fourth Ward 1932
Kizer Edward Wooster Fifth Ward 1682
Kline Philip Wooster First Ward 38
Kline Philip Wooster Fourth Ward 470-472
Kline Mary Wooster Fourth Ward 461
Klinger Margaret Wooster Fourth Ward 1273
Knox Wm. E & Laura Wooster Third Ward 437
Koch Albert B Wooster Fourth Ward 1195
Kock Nellie B Wooster Second Ward 712
Kostenbader Caroline Wooster Fifth Ward 865
Kostenbader Mary Wooster Second Ward 767
Kramer Emil Wooster Second Ward 920
Kramer Martha E Wooster Third Ward 397
Kramer Francis Wooster Third Ward 1825
Kramer Sarah A Wooster Third Ward 415
Kratz John Wooster Fifth Ward 1983, 1510 86
Kratz Jacob Wooster Fifth Ward 1982, 1521, 1773, 1523
Kratz Eliza M Wooster Fifth Ward 1474
Kratz Jacob Wooster Third Ward 488
Krause F. W. Wooster Second Ward 709
Kready Frazee Wooster Third Ward 1399
Kready Samuel Wooster Third Ward 1402, 2027
Krieger George Wooster Second Ward 628-630
Krieger Henrietta C Wooster Second Ward 121, 1280
Krieger Jr. George J. George J. Krieger, Jr. Wooster The Druggist. Dealer in Drugs and Chemicals, Familt Receipts and Physicians' Prescriptions promptly filled. East side of Public Square, opposite Court House.
Kuhnert Mary Wooster Second Ward 677
Lahr Chas. L Wooster First Ward 1398, 1452
Landaw Sarah M Wooster Third Ward 2036 2000
Landaw Charles Wooster Third Ward 1995
Landers Catherine Wooster Fifth Ward 1514
Landers Michael Wooster Fifth Ward 1514
Landis Tabitha Wooster First Ward 315
Landis David Y Wooster Second Ward 1591
Larwill Joseph H Wooster Third Ward 1628
Larwill Amanda Wooster Third Ward 741
Larwill J. F. Wooster Third Ward 246-248, 229
Larwill Ann E Wooster Third Ward 1330
Larwill Ann E, Martha, & Emma Wooster Fourth Ward 454
Larwill Martha H Wooster Fourth Ward 1365
Larwill Joseph H Wooster Fourth Ward 1468 75
Larwill John F Wooster Fourth Ward 1467
Latimer Lydia A Wooster Second Ward 748
Laubach George Wooster Second Ward 1617
Laubach R. H. Wooster Second Ward 846
Laubach J. W. Wooster Second Ward 939
Lauchbaum Joseph Wooster Fifth Ward 1488
Laughbaum John Wooster First Ward 334
Laughlin Susan Wooster Second Ward 723
Lautzenheiser Emily Wooster Second Ward 1429
Lautzenheiser Geo. G Wooster Second Ward 1430
Law Margery Wooster Second Ward 790
Law Geo. & Margery Wooster Third Ward 1646
Law Mrs. M Wooster Third Ward 1647
Law Margery Wooster Fourth Ward 469
Lawrence Jacob Wooster Third Ward 546
Lawrence Wm. E Wooster Third Ward 1957
Lazro Charles Wooster First Ward 1391
Lee James Wooster First Ward 48-50
Lee Lucy M Wooster Second Ward 676
Lee James Wooster Fourth Ward 369, 266
Lee Wm. Emmet Wooster Fourth Ward 266
Lee Nancy A Wooster Fourth Ward 1950-1952
Lehman A. S. Wooster Second Ward 932, 1008
Lehman Julia Wooster Second Ward 1968
Lehr J. W. Wooster Third Ward 1829
Leib Samuel Wooster Third Ward 405
Leib Mary E Wooster Third Ward 405
Leibolt Mary R Wooster Third Ward 436
Leies John Wooster First Ward 1259
Leies Anthony Wooster First Ward 22, 18
Leies Catherine Wooster Third Ward 536
Leiner Valentine Wooster Second Ward 622
Leiner George Wooster Second Ward 665
Leiner Catherine Wooster Fourth Ward 262
Leiner Laura Wooster Fourth Ward 199
Leitner Elizabeth Wooster Fifth Ward 1064
Leoper Gotlieb Wooster Fourth Ward 473, 474 27
Leopold Sarah A Wooster Third Ward 540
Levers Lovenia Wooster Third Ward 1789
Leyda Nellie B Wooster Second Ward 673
Leyda Geo. W Wooster Second Ward 1593
Liacofsky L Wooster Third Ward 564
Liggett D. Q. Wooster First Ward 34
Liggett Mary J Wooster Second Ward 1277, 107
Liggett Mrs. D. Q. Wooster Second Ward 1622, 1623
Liggett D. Q. Wooster Second Ward 1970-1977
Light Mary Wooster Third Ward 1827
Lightcap Susan Wooster First Ward 1306
Lightcap Emma C Wooster Third Ward 566
Limb Margaret Wooster First Ward 311
Limb Margaret Wooster Fifth Ward 1529, 1530
Limb Margaret Wooster Second Ward 654
Link Christina Wooster Fifth Ward 1086
Linn Wm. Jr. Wooster Second Ward 668
Livingston Susanna Wooster Third Ward 1665
Lo Reaux Ida Wooster Second Ward 919
Logan Robert Wooster First Ward 301
Logan R. A. Wooster Second Ward 1671
Logan R. A. Wooster Third Ward 1996
Logue Mary Wooster Second Ward 1334
Lombardo Carmine Wooster Fifth Ward 1683
Long Conrad Wooster Fifth Ward 1020
Long Jacob Wooster Fifth Ward 1049
Long Wm. L Wooster Fifth Ward 1018
Long John Wooster Fourth Ward 464-466 19, 25, 26
Long Barnhart Wooster Fourth Ward 475, 476
Long Henry Wooster Fourth Ward 1824
Long Geo. K Wooster Fourth Ward 1933
Long John Wooster Fourth Ward 24
Lowery Mrs. Carrie Wooster Fifth Ward 1048
Lucas Josiah Wooster Third Ward 542, 2038
Luce Curtis Wooster Second Ward 1617
Luke Harmon Wooster First Ward 1397
Lusk Elizabeth Wooster First Ward 291
Luy Wm. Wooster Fourth Ward 370
Lyon John Wooster Second Ward 1188
Lyon David W Wooster Second Ward 1583, 1584
Lyon Cornelia Wooster Second Ward 898
Mackey Clara Wooster Third Ward 89
Magner Mary Wooster Second Ward 1189
Maize Jeremiah Wooster Fourth Ward 23
Manges Mary Wooster Fourth Ward 525, 1973
Manley Bridget Wooster Fifth Ward 1090
Manley Timothy Wooster Fifth Ward 1089
Mann Jane E Wooster First Ward 1379
Mann Jane E Wooster Third Ward 238
Mann Mary Wooster Fourth Ward 358
Marchand Mary J Wooster First Ward 1302
Marchand Emma C Wooster Second Ward 1617
Markley Philip Wooster Second Ward 724, 725
Markly Philip Wooster Surveyor and Engineer
Marks Sarah A Wooster Third Ward 438
Marks Mary E Wooster Third Ward 570
Marks Levi Wooster Third Ward 413
Marshall Joseph Wooster Second Ward 1224
Marshall Mary C Wooster Third Ward 240
Martin John Wooster Infirmary Director
Martin A. H. Wooster Second Ward 980
Masoni Henry Wooster Fifth Ward 859
Massaro Andrew Wooster Fifth Ward 1541
Massaro Gironnie Wooster Fifth Ward 1417
Massaro Andrew Wooster Fifth Ward 1539-1541
Massaro G & A Wooster Fifth Ward 1418
Massoni Eugene Wooster Fifth Ward 576
Mateer Horace N Wooster Second Ward 1968
Matz Martha K Wooster Second Ward 1168
Matz Mary A Wooster Third Ward 2037
Matz Sidney O Wooster Third Ward 114
Matz Hamilton B Wooster Fourth Ward 1368
Maurer Wm. H Wooster First Ward 299
Maurer John Wooster Second Ward 1228
Maurer Joseph H Wooster Second Ward 703
Maxwell Mary E Wooster Second Ward 1565, 1566
Maxwell Maggie Wooster Fourth Ward 1941
McAfee Mary E Wooster Second Ward 1613
McAfee Sarah Wooster Third Ward 1826
McAnaney S. M. Wooster Third Ward 526
McAnaney Catherine Wooster Third Ward 550, 1830
McAnaney heirs Wooster Third Ward 551
McAnaney Hugh, heirs Wooster Third Ward 552
McAnaney Edward F Wooster Third Ward 1831
McAnaney Charles Wooster Third Ward 2034
McAnaney John Wooster Fourth Ward 1369
McBride John K, heirs Wooster Third Ward 1640
McCalmon Wm. K Wooster Fourth Ward 1938, 1939
McCanna James Wooster Fifth Ward 1472, 1473, 1677, 1678
McCarty Mary Wooster Fifth Ward 581, 580
McCauley G. M. Wooster Fourth Ward 58
McClarran Harry Harry McClarran Wooster The Grocer. Began in 1868, still in business in 1897. The best is always the cheapest. Our goods are bought from the manufacturer and importer and are of the very best. We carry a large stock of Queensware, French and German China, Lamps of the latest styles in all sizes and prices to suit the trade. Three doors west of Court House.
McClarran John C. Wooster Probate Judge
McClarran David Wooster Fourth Ward 1318
McClarran John Wooster Fourth Ward 1270, 382 42
McClarran Clementine Wooster Fourth Ward 388
McClarren Spears Wooster First Ward 22
McClarren Harry Wooster Second Ward 614, 615, 617, 618
McClarren Jane Wooster Second Ward 682
McClarren James Wooster Second Ward 686
McClarren Arthur R Wooster Third Ward 573
McClellan James Wooster Fifth Ward 1078
McClellan John Wooster Second Ward 5
McClellan Zada L Wooster Second Ward 1969
McClellan John Wooster Third Ward 1296, 103
McClure A. S. Wooster Second Ward 6, 1561, 1562
McClure Charlotte Wooster Third Ward 2039
McClure Rebecca E Wooster Third Ward 1376
McClure Clara T Wooster Third Ward 1407
McCormack Charlotte Wooster Second Ward 1557
McCormick Edward P Wooster Fourth Ward 1210
McCoy Sarah Wooster Second Ward 1357
McCrary John Wooster Second Ward 974
McCreary John H Wooster Third Ward 97
McCrehen Ellen Wooster Fourth Ward 250
McCurdy Mary E Wooster Third Ward 239
McDonald Alexander Wooster Second Ward 1840
McDonald Chas. A Wooster Second Ward 1564
McDonald Margaret Wooster Second Ward 1889
McDonald Newton, heirs Wooster Third Ward 1777-1779, 1788 93
McDonald Mary Wooster Third Ward 1659
McDonald Carrie A Wooster Third Ward 743, 744
McFadden Albert Wooster First Ward 1865, 1886
McFadden A Wooster Second Ward 142
McFarland Mary Wooster Third Ward 1658
McGowan Anthony Wooster Fifth Ward 1475
McGowan Patrick Wooster Fifth Ward 1493-1495
McGown Patrick Wooster Third Ward 553-555 94
McIntire E. D. Wooster Supt. Wayne Co. Infirmary
McKinney Wm. C Wooster Second Ward 1344, 1968
McMahon John Wooster Fifth Ward 1518
McMahon Rosa Wooster Second Ward 1528
McMillen Kate L Wooster Second Ward 660
McMillen Martha Wooster Second Ward 708
McMillen Sue Wooster Second Ward 881
McMillen Margaret Wooster Third Ward 412
McMonigal Sarah Wooster Second Ward 1341
McQuigg Mary A & Martha Wooster Fourth Ward 1936
McSweeney John Wooster Attorney
McSweeney John Wooster Second Ward 930, 9, 508, 509
McSweeney John & Kate Wooster Second Ward 1250
McSweeney John & Jennie Wooster Second Ward 1514, 1515
McSweeney John, estate Wooster Second Ward 1982
McSweeney John Wooster Third Ward 1644, 1638, 1378
McWilliams Israel Wooster Second Ward 902
Meah Sarah Wooster Second Ward 1169
Meeks Amanda Wooster Fifth Ward 1478, 1479
Melham Frank Jr. Wooster Third Ward 1955
Melham Matilda Wooster Third Ward 735
Messmore Harry R Wooster First Ward 20
Metz A. D. Wooster Second Ward 9, 110
Metz Jacob Wooster Fourth Ward 71
Miller M. M. Wooster County Commissioner
Miller Flora, Mary L, Rebecca Wooster First Ward 1289
Miller Henry A Wooster First Ward 290
Miller Ella Wooster First Ward 287, 286
Miller James F Wooster First Ward 282
Miller George B Wooster First Ward 804
Miller Abner D Wooster Fifth Ward 1085
Miller Rebecca Wooster Fifth Ward W. pt. N. E. 19.5
Miller Sarah D Wooster Fifth Ward 1515
Miller Edward J Wooster Fifth Ward 1034
Miller Benj. T. Wooster Fifth Ward 1519
Miller Henry B Wooster Second Ward 917
Miller Ellen D Wooster Second Ward 610
Miller Benjamin Wooster Second Ward 716
Miller Rebecca Wooster Second Ward 961
Miller Henry H Wooster Second Ward 1734
Miller Frank W Wooster Second Ward 1600, 504
Miller Magdalena C Wooster Second Ward 1552
Miller Henrietta J Wooster Third Ward 224, 1274
Miller Joe E Wooster Third Ward 1650
Miller Michael A Wooster Third Ward 1790
Miller Harrison Wooster Third Ward 543
Miller Morris W & Frank W Wooster Fourth Ward 75
Miller D. D. Wooster Fourth Ward 74
Miller James F Wooster Fourth Ward 1370
Miller Perry Wooster Fourth Ward 256 61
Miller Hannah Wooster Fourth Ward 257, 258, 84
Miller Wm. M Wooster Fourth Ward 477
Mongey Jacob Wooster Fifth Ward 1686, 1066, 1067
Mongey Jacob Wooster Fourth Ward 61, 62
Moor Emma E Wooster First Ward 1220
Moore John C. Wooster Attorney
Moore John A Wooster First Ward 1458
Morrett Mrs. E. A. Wooster First Ward 1307
Morrison Richard L Wooster Fourth Ward 1943
Mougey W. A. W. A. Mougey Wooster Hotel. South Market St.
Mower Franklin B Wooster Fourth Ward 80
Mowert H. U. Wooster County Surveyor
Mowery Nathaniel Wooster Fifth Ward 1597 83, 87
Mowery Amanda Wooster Second Ward 699
Mowrer Cyrus B Wooster Second Ward 116, 115
Mullins Walter J Wooster First Ward 158
Mullins Hannah Wooster Second Ward 1563
Mullins Amy Scovil Wooster Second Ward 692, 693
Mullins Mary P Wooster Third Ward 425, 494, 496, 497
Murphy Jerry Wooster Fifth Ward 1500
Muschenich Wm. Wooster First Ward 160
Musselman D. W. Wooster Clerk Common Pleas Court
Musselman D. W. Wooster Second Ward 1565
Myers D. D. Myers Wooster Contractor and Builder. Chruch Work and Public Buildings a Speciality
Myers Wm. Wooster First Ward 52
Myers Abraham Wooster Fifth Ward 1034
Myers Cecelia Wooster Second Ward 1590
Myers Mary J Wooster Third Ward 1657
Myers Mary H Wooster Third Ward 1331
Myers Mary A Wooster Fourth Ward 1371
Myers Cecelia Wooster Fourth Ward 35
Myers Elizabeth Wooster Fourth Ward 1364
Myers Wilhelmina H Wooster Fourth Ward 1754
Myers Henry Wooster Fourth Ward 1211, 1364
Nachtrieb Ellen Wooster First Ward 1290
Naftzger Frank A Frank A. Naftzger Wooster The old reliable Ice Dealer. Ice House on Dalton Road.
Naftzger J. R. Wooster Fifth Ward 1773, 1694, 1772, 1520
Naftzger Frank Wooster Fifth Ward 1674, 1675
Naftzger A. W. Wooster Fifth Ward 1775, 1776
Neely Margaret J Wooster Second Ward 848
Newell David A Wooster Second Ward 1555, 1556
Newkirk E. W. E. W. Newkirk Wooster Attorney-at-Law. Refers to The Wooster National Bank, Wooster Clientage, B. Dannemiller & Sons, Canton, O.; Aultman, Miller, & Co., Akron, O.; Deering Harvester Co., Chicago Ill.; St. John Plow Co., Kalamazoo, Mich.; The Warder, Bushnell & Glessner Co., Springfield, O.; and many others, on application.
Newkirk E. W. Wooster Attorney
Newkirk Flora C Wooster Second Ward 2006
Newkirk E. W. & Ida H Wooster Second Ward 1336
Newkirk Lottie M Wooster Second Ward 1989, 678
Newkirk R. S. Wooster Third Ward 544
Newstetter W. L. Wooster Fifth Ward 1480-1482
Nice Alice Wooster Second Ward 141
Nimmons Rebecca Wooster Second Ward 1254
Nold Wm. Wooster First Ward 44, 331
Nold William Wooster Fifth Ward 1023
Nold Wm. Wooster Second Ward 1163, 1170-1172, 1182-1185, 1354, 1362, 1558, 1978
Nold Wm. & C. Greenslade Wooster Second Ward 1358
Nold William Wooster Fourth Ward 1204
Nolin Susan M Wooster Third Ward 408
Nolle Wm. & John Wooster Second Ward 1252, 694, 691
Nolle John Wooster Second Ward 972, 973
Nolle Wm. Wooster Second Ward 612, 611
Nolle John Wooster Third Ward 439
Nolle Anna C Wooster Third Ward 433
Numbers Sabina M Wooster Fifth Ward 1481, 1482
O'Lary Arthur Wooster Fifth Ward 1476
Oberdusky Elizabeth Wooster Fourth Ward 458
Obrien Elizabeth Wooster Third Ward 1656
Ohliger L. P. Wooster Second Ward 1224
Ohliger L. P. Wooster Third Ward 739, 1403-1405, 1411-1413
Oldroyd Retina T Wooster Second Ward 718
Oliver D. B. Wooster Fifth Ward 1545-1547, 1532
Oliver D. B. Wooster Second Ward 655, 768
Onstatt Anna Wooster Fifth Ward 1012
Orr Emma H Wooster First Ward 349
Orr Martha Wooster Second Ward 1971
Osborne Wm. Wooster Fourth Ward 1313
Overholt J. S. R. Wooster Second Ward 1424, 762
Oyler Rebecca Wooster Fifth Ward 593
Packer Mary L Wooster Second Ward 1619
Palmer George Wooster First Ward 1321, 1322
Palmer Jacob Wooster Fifth Ward 1698, 1513
Palmer Jacob Wooster Second Ward 925, 927-929, 1710
Palmer Clementine Wooster Second Ward 1607
Palmer E. A. Wooster Third Ward 571
Pardee Eleanor A Wooster Fifth Ward 1535, 1536, 1516, 1517
Parish Malinda Wooster First Ward 1226, 30, 25, 24
Parish Melinda Wooster Third Ward 493, 492, 503
Parker Evans Wooster Second Ward 674
Patton Mary A Wooster Second Ward 792
Paulus Mary Wooster First Ward 1389, 1323, 800, 790
Paulus Catherine Wooster Fifth Ward 1019
Payne Luther Wooster Second Ward bldg. on 1747
Pearsong Augusta Wooster Third Ward 427
Peckinpaugh A. B. Wooster Deputy Auditor
Peckinpaugh Alfred B Wooster Second Ward 972
Penick John Wooster Fifth Ward 1043
Penick James W Wooster Fifth Ward 1071
Peppers Catherine Wooster Third Ward 431
Peppers Sarah Wooster Third Ward 1647
Pfaff Caroline Wooster Second Ward 910
Pinkerton Elizabeth M Wooster Second Ward 934
Pinkerton Rachel R Wooster Second Ward 907
Plasterer Mary A Wooster Fourth Ward 1814
Platter Nannie J Wooster Second Ward 1349
Plumer George Wooster Second Ward 2, 1604
Plumer George Wooster Third Ward 1643
Pocock E. J. Wooster County Commissioner
Podlich Emil Wooster First Ward 309
Pollock Jane H Wooster Second Ward 1286
Poncler Philmena Wooster Second Ward 720
Poorman George Wooster Second Ward 1229
Pope Elizabeth M Wooster Second Ward 1604
Porter Rolla A Wooster Third Ward 97
Potter Zachariah Wooster Second Ward 681
Power Matilda Wooster Fourth Ward 1300 20-22
Power J. B. Wooster Fourth Ward 455
Power Neal Wooster Fourth Ward 1465
Powers Mary M Wooster First Ward 1311
Price J. D. Wooster Second Ward 974
Proctor Elizabeth Wooster Second Ward 1007
Proeger Louisa Wooster Second Ward 852
Proeger Louisa, Mrs. Barnhart Wooster Second Ward 653
Pryse Jennett Wooster Second Ward 2005
Purdy Frank Wooster First Ward 321
Pyle Rachel (widow) Wooster Second Ward 947
Quinby E. Jr. Wooster First Ward 43, 1264, 1219, 342, 1312
Quinby E. Jr. Wooster Fifth Ward 1013-1017, 1021, 1025, 1027, 1029, 1033, 1035, 1042, 1044, 1045, 1050-1055, 1057-1063, 1065, 1069, 1087
Quinby E. Jr. Wooster Fifth Ward 1102-1127, 1132-1137, 1139-1160, 1506, 1507, 1525 79 N. pt. M. qr. Sec. 10, 21 acres
Quinby Edward M Wooster Fifth Ward 1128-1131
Quinby E. Jr. Wooster Second Ward 1, 4, 143, 147, 148, 193, 606, 777, 778, 780, 782-785, 787-789, 956-959, 962-966 968-970, 976-978, 1223, 1276, 1360, 1729-1733, 1738, 1739, 1741-1747
Quinby E. Jr. Wooster Second Ward 1446, 1791-1797, 1800, 1803-1810, 1812-1814, 1818, 1835-1839, 1841-1845, 1847, 1848, 1850-1863, 1867-1874, 1876, 1880, 1881, 1883-1888, 1890, 1965-1967, 1969-1972, 1980 1968
Quinby Elizabeth Wooster Second Ward 687
Quinby James M Wooster Second Ward 1001, 1002
Quinby E. M. Wooster Second Ward 691, 779
Quinby E. Jr. Wooster Third Ward 991, 993, 997-1000, 1414, 1636 1957-1960
Quinby Elizabeth Wooster Third Ward 408, 402 1667
Quinby E. Jr. Wooster Fourth Ward 54-56, 64-67, 70, 72, 73, 186, 209, 368, 1266, 1267, 2043 31, 59
Quinby E. M. Wooster Fourth Ward 261
Quinby Regina W Wooster Fourth Ward 57
Rahl Andrew S Wooster Fourth Ward 1948, 1947
Rauke J. H. Wooster Wooster Gas Co.
Rawkin Charles Wooster Second Ward 1574
Reamer Louisa Wooster First Ward 284
Reardon Winfred Wooster Fifth Ward 1070
Reaser Margaret Wooster Second Ward 2004
Recci Paoli Wooster First Ward 332
Redinger Robt. S Wooster Third Ward 742
Reed Flora V Wooster Second Ward 140
Reed Geo. W Wooster Third Ward 239
Reed Frank E Wooster Third Ward 222
Reed Thomas Wooster Third Ward 488
Reed William Wooster Third Ward 562
Reed Comfort A Wooster Fourth Ward 457
Reese Peter Wooster First Ward 1390
Reese Dorotha Wooster First Ward 352-350
Reichenbach E & M. L. Wooster Second Ward 914
Reider C. A. Wooster Attorney
Reitz Eva Wooster Fifth Ward 1077
Rhoads B. G. Wooster Third Ward 1641
Rhodes Samuel Wooster Second Ward 1358
Rhodes Emma Wooster Second Ward 1570, 1231
Rhodes Nettie W Wooster Second Ward 725
Rhodes Nettie W Wooster Fourth Ward 814
Richards Elizabeth B Wooster Second Ward 1989
Ridgeway Burton Co. Wooster First Ward 298
Riffle Wm. Wooster Fifth Ward 1681
Riffle Peter Wooster Fifth Ward 1541
Roberts Thomas Wooster Fifth Ward 1692
Roberts Martin Wooster Fifth Ward 1697
Roberts Margaret Wooster Fifth Ward 1696
Robertson Catherine Wooster Fifth Ward 1081, 1084
Robertson Wm. Wooster Second Ward 979
Robertson Edna L Wooster Second Ward 975
Robinson Rebecca J Wooster Fourth Ward 366
Robison Margaret Wooster Second Ward 114
Rockey Chas. Wooster First Ward 1258
Rockey Henry Wooster Second Ward 108, 1277
Roesley John G. Jr. Wooster Fifth Ward 1074
Roesley Catherine Wooster Second Ward 600, 967
Roesley Amelia Wooster Second Ward 766
Rogers Odessa Wooster Second Ward 652
Rogers Catherine Wooster Third Ward 1637
Roth Emma & Katie Wooster Second Ward 751
Roth Jane Wooster Fourth Ward 83
Rotthause Mrs. Kate Wooster Third Ward 92
Rouch Maggie Wooster Second Ward 1348, 1347
Rouch Hattie L Wooster Second Ward 924
Rowe Abigail Wooster Fifth Ward 1483
Runkle William Wooster First Ward 1386
Ruprecht Mary Wooster Fifth Ward 1088
Russell John Wooster Fourth Ward 360
Rutt W. H. & C Wooster Third Ward 1654
Rutt W. J. & C Wooster Fourth Ward 1213
Ryall Ada Bell Wooster First Ward 179
Ryall Ada B Wooster Second Ward 1606
Ryan Jacob Wooster Second Ward 778
Ryder Annie F Wooster Second Ward 1605
Ryland Laura J Wooster Fourth Ward 1819
Saal Leonard Wooster First Ward 297
Saal Leonard Wooster Fifth Ward 591, 592
Saal John Wooster Second Ward 119
Saal Mary A Wooster Third Ward 2035
Saal John Wooster Fourth Ward 811 67
Sanborn Kate D Wooster Third Ward 1639
Sang George Wooster Second Ward 1815-1817
Santangelo Antonio Wooster Fifth Ward 860
Saurer Albert S Wooster Third Ward 1376
Saybolt Alice Wooster Second Ward 611, 612
Saybolt A Wooster Third Ward 740
Saybolt Lucy A Wooster Third Ward 2032
Schaad John Wooster First Ward 808
Schaad Jacob Wooster Second Ward 946
Schmuck Jacob F. J. Wooster First Ward 307
Schmuck Jacob Wooster Second Ward 1591, 1592
Schuch Celia Wooster First Ward 330
Schuch Frederick Wooster First Ward 1305, 339
Schuch Chas. F Wooster First Ward 1387
Schuch Frederick Wooster Fifth Ward 1531, 1511
Schuch Annie M Wooster Second Ward 1736
Schuch Frederick Wooster Fourth Ward 76, 77
Schwartz Geo. J Wooster Third Ward 737
Schwartz Elizabeth, extx. Wooster Third Ward 86
Schwartz George Wooster Fourth Ward 1213
Scott Adelia Wooster Second Ward 1428
Seacrest Matilda Wooster Third Ward 223
Segner Anna Wooster Third Ward 425, 424
Seidler Catherine Wooster Fifth Ward 1496
Seigler A Wooster Third Ward 1629
Sellers Kate Wooster Fourth Ward 193, 263
Semple E. P. Wooster Second Ward 721
Shaffer George Wooster First Ward 807
Shaffer Ludwig Wooster Fifth Ward 1537-1539
Shaffer Conrad Wooster Third Ward 521
Shaffer Catherine Wooster Third Ward 436
Shamp Mary C Wooster Third Ward 2042
Shauman Catherine Wooster First Ward 292
Shauman Catherine Wooster Fourth Ward 1225
Shearer A. W. Wooster Second Ward 661
Sheehen Timothy Wooster Fifth Ward 1684
Shepherd T. S. Wooster Fifth Ward 1028
Shepherd Mrs. Annie Wooster Second Ward 664
Shepherd T. S. Wooster Second Ward 933
Sheridan Rosa Wooster Fifth Ward 1505 89
Sheridan James Wooster Fifth Ward 1504 88
Shibley August Wooster First Ward 37
Shibley Wm. Wooster First Ward 29
Shibley August Wooster Second Ward 517
Shibley Lewis Wooster Second Ward 1564
Shieb William Wooster Second Ward 1585
Shiebe Anthony Wooster Second Ward 1586
Shield John P Wooster First Ward 1255
Shields J. T. Wooster Second Ward 758
Shields Sarah E Wooster Fourth Ward 1197
Shildtz M. V. Wooster Fourth Ward 1949, 1950
Shilling Allatha Wooster Second Ward 1596
Shipley George Wooster Third Ward 1406
Shively Mrs. C. A. Wooster First Ward 810
Shively Martha L Wooster Second Ward 126
Shively Joseph Wooster Second Ward 702
Shives Frank J Wooster First Ward 177
Shives E. J. & F. J. Wooster First Ward 177
Shives Wm. Wooster First Ward 1304
Shoff Jacob Wooster Second Ward 916
Shoup Marion Wooster Second Ward 940
Shover Rhoda Wooster First Ward 1227
Shrader John Wooster Third Ward 534
Sichley Elizabeth A Wooster Third Ward 407
Siegenthaler Geo. B Wooster Second Ward 131, 130
Sigler Catherine Wooster Second Ward 1717, 1718
Sigler Frank Wooster Third Ward 499
Slemmons Margaret Wooster Second Ward 911
Slemmons D. I. Wooster Third Ward 85
Slemmons John Wooster Third Ward 85
Sloan Delia Wooster Fourth Ward 462, 463
Smith Wylie Wylie Smith Wooster Livery, Sale and Feed Stable; on W. North Street.
Smith John John Smith Wooster Livery, Sale and Feed Stable.
Smith H. R. Wooster Attorney
Smith Elizabeth H Wooster First Ward 1221
Smith Elam W Wooster First Ward 325
Smith Nettie Wooster First Ward 276
Smith Jennie Wooster Second Ward 971
Smith Henry Wooster Second Ward 892
Smith R. H. Wooster Third Ward 1834
Smith Minnie Wooster Third Ward 1994
Smith Boyd W Wooster Third Ward 89
Smith John and Rose Wooster Third Ward 736
Smith Ellen Wooster Fourth Ward 1373
Smith Charlotte Wooster Fourth Ward 1372
Smith John Wooster Fourth Ward 60
Smith John V Wooster Fourth Ward 1315, 367
Smith Martha H Wooster Fourth Ward 190, 191
Smyser Alice Wooster Fourth Ward 384
Smyser Albert Wooster Fourth Ward 386
Smyzer M. L. Wooster Attorney
Snavely Frederick Wooster First Ward 182, 160
Snook Wm. Wooster Third Ward 545
Snure John R Wooster Third Ward btw. Lots 1999 & 2042
Snyder Daniel Wooster First Ward 1303
Snyder John Wooster First Ward 802
Snyder Henry Wooster Second Ward 1571
Snyder Wilson P Wooster Second Ward 666
Snyder Lucy Wooster Second Ward 649, 650
Snyder Andrew C Wooster Third Ward 2001
Snyder Lewis M Wooster Third Ward 1645
Snyder Alonzo E Wooster Third Ward 1655
Snyder Andrew C Wooster Third Ward 2040
Snyder Louis Wooster Fourth Ward 1209
Soliday Mary Catherine & Lunette Wooster First Ward 323
Sommers Gideon B Wooster First Ward 1291
Spear Anna M Wooster Fourth Ward 379
Speas Eliza B Wooster Third Ward 1828
Speers Mrs. F. S. Wooster Second Ward 880, 881
Spero Joseph Wooster Third Ward 2009
Spiker Imelda J Wooster Second Ward 893
Spink M. E. & E. B. Wooster Second Ward 1553
Spooner M. L. M. L. Spooner Wooster Title Examiner, Abstracter, Conveyancer. Office over Wooster National Bank.
Spooner M. L. Wooster Second Ward 684
Spooner M. L. Wooster Fourth Ward 1940
Spotts Armenia Wooster Fifth Ward 1031
Sprague Charles Wooster Third Ward 90
Stark Mary Wooster Second Ward 1285
Steinmetz Cyrus Wooster Fifth Ward 1983, 1704
Stevens Wm. A Wm. A. Stevens Wooster Manufacturer of and Dealer in Harness, Collars, Whips, Robes, Blankets, etc. Corner Liberty and Walnut Sts. Wooster, O.
Stevens John Jr. Wooster Third Ward 992
Stevens Alice J Wooster Third Ward 1377
Stevens Araminta M Wooster Fourth Ward 77, 1426, 1427, 1363
Stevens John Wooster Fourth Ward 363, 249
Stevens Lucinda Wooster Fourth Ward 1374
Stevens Kate Wooster Fourth Ward 373
Stevic Jennie E Wooster Fifth Ward 1083
Stibbs Emeline Wooster Second Ward 872
Stoll Belle A Wooster Second Ward 874
Stover Caroline Wooster Third Ward 566
Straub Louis Wooster First Ward 1257
Straus Mary Wooster Third Ward 530
Strauss James & Mary Wooster Third Ward 531
Strow Mrs. E. M. Wooster Second Ward 1176, 1177
Stuller Annie & Jennie Wooster Third Ward 414
Swan Amanda Wooster Second Ward 2002
Swanson Emma Clara Wooster Fourth Ward 1752, 1753
Swartz Jennie Foss Wooster First Ward 51
Swartz Sarah D Wooster Second Ward 1799
Swartz Hiram H Wooster Second Ward 149-151, 1615
Swartz Martha D Wooster Second Ward 1616
Swartz Joseph & Sarah Wooster Third Ward 410
Swartz Lizzie Wooster Third Ward 433
Swartz Jacob P and Mary M Wooster Third Ward 736
Swartz Harvey E Wooster Third Ward 1789
Swartz Jennie F Wooster Fourth Ward 1195, 1196
Sweeney Frank A Wooster First Ward 283
Sweeney R. J. Wooster First Ward 289
Sweeney Hannah B Wooster Third Ward 1639
Sweeny R. C. Wooster J. P. and Notary Public
Syphert Edwin B Wooster First Ward 806
Taggart John Judge John Taggart Wooster Attorney
Taggart Margaret L Wooster Second Ward 1963
Taggart Frank Wooster Second Ward 1571, 873
Taggart W. W. Wooster Second Ward 1571
Taggart Maggie Wooster Third Ward 1662
Tanner Mary Wooster Fourth Ward 190
Taylor Landis & Johnson Wooster First Ward 21
Taylor J. B. Wooster First Ward 1393
Taylor A. A. E. Wooster Second Ward 1353, 1963, 1974, 1973, 1977
Taylor Bruce Wooster Second Ward 1334
Taylor J. B. Wooster Second Ward 912, 913, 1600, 1431-1433, 1601
Taylor Charles Wooster Second Ward 1811
Taylor Elizabeth Wooster Second Ward 1434
Taylor J. B. & Co. Wooster Second Ward 646, 645
Taylor John H Wooster Second Ward 1229
Taylor J. H. Wooster Third Ward 395
Taylor John H Wooster Fourth Ward 76
Taylor J. B. Wooster Fourth Ward 359
Thomas Alfred J Wooster First Ward 347
Thomas A. J. Wooster Second Ward 169, 755, 1577, 1576
Thomas David Wooster Third Ward 394, 393
Thomen Maud Wooster First Ward 157
Thomen Ernest Wooster Second Ward 145, 137, 146
Thompson John Wooster Second Ward 760
Thompson George Wooster Second Ward 701
Thompson Robert R Wooster Third Ward 734
Tieche Julius C Wooster Fifth Ward 1522
Tieche Mary Wooster Fifth Ward 1981
Tieche Emanuel Wooster Second Ward 901
Tiefenthaler Joseph Wooster Second Ward 1589
Tiefenthaler Catherine Wooster Second Ward 1004
Todd Ophelia Wooster Third Ward 119
Todd Ophelia Wooster Fourth Ward 389, 390
Trapes John Wooster First Ward 1396
Treece Job Wooster Third Ward 1832
Treese Anna Wooster Third Ward 2033
Troutman Rosina Wooster Fifth Ward 1471
Troutman J. G. Wooster Second Ward 949-953, 731
Troutman J. G. Wooster Third Ward 1400, 1401, 1408, 2025, 2026, 2028-2030
Trumble Rebecca A Wooster Third Ward 533
Trunk Charlotte A Wooster Second Ward 722
Trunk John & A. M. Wooster Fourth Ward 459
Tuttle Mary J Wooster Second Ward 1585
Tyler W. D. Wooster Third Ward 102
Van Eman T. B. Wooster Second Ward 1717, 1718
Van Houten P. S. Wooster First Ward 166
Van Meter John Wooster Fourth Ward 378, 1236-1245 60
Van Nest J. P. J. P. Van Nest Wooster Established 1868. General Insurance, Real Estate and Loan Agent. Office, Rooms 1 and 2 Miller's New Block, Cor. W. Liberty and Walnut Sts. None but the Leading Companies represented. Losses equitably adjusted and promptly paid.
Van Nest Mary E Wooster Fourth Ward 385 64
Van Nest Amanda Wooster Fourth Ward 64
Van Nostran John Wooster Third Ward 399
Vankirk R. R. Vankirk Wooster First-Class Livery, Feed and Sale Stable. 34 E. Market Street.
Vankirk Eben Wooster Fifth Ward 1680
Volrath Louisa, et al. Wooster Second Ward 846, 1343
Wacker Emma S Wooster Fifth Ward 1032
Wagner Solomon Wooster Fourth Ward 1194
Walter George Wooster Third Ward 1961
Wanier Francis Wooster Second Ward 690, 395, 1719, 1912, 1913
Ward Joseph J Wooster Second Ward 1551
Warfel John A Wooster Third Ward 1833 114
Warfel Sarah J Wooster Third Ward 1999
Warfel James W Wooster Third Ward 1955
Warfel John C Wooster Third Ward 114
Warner Delia M Wooster Third Ward 1648
Warner Hiriam & McK. W Wooster Third Ward 398
Warren Maria Wooster First Ward 1288
Warren Maria Wooster Fifth Ward 1026
Warren Maria Wooster Second Ward 124
Wayne Sarah J Wooster First Ward 338
Weaver Mary A Wooster First Ward 1217
Webb George Wooster Second Ward 1710
Wedling Frederick Wooster Fifth Ward 1024
Wefler Jacob Wooster Second Ward 601
Weiler Elizabeth Wooster Fourth Ward 267
Welker Martin Wooster Second Ward 689, 696
Welker M, et al. & Jno. McSweeney Wooster Fourth Ward 72
Wells Mary B Wooster Third Ward 568
Wertz W. H. H. Wooster Third Ward 404
White Frank Wooster Third Ward 1665
White Mary Wooster Fourth Ward 822, 823 70, 71
White Maria S Wooster Fourth Ward 63
Whitford Harriet M & C. A. Knestrick Wooster Second Ward 1974
Whitmore Ellen M Wooster Fourth Ward 202
Wile Sarah O Wooster First Ward 322
Wile Sarah O Wooster Fifth Ward 1981
Wiler W. H. W. H. Wiler Wooster The Old Reliable Shoe Store, Established in 1876. Dealer in Boots and Shoes in all the Latest Styles. Don't fail to see his fine stock. West Liberty Street.
Wiler Wm. H Wooster First Ward 270, 271
Wilhelm John Wooster Second Ward 647, 648
Wilhelm Rachel Wooster Second Ward 608, 640, 641, 936, 2022, 875, 877
Wilhelm John Wooster Second Ward 2021
Wilhelm J. H. Wooster Second Ward 921
Wilhelm Amanda Wooster Fourth Ward 1946
Willaman John Wooster Third Ward 216-218, 200, 413
Williams Louisa Wooster Second Ward 890, 889
Wilson Helen Wooster First Ward 1384
Wilson Libbie Wooster Second Ward 1575
Wilson Samuel Wooster Third Ward 87
Wilson Helen Wooster Fourth Ward 461
Wilson Samuel Wooster Fourth Ward 380 63, 65
Winey Eliza J Wooster Second Ward 627
Wisard Regina Wooster Fourth Ward 205
Wisner John T Wooster Third Ward 219
Wisner Eliza Wooster Third Ward 218
Woodland Mary Wooster Third Ward 116, 115
Woods Wm. F Wooster First Ward 19
Woodworth Hattie Wooster Second Ward 2001
Woolman Phoebe Helen Wooster Third Ward 522
Woolman Phoebe Wooster Fourth Ward 365
Woolman Phoebe H Wooster Fourth Ward 61
Wright Anthony Wooster Second Ward 688, 697, 698 92
Wright John L Wooster Second Ward 1561
Wymr George Wooster First Ward 1382
Yanley Leonard Wooster Fourth Ward 372
Yarman John F Wooster Fifth Ward 1673
Yergin Julia L Wooster First Ward 441-443, 445
Yocum Chas. M Wooster Second Ward 616
Yocum Isabella Wooster Fourth Ward 1190, 1191
Yoder Mary M. Mrs. Mary M. Yoder Wooster Proprietor of Yoder House. Accommodations first-class. Located in the central part of business, and is the Oldest Reliable Hotel in the city.
Yost Wm. C. Wooster Attorney and City Solicitor.
Yost Mary M Wooster Second Ward 1338
Yost Wm. C Wooster Third Ward 1994, 2042-2052
Yost Wm. C Wooster Fourth Ward 195, 196
Young Louis Wooster First Ward 46
Young Wm. Wooster First Ward 296
Young Magdalena Wooster First Ward 337
Young Margaret Wooster Fifth Ward 1492
Young Philip Wooster Fifth Ward 1702, 1703, 1672, 1671
Young George Wooster Second Ward 607
Young Wendel Wooster Second Ward 11, 594-596, 729, 1588, 1587
Young Louis Wooster Second Ward 1621, 2003 730
Young John Wooster Second Ward 754
Young William Wooster Second Ward 948
Young Chas. F Wooster Second Ward 772
Young Ella Wooster Fourth Ward 1215, 1214
Zaring Eli Wooster Third Ward 1780, 1660
Zarle Frank Wooster First Ward 295
Zarle John J Wooster First Ward 1327
Zarlengo Emidio A Wooster Fifth Ward 855-858
Zarlengo Serafino Wooster Fourth Ward 1415, 1416, 1419, 1420 91
Zarlengo Amelia Wooster Fourth Ward 1543, 1544
Zimmerman J. R. Wooster First Ward 178
Zimmerman John Wooster Fifth Ward 1773, 1774 85
Zimmerman Barbara Wooster Second Ward 756
Zimmerman John est. Wooster Second Ward 922
Zimmerman J. R. Wooster Second Ward 797
Zimmerman John, est. Wooster Fourth Ward 1269, 1199
Zimmerman Mary E. C. Wooster Fourth Ward 1037