1926 Roster

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This document is a list of all members of Company D of the Eighth Ohio Volunteer Infantry. The original document is dated 1926, however, additional information and corrections were added in 1933. The document comprises pages thirteen and fourteen of the Frank Gerlach file.

Roster 1
Roster 2


Transcription Notes

  • Given the age and condition of the document, some segments have been rendered illegible.
  • Unintelligible segments have been marked by blank underscoring through brackets.
  • Suggestions have been given in brackets where appropriate.
  • Areas where possible mistakes have been made have been marked with the notation "[sic]".
  • As with all names and old documents, misspellings and phonetic spellings are common. Please be advised that certain sounds and letters, such as "B" and "P", "M" and "N", "T" and "L", and "I" and "J" are frequently confused and adjust your search accordingly.

Page 1



JULY 1, 1926 Roster Corrections 8th Ohio Reunions during past 8 years 1933.

`Died before muster-out


Colonel F. C. Gerlach, 814 N. Grant St. Wooster, O.

Captain William E. Barnard, 551 Nold Ave. Wooster, O. 407 E. South St.

Lieutenant Gustave W, Unger, 115 E. Bowman St. Wooster, O.


Arch H. Dice, 304 E. Bowman St. Wooster, Ohio.

George S. Limb, 900 N. Grant St Wooster, O.

Horace W Miller, 332 44th St. Pittsburgh, Pa.

Harry P. Eaby, New Southern Hotel, Chicago, Ill.

Franklin B. Horn, 155 Ted Lane, Youngstown, O. 192 W. Princeton Ave dead

Louise E. Gesche, Dead.


Webster D. Horn, 245 S.W. 18th Ave, Miama, Florida. 1041 Woodward Ave Akron

Harry D. Woolman, Box 418 Bronwood Heights, California Arlington Hotel, Tampa, Florida

George M. Swarts, 313 8th St. Barberton, O. Hartville Ohio

Charles R. Scott, 513 E. North St. Wooster, O.

Cary W. Grossenbach, 504 N. Grant St, Wooster, O.

Robert Cameron, Jr. 816 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, Colorado dead

Lavern C. Cumberland, 411 W. Buffalo St. Ithaca, N. Y.

Charles E. Unger, 541 E. North St. Wooster, O.

Perrine Lautzenheiser, Hudson, Michigan. % Hardie Mig. Co.

Sterling R. Funk, 133 7th. St. Philadelphia, Pa. 151 Hewitt Rd. Wyncate, Pa

Will R. Curry, 900 Quinby Ave. Wooster, O.

Thomas R. Stevens, 58 Sutter St. San Fransisco, California.


Major Charles A. Heater, Dead.

David D. Drushal, Dead. Youngstown, Ohio.


Will. A. Conrad, 636 E. Herny St. Wooster, O. [sic]


Loyd A, Naftzger, 822 Nold Ave. Wooster O. [Illegible text]


Howard R. Albright, 8022 Melrose Ave. Cleveland, O.

John R. Barnes, Dead.

Charles W. Barnhart, % Halle Bres. Cleveland, O.

William H. Baughman, Dead.

Willard K. Beckley, 108 Bittman St. Akron, O. 535 Lloyd St. P[______]ton 125 Arch St Orrville O.

George H. Blake, Black River Telephone Co. Lorain O. Wooster, O. R.R. dead

William H. Boyd, Shreve, O.

Rev. George W. Brown, Nankin, O. Ashland

Thomas D. Brown, 178 W. Second St. Manfield, O.

Thomas P. Brown, Paisley, Florida.

Harry P. Branstetter, 2556 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, Ill. dead

George Burg, Dead.

William H. Bucher, Dist. Superintendant Pullman Co. Memphis, Tenn.

Nathaniel C. Cameron, 610 High St. Wooster Ohio. dead

Sherman H. Carr, 2319 Market Ave. Fort Worth, Texas.

Louis W. Christine, Wooster, O.

Jerome W. Clark, 626 N. Grant St. Wooster, O.

Alvin B. Clay, Dead.

Edward D. Conrad, Dead.

Owen W. Creath, Bloomburg, O. dead

Wallace K. Criley, 3442 West 58th Place Los Angeles, California dead

Judge Lyman R. Critchfield, 515 N. Bever St. Wooster, O.

Charles W. Christy, Dead.

Charles E. Cumberland, 439 West Main St. Ashland, O.

Eddie W. Derr, Dead.

Ralph W. Eddy, address unknown

Edward E. Emrick, 15 Dunbuilt St. Mansfield, O. Medina, O

Jacob P. Fitler, #21 N. Fountain Ave. Springfield, O. #21

Charles L. Fortney, Dead.

` Charles W. Frazier, Dead.

Page 2

` Samuel M. Glenn, Dead.

Joseph T. Glenn, 551 W. 13th St. Eugene, Oregon.

Quintin M. Gravatt, 1605 Larohmont Ave. Lakewood O. dead

William W. Graves, Maria Island, Tasmania, Australia Marietta Ohio

Frank G. Gray, 1014 Spink St. Wooster, O. E Cur Drive #334

James E. Griest, Dead. Buried Grandview Cemetery, Wilmerding, Pa

Harry M. Heller, U. S. Veterans Hospital, Walla Walla, Washington dead

William H. Hughes, Hughes Printing Co. 212 N. Power Ave. Columbus, O. dead

O. Earl Immer, Dead.

Harry A. Jacobs, 128 Kensington Court, N. W. Canton, O.

Harvey F. Joliff, 663 Henry St, Wooster, O. 537 Northwestern Ave.

Merten R. Johnson, 335 W. North St. Wooster, O.

Harry Kinkler, Wooster, O.

Joseph W. Kistler, 314 Prospect St. Wooster, O.

Frank Kostenbader, Box 102 Erie, Colorado.

Clemet E. Langell, 237 E. Henry St. Wooster, O. Saybolt Ave.

Irven Lautzenheiser, Dead.

Frederick J. Leapold, 323 W. Larwill St. Wooster, O.

William G. Lerch, 815 Ardmore Ave. Akron, O. 191 N Highland Ave Akron

Charles W. Linberger, Orrville, O.

Percy M. Maize, Rural Wooster, O.

Edward H. Miller, 1463 Saint Elmo Ave. N.E. Canton, O.

Harry C. Miller, 713 N. Mad n St. Lima, O. ? [sic]

Howard Mosley, 819 Cypress St. Massillion, O dead

John P. Myers, West Lafayette St. Coshocton, O. dead

Harry L. McClarran, 421 E. North St. Wooster, O. #420

William G. McClellan, Dead.

Charles H. McKinney, 805 Filbert St. Oakland, California. dead

Willis W. Norris, 7513 Lexington Ave. Cleveland, O. 3105 Derbyshire St Cleveland Heights

` Fern Naftzger, Dead.

Antoni Oltmanns, Soldiers Home, Sandusky, O. dead

Sinclair L. Pinneoka, Dead.. [sic]

Harry F. Plank, 1200 Western Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa.

Floyd H. Plum, 231 E. Water St. W Orrvile, O. dead

Edmun S. Rieder, 2037 W. 98 St. Cleveland, O.

William W. Robertson, 6202 Kennedy Ave, Cincinnati, O

Amos L. Ross, 2600 Park Row Bdlg. New York City. Cedar Knolls New Jersey

Fred A. Schuch, 161 W. Columbia St. Alliance, O. dead

William Shuck, Box 68, London O. Sandusky S + S Home

Robert Segner, Jr. Wooster, O. dead

Olin L. Smith, 4000 Leading Ave. Cleveland, O. dead

Vernon J. Smith, 94 Lippencott Ave. Long Beach, New Jersey.

Charles C. Stotsbery, 112 North Ave. E. McKeesport, Pa.

John F. Stotsberry, Shelton, Washington.

` William A. Stotsbery, Dead.

John T. Swarts, 1116 Auburn Place, Canton, O. Hartville, O.

William B. Swartz, 215 Liberty St. Wooster, O. Curry Court #219

Edward C Thoman, 474 Woodland Ave. Wooster, O. dead

Samuel E. Weaver, 912 Goliad Ave. Beaumont Ave, Texas.

George B. Webb, 347 S. Market St. Wooster, O.

Calvin A. Winebrenner, 145 W. Miller Ave. Akron, O:

Ephriam S. Yoder, Dead.