Wooster Republican, Business Abstracts 1903

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Wooster Republican Jan. 7, 1903

AJ Frederick and Co., clearance sale, 3 doors west of post office E Liberty Street.
Attorneys: Ross W Funck, WF Kean, McClure and Smyser, EW Newkirk, Hiram B Swartz, Frank Taggert, McClarran and Jones, Taylor and Taylor.
Drs. Joseph H and James C Todd, Dr. HA Hart, Drs. Stoll and Ryall. Thomas Elder. Dr. HN Mateer, office SW corner of North and Buckeye Streets. Wooster Book Bindery of Jacob Fischer, Frick memorial block, W Liberty Street. Boots and shoes at WH Wiler.
Gem Photo Gallery over Frederick Store, E Liberty Street.
HF Crowl, undertaking, Downing block, NE side of square. Harding and Co. Hardware. Laubach and Boyd. Wm Annet.

Bankrupt sale! Bankruptcy sale of Geiselman Clothing Co.. All stock of clothing and furnishing goods will continue to do good to the people. This is no fraud. Continued sale of goods at slaughter prices just two weeks longer. The reason why is we bought them at 50 cents on the dollar wholesale price but could not do it if paid regular wholesale price. Geiselman Clothing Co. auction is Thursday, Jan. 15th. The auction commencing at 1pm. The goods and fixtures being sold by Wm Scott and Co..

Yocum Bixler Business College, HG Yocum manger. Alvin Rich Hardware Store, NE corner of square. McClure stove and house furnishing, SW side of square. January clearance, one price clothing, Nick Amster. WC National Bank, square corner. Freedlander, 19 years of square dealing, Frick memorial block, W Liberty Street. WH Wiler Store, W Liberty Street for shoes.

Al Luce and Wm Armstrong, under firm of Luce and Armstorng, on Monday took possession of Wylie Smith Livery and Feed Stable on E North Street. The firm will also continue in the hack and bus business. The stable is on Diamond Alley, long used by Mr. Luce and has been rented to Bell Bros.

Wooster Republican Feb. 18, 1903

Carnegie offers a library to Wooster. The great inventor makes a bequest to the city and steps are ready to procure it. Mr. Carnegie is accepted by the city council to make a free library acted on Monday night. The citizens are to provide the site.

Wooster Republican April 22, 1903

Sudden death of Capt. McClure brings sorrow to all citizens. It came at 2:00 Friday morning. Capt. AS McClure, elected to Congress 1880?, formed partnership of law with ML Smyser in Jan. 1878 and obtained immense fame through out Ohio as a lawyer. Capt. McClure married Sept. 20, 1866 to Mrs. Mary L Brighaim.

Wooster Republican July 1, 1903

Clearance of goods sale at Nick Amster, W Liberty Street. Joseph O Fritz attorney office over the Wooster National Bank. Ross W Funck. WF Kean. McClarran and Jones. Smyser office, 6 E Liberty Street, upstairs. EW Newkirk in Jackson block. Frank Taggert, office over Frederick Store, E Liberty Street. Taylor and Taylor at 1 and 2 D Nice block. Hiram B Swartz, ex-mayor of Wooster. Dr. HA Hart, Downing block. Drs. Stoll and Ryall, north of county buildings. Dr. HN Mateer, SW corner of North and Buckeye Streets. WF Crowl, undertaking. Wm Annat Store. Bloomberg Dry Goods, of Max Bloomberg.
AJ Frederick Store, E Liberty Street.

Wooster Republican Sept. 30, 1903

AJ Frederick and Co. where you come to the Wooster street fair carnival Oct. 12-15, requests to make headquarters at dry goods store, 3 doors west of post office. Hats for sale at Amster Store, W Liberty Street. Laubach and Boyd drug store, SW corner of square. WC National Bank of Wooster, pres- CS Frost. FH Crowl, undertaking office in the Downing block. Shoes at WH Wiler, E Liberty Street. Max Bloomberg and Co.. For shoes, E Paumier and Co., 2 doors west of the courthouse. Night school at Yocum Business College.

Harding and Co. Hardware, next door to the courthouse. Freedlander, one price clothing, est. 1884, Frick memorial block, W Liberty Street. Joseph Fritz, attorney over National Bank, Ross W Funck. WF Kean. McClure and Smyser. EW Newkirk. Frank Taggert. McClarran and Jones. Taylor and Taylor. Hiram B Swartz. Dr. HA Hart. Drs. Stoll and Ryall. Dr. Thomas Elder. Dr. HN Mateer. Wooster Book Bindery of Jacob Fischer. Dr. Kate Johnson, office and laboratory 39 N Market Street. Wm Annat. McClure stove and house furnishing goods, SW side of the square. Ohio Shoe Co., 10 E Liberty Street.

Wooster Republican Nov. 25, 1903

Nick Amster. Dr. HA Hart. Dr. Thomas Elder, over Laubach and Boyds drug store. WH Wiler shoe store, W Liberty Street.
Cleveland and Southwestern Traction Co.. Cars leave Wooster every two hours from 7:45 am to 7:45 pm to Creston, Seville, Chippewa Lake, Median, Burea and public square. On Cleveland, direct connections with Boston Heights and Newkirk. Cars leave public square Cleveland every two hours from 6:15 am to 4:15 pm. The Wooster cars leave public square Cleveland hourly from 5:15a m to 8:15 pm for Burea, Medina, Chippewa Lake, Seville and Creston.

Harding and Co., next to the courthouse. Zimmerman and Co. Drug Store. Max Bloomberg and Co., one price clothing store. Wooster Book Bindery of Jacob Fischer in Frick memorial block, W Liberty Street. Alvin Rich hardware store, NE side of square. HF Crowl, undertaking, office in the Downing block. Freedlander, one price clothing store, est. 1884. Joseph Fritz, attorney, over Wooster National Bank. Ross W Funck, over Harding and Co.. WF Kean, over McClarran Grocery. McClure and Smyser, 6 E Liberty Street. EW Newkirk, in Jackson block, NE side of the square. Frank Taggert, over AJ Frederick Store. McClarran and Jones. Taylor and Taylor, in rooms 1 and 2, D Nice block, E Liberty Street.
Hiram B Swartz, attorney. Wm Annat, SW side of square. McClure Stove Store, SW side of square.
Closing out sale of surplus stock at sacrifice to get room for holiday goods at The Syndicate, 6 E Liberty Street, Kaukes and Pippitt proprietors. Gem Photo Gallery, over Frederick Store, E Liberty Street. E Paumier Shoes, 2 doors west of the courthouse. Mrs. A Shibley Jewerly, public square. Pianos and organs of RS Appleman, at Christine Furniture Store. Holiday goods and jewelry at Wm Shibley, 23 E Liberty Street. Double store, Keister Bros. Grocery, 1st and 2nd floor, west side of S Market Street. A Imgard, tailor, in Downing block. WH Wiler shoe store, W Liberty Street.
Special sale of large sweet Florida oranges regularly 30 cents/dozen going at 20 cents/dozen. Oranges at regular 49 cents/dozen are going at 30 cents at McClarran Grocery Store, -phone 28, 3 doors west of the courthouse.

Wooster Republican Dec. 14, 1903

Ben Alcock, opposite the American House, 38 E Liberty Street, for Edison photos, graphs and record prayers. Mrs. A Shibley Jewerly, public square, SE side.
Children’s goods. The Libery has premiums arrived. It is closing out its entire department of men’s, boy’s and children’s suits and overcoats. Wm Shibley, 25 E Liberty Street. Pianos at Scotts Piano Store, 43 E Liberty Street.
Judge bankruptcy firm of Zimmerman and Co. and partners. Creditors meet Dec. 31st. The large Zimmerman anc Co. of Louis P Ohliger and JR Zimmerman is bankrupt. Laubach and Boyd Drugstore. Max Bloomberg and Co. clothing store, E Liberty Street. E Paumier and Co. shoes, 2 doors west of the courthouse. WH Wiler for boots and shoes. DC Curry and Co., lumber and shingles. WC National Bank, SW side of square, pres.-CS Frost.
Gem Photography Gallery, over Fredericks Store, E Liberty Street. A. Imgard, merchant tailor in Downing block. Freedlanders, one price clothing store, W Liberty Street. D. Nice, E Liberty Street. AJ Frederick annual clearance sale starts Dec. 26th, 3 doors west of the post office.
Nick Amster, the leading clothier, one price store, phone 500.