Wooster Republican, Business Abstracts 1896

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Wooster Republican Jan. 1, 1896

Craighead and Co..
Boston Piano Co..
CC Miller, optican at the Archer House, Friday and Saturday.

Wooster Republican March 18, 1896

Annual statement of the city of Wooster in detailed statement.
Wooster Hardware Co., W Liberty Street, old DD Miller Co..
Ohio Livestock Co. held its first livestock sale at Eastern House Stables Friday, March 20th. AW Shearer, auctioneer.

Wooster Republican June 3, 1896

Racket Store in the Downing block, NE side of the square.
Cunnings closing out sale starting Saturday, June 6th. Everything must be sold within 30 days as we are going to Warren. In order to do that, we will sell below cost all our stoves, glasseare and crockery.
WO Beebe store, 4 E Liberty Street.
Dr. Fred W Platt will be at Wm Shibley jewelry store regularly every 2 weeks next Saturday.
Gasoline stoves for sale at McClure Stove and House Furnishing Store, SW corner of the public square, Diamond Alley.
Proctor and Ohail Drug Store.
Geiselman clothing Co., E Liberty Street.
DL Freedlander, W Liberty Street.
Abstractor ML Spooner, over Zimmerman Drug Store.
Ross W Funck, over Harding and Co..
WF Kean, over McClarran Grocery Store, W Liberty Street.
Isaac Johnson and James B Taylor, rooms 1 and 2, D Nice block, E Liberty Street.
AS McClure and Martin L Smyser, office #6 ME, upstiars.
James E Snyder with McClure and Smyser.
EW Newkirk, office over Quimby Shoe Store, Emporium block, E Liberty Street.
Dr. CA Lerch, office over A Wilson drug store, W Liberty Street.
Dr. JH Todd and LA Yocum, office 150 W Liberty Street.
Dr. John J Kinney, former partner of Dr. Lehr, 43 W Liberty Street, 6 doors west of Sprague corner.
Dr. John A Gann, office and residence 111 N Market Street.
Dr. HA Hart, office and residence at N Market Street, opposite the Lutheran Church.
Dr. Stoll and Ryall, north of the county buildings.
Dr. JB Stahl, dentist, 34 E Liberty Street, opposite the Archer House.
Wooster Book Bindary, Jacob Fischer, in Frick block, W Liberty Street.
The Republican Printing Co. counting rooms, 12 E Liberty Street.
McClure and Co. roofing, 21 N Buckeye Street, next door to the Farner 10 cent Barn.
HB Odenkirk music rooms, 47 E Liberty Street. Selling old panios and organs.
Laubach and Boyd drug store, SE side of the square.
WC National Bank of Wooster, capital and stock paid in 100000 surplus, funds 35000, SW side of the square. Jacob Frick- president, JSR Overholt- VP, CF Frost- cashier, John M Criley- asst. cashier, HR Imgard- teller.
Harding and Co. Hardware.
Boots and shoes, WH Wiler, W Liberty Street.
Clapper Printing Co. is moving into a handsome new quarters, Diamond Alley, SW side of the square.

Wooster Republican July 1, 1896

Wooster National Bank and Wayne County National Bank will be closed all day July 4th.
Drygoods merchants WO Beebe, Wm Annat, Quimby and Kline and HB Griffith have signed an agreement to close their stores Saturday, July 4th.
Wm Annat, SW side of the square, dry goods store.
Proctor and Ohail, successor to AW Blackburn drug store, 4 ME E Liberty Street.
Geiselman Clothing Co., E Liberty Street.
HB Odenkirk, 47 E Liberty Street, for pianos and organs.
WB Bryson, closing out sale of price wallpaper and window shades.
Harding and Co., hardware company.
Clapper Printing Co., in Diamond Alley.
WH Wiler for shoes.

Wooster Republican July 15, 1896

While in Wooster attending the centennial, do not fail to see our best line of pianos. The Boston Piano Co.

Wooster Republican Aug. 5, 1896

By standard time will all centennal events proceed.
James Coe presented stone for the construction of the old fashioned chimmey in the log cabin on the square.
Fire at Davis and Thompson Laundry on E Liberty Street.

Wooster Republican Aug. 12, 1896

WJ Bryan is in Wooster today as a Democratic candidate.
Centennial celebration in Wayne County also continued in August 19, 1896 paper.

Wooster Republican Aug. 26, 1896

Told about Wayne County centennial celebration.