Wooster Republican, Business Abstracts 1887

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Wooster Republican Jan. 6, 1887

Books for sale for 1887 at McClellan Bros. #5ME.
Red letter sale at Buffalo One Price Clothing House of Freelander and Arnson for 30 days at Germania Hall block.
Minglewood Coal Co., sole agent for Massillon Minglewood Lump Coal office E Liberty Street, opposite Archer House. LD Craighead manager.
Roller and Wilson Drug Store W Liberty Street.
Kellogg and Steck west end grocery and bakery.
Elmer Funk flour and feed store, Howard building, N Buckeye Street, for flour and feed.
AW Blackburn drug store, #4ME.
Will Beresford tailor and draper, 40 E Liberty Street crick block, opposite Archer Hotel.

Dissolution of partnership of George Plumer Jr. and Peter Conrad doing business under George Plumer and is dissolved by mutual consent as Peter Conrad is retiring Jan. 1, 1887. George Plumer Jr. continues the cigar business. I hereby authorize him to collect outstanding debts owed the firm.

Miss Carolina Kendrick of Boston will receive music pupils at her residence 63 Bowman Street.
Laubach and Boyd Drug Store, SE side of square.
Frank McClure Downing block, grocery store, NE side of square.
James A Ogden has marked down reduction in over coats, two doors east of Zimmerman Drug Store W Liberty Street.
Gentleman’s goods for fall and winter at Hoelzel and Kaltwasser, SE side of square.
John H Thomas, palace of music and sewing machines, north of the county buildings.
RL Mead manufacture of horse collars and harness, old McDonald corner, SE side Liberty and Walnut Streets.
HJ Church and Co., E Liberty Street, old stand of DQ Liggett and Co..
An ordinance to purchase location and supply funds for the erection of a city hall was placed on 1st reading Monday night. The same ordinance repealed all existing ordinances relative to city hall question. The ordinance provides for the issuing of bonds of 50000.
HE Stanley clothing office, one door west of McClarran and Caskey Grocery Store in Frick Memorial block, W Liberty Street.
Theodore Teeple photograph gallery, 120 public square, NE side of square.
Winger and Norwood Grocery Store 23 W Liberty Street.
AL Bissell merchant tailor.
John P Jeffries SW side of square in rooms.
Ross W Funck one door west of the courthouse in rooms over Harding and Co. Hardware Store.
Attorneys and physicians same.
Mullins, McBride and Mullins office E Liberty Street over D Nice store in Childs old building.
Dr. LH Allis office and residence on N Grant, opposite the High School building.

Wooster Republican Jan. 20, 1887

Expecting to leave Wooster, I offer my entire tock of notions at cost until March 15. WI Bowers. The store rooms are for rent.
Alcock, Donald and Hutton great granite and monumental works, E Liberty Street.
Henry Kirkler has sold his w W Liberty Street meat market to Marshallville people who will take possession next month.
Family groceries for sale at TC Pollock’s Peoples Grocery Store, old stand on Downing block, NE side of square.

Wooster Republican Feb. 3, 1887

On Tuesday, AG Coover became a partner in McClure Cash Stove and Tin Store. The name will now be McClure and Coover.

Col. Samuel Keefer death. Daily papers of Jan. 24th contained information that Samuel Keefer, a former resident of Wooster had died by poison at Grandview Hotel in Monrovia on Jan. 23rd. Col. Keefer and family came to Wooster from New York in 1874 and purchased the Jacobs block and hardware store and conducted that store for some time, then sold out to Harding and Co.. In 1878, he sold the building to Jacob Frick and with his family moved back to New York. His only son John, is married to Miss Mane Hein of Wooster.

Free delivery inspector of the post office department paid Wooster a visit some days since Mr. Ohliger made application of post office department for the adoption of free delivery system in Wooster under new law recently passed by Congress. In response to the application, Mr. AR Holmes, inspector of the post office department, was in Wooster last Thursday morning to make an inspection of the city to ascertain whether it would come up to the necessary requirement. Upon his report will rest largely the decision of the department of question of whether or not to grant free delivery system. Listed responses from John Caskey wasn’t in favor of it, HE Stanley, McClure and Craighead, Emil Routhaus, Lewis Winger, Kellogg and Steck, James Taylor, TS Hamilton, Daniel Funck, JF Barrett, James Ogden, Mr. Tyler, Laugach and Boyd, HJ Church and Co., D Nice, TP Baumgardner. Most were in favor of free delivery.

American Pen art hall in connection with University Institution, is devoted entirely to penmanship and has a large audience. We have no time for vacation. Ladies and gentlemen come from all parts of the country to learn our system with 143 people in attendance when above sketch was taken. Terms through course 25.00 50 lessons 5.00, G Bixler, Wooster.

Wooster Republican Feb. 10, 1887

The Dexter Tyler H and L Co. are making extensive preparations for their Washington Day birthday ball. The Wooster City Guard have one of the finest armories in the state. By state law, county commissioners are required to furnish an Armour for the military companies of the county which they are located. By authority under law, the commissioners of Wayne County furnish the city guard with an excellent drill room, gun room and company room combined on the third floor of the old McDonald Machine Shop facing on South Street.

Biographical sketch of Hon. Charles C Parsons. Born in Ithica on Sept. 25, 1819 and now in his 68th year, he moved with his parents to Rochester and remained until 1830 when his parents moved to Median county. He lived there about a year. The judge then a youth, attended District school until he advanced to higher grade, than attended Weymouth Academy. One year he taught school when he was between 16 and 17 years of age first school being in Summit County near Johnson’s Corners. He continued teaching in the winter and when school was out, each year he attended McGregor Academy in Sharon Center Wadsworth in Medina County. In 1838-39, he taught school at Donner Lake, Chippewa Township. In fall of 1839, he went to Dalton in Salt Creek Township. Meanwhile, he was devoting his spare moments to the study of law. He was married in Dalton to Miss Erma Cahill March 11, 1841. In 1843, Judge Parsons was admitted to Wayne County Bar with Judge Woods of Supreme Court of Ohio administrating the oath. He remained in Dalton until 1848 when he was elected to office of Auditor of Wayne County. Prior to this, he was a judge of the peace in Sugarcreek Township and retired from that office to accept the county office. He moved with his family to Wooster in 1849 and took possession of his office. Reelected Auditor in fall of 1850 after retirement from the office, he went into partnership in the law business with Hon. Eugene Pardee being associated with him until 1855. He then went into partnership with John P Jeffries until spring of 1862. That year he was appointed by the county commissioners as clerk of the courts when Wm Welker resigned and afterwards elected for two terms to this office and retired there in 1869. He returned to the practice of law with partnership with Hon. John McSweeney and remained with him until the Common Pleas Judge for sub district in 1876. He assumed the duties of this office in 1877 and was reelected in fall 1880. Second term having been just completed. For nearly 20 years he was a member of the Board of Education of Wooster and a member when the 4th Ward school buildings and high school were built. In September 1857, he was married to Lelma Foote. His second marriage was blessed with two daughters, Kate A Parsons and Mrs. JC Hanna. A just judge, Hon. CC Parsons tendered compliment at a complimentary banquet by Wooster Bar upon his retirement from office of Common Pleas Tuesday Feb. 8th. Hon. Charles C Parsons Sr. retired from office of Common Pleas Judge third subdivision of the sixth Judicial District of Ohio, having served two consecutive terms, covering a term of 10 years. List people there and program of toasts.

Wooster Republican Feb. 17, 1887

Odenkirk and McClarran musical dealers will occupy the Thomas Palace of Music room after April 1st.
The 12th anniversary of Irene Lodge #64 K of H, will take place in their hall in Logan and Myers block Thursday evening, Feb. 22 at 7:30 pm.
New business block will be built in Wooster this summer. A new plate glass front was put into WC National Bank building in spring.
E Thomas has just finished overhauling his tannery building in connection with him since the first of January. The best trade he has experienced in Wooster.
Household effects for sale of JK McBride deceased, MJ McBride executor.

Sale of city hall bonds came off as advertised on Monday at city clerk’s office. Representatives of the following banks were present and made offers. None were from Wooster. The city was represented by all members of council, mayor, city clerk Adams and Lambrecht Bros. And Co.. Bid of 49922 was highest and firm of will receive the bonds as soon as they are printed and issued. The bonds are to run 25 years with annual percent interest of 5 percent.

Wooster Republican Feb. 24, 1887

Ludington received CW Spear, the furniture dealer/undertaker. He has perfected arrangements to go to Michigan. He was born and raised in the furniture business and is thoroughly poised in all branches of the trade. The people of Ludington will find him a first class young man. Mr. OS Stout has sold his store and stock of furniture to CW Spear of Wooster.

A meeting of the members of stockholders of old Wooster Mining Association was held at SR Bonewitz office Wednesday evening. The meeting was called to take action on several propositions from several parties to bore for gas and oil on Eichar farm west of Wooster.

Council on Monday in city hall, met for matter of a resolution that one member of council from each ward be appointed to look up a location for city hall and following: Banker, Funck, Eason, Geitgey, and Eagen. The site of the Babb property on E Liberty Street would not be a bad place for the city hall. The block from the rear of American House to South Street is 180x180 and is also talked about.

James Lee will move his store into north room of Foss and Lee block, S Market Street in a few weeks.
CB Brown has rented WI Bowers notion store room and will open up a five and ten cent store in a short time.
The report that William Mucshenich, Downing block shoe dealer would move to Findley is untrue.
Eugene Chatelain jewelry store SW side of square, will occupy the lower room of Logan and Myers block until completion of new Quimby block and he will begin moving his goods at once.
WB Bryson and Co. five and one ten cent store, has storeroom painted and otherwise renovated.
Henry Wiler has leased the vacant room in the JH Taylor block of W Liberty Street and will move into new quarters April 1st.
Attention to our readers. Old James Curry planning mill property corner of E Liberty and Beall Ave. will be sold at executors sale in front of courthouse next Saturday, Feb. 26, 1887.

Wooster Republican March 3, 1887

Attorneys, physicians and merchants same.
John Wilhelm Jr., on Saturday, purchased at executor sale, the old Curry planning mill building and lot for 3200.
Front to be put into WC National Bank, will be made to correspond with that of new Quimby block. The masons have taken possession of their new rooms in the Frick Memorial block and hold meetings 1st Wednesday of next week. The rooms will not be formerly dedicated until in the spring.
Billy Conrad now conducts the W Liberty Street candy store.

We are pleased to state to announce that members have reached a point in the gas well project of the Wooster City Mining Association and all that is necessary is the closing of a contract to do the drilling. The association is authorized as follows: pres. Dr. L Firestone, sect. HJ Kauffman, treas. A Saybolt Sr. Directors are John Zimmerman, Henry Myers, A Sayblot Sr., Albert Wilson and Dr. L Firestone.

The council met in adjournment to hear the report of committee to look up a location for the proposed city hall. The report was quite lengthy and mention of various sites that had been examined. They recommended the Seigenthaler and Ihrig lot and Babb and Logan lots be purchased. Finial action was deferred. A reading of petition from members of GAR in which they ask that in selecting a site that committee have in view of making some provisions with regard to the site for proposed sailor and soldiers monument.

WI Bowers is expecting to leave Wooster. I offer my entire stock of notions at cost until March 15, 1887.
Judge CC Parsons and FJ Mullins have formed a partnership for the practice of law. Office over D Nice store, E Liberty Street.
The Checkered front to the front TC Pollock grocery store.
Merchants same.
WH Wiler will move his shoe store next door to Taylor Grocery Store, W Liberty Street, March 15th. Up to that time, he will offer his entire stock at cost.
Ebenezer Lodge 33, F and AM, will hold its next regular meeting Wednesday evening, March 9th at new hall just completed in Frick Memorial block. George W Reid secretary.
Inspector made unexpected visit to Wooster Post Office.

This week we were called upon to chronicle the successful attempt to blow open the big safe in the new post office. Saturday morning, Mars merchant policemen officer McMillen and officer Arch Dice were standing near Kuhn Grocery Store and were startled by a report of explosion and instantly scrambled from report that burglars were at work in the Frick building. They ran across the street and went up the alley. They found one of the rear windows of the post office open. They entered the room and found it full of smoke and discovered that inspectors had made an attempt to blow open the safe. Upon examination, it was found that entrance had been gained by prying open the rear window and breaking the safe lock.

Wooster Republican March 10, 1887

We will soon leave Wooster and will sell at private sale all of our carpets and furniture, George Schlagel on E Liberty Street.
Joe Miller and MA Miller are in partnership and after April 1st conduct in Peckinpaugh news room, a store similar to one now run around the corner but on a more extensive scale. Their intention is to fix up the rear part of the room for an ice cream parlor.
Stoner China Store has plain and decorated dinner sets. The store will move to the Eley building on S Market Street.
Harry the photographer, will put the electric light in his gallery.
Fletcher and Bevard will not move to the Ihrig building as has been announced but will remain in the present quarters.
Charles A McDonald is now manager of Minglewood Coal Co.
Jacob Saal, Monday on W Liberty Street, killed a 1208 pound, four year old steer he purchased of Henry Flickinger deceased.
Lee D Craighead has resigned his position as manager of the Minglewood Coal Co. and is now traveling for Frances Liggett and Co. great grocers of New York.
Considerable indignation is heard from citizens of the 5th Ward and others against George H Hofacre, the beer and pop bottler account on brutal and inhumane beating which he administered to his 18 year old daughter, Richa last week.
Mrs. Rosa Young, age 58 years and wife of Wendell Young, died last Thursday at their house on the corner of E Larwill and Bever Streets. A very handsome flower pillow was furnished by Mr. Quimby and Mr. Kline as a tribute to the family from them.
JC Brinkerhoff, ex county sheriff, established a new room in Downing block to continue line of business that of engineering and surveying.

After April 1st, Emil Podlich will move his cigar manufacturing factory to his residence on Pittsburg Ave. and retire from the retail trade.
EM Quimby has a force of men at work on building SW side of square. Work on new block will begin the first week in April.
The grocery and bakery firm of Kellogg and Steck has been dissolved. Mr. Kellogg will retire from the business because of ill health. The store will be continued by Charles F Steck.

Wooster Republican March 17, 1887

Buckeye and Bever Streets inlots 15 and 16 are hereby selected as a location on which to erect a city hall. Yes 6 no 4. Motion by Mr. Banker was then read. Be it resolved by city council that committee be appointed consisting of the finance committee and city solicitor to enter into a contract to purchase the Babb and Logan with price is not to exceed 10000. Resolution as proposed by council said lots being 15 and 16 located on north side of E Liberty Street. All but Van Nostram voted for it. The following signed by Gow, Funk and Banker that be resolved that a committee of four members of city council be appointed as a building committee by president of city council to have full power to take possession of lot 15 and 16, known as Babb and Logan lots and to receive and adopt plans and specifications of the city building and to advertise and receive bids and prepare for contract of prices of said. Also to contract for any and all labor and materials necessary to erection and completion of said building adopt. Following committee was appointed: Gow, Myers and Jones.

New bakery of Charles F Steck, successor to Kellogg and Steck, West End Grocery Store.
For rent. The hall formerly occupied by Moriah Temple of Honor, is for rent. Inquire of L Shibley jewelry store.
Angus McDonald Sr., once more is taking up his residence in Wooster April 1st. He will move his family from Millersburg to the Jacobs property opposite the Opera House.

City Hall location. The Babb and Logan lots were selected. The money in the city treasury and much enjoined project is a go. City council adjourned session Monday night and all members being present, first few moments were taken up in informal talk on petition for sewage on N Market Street. The matter was left in the hands of the sewer committee. The president called for resolution signed by Funck. Be resolved that the city council that lot of George Seigenthaler and David Ihrig on east side of N Buckeye between 1st alley north of E Liberty and E North Street on N Buckeye Street, be and hereby selected as a location to erect a city building. Two voted yes and the rest no. It was defeated. On resolution of said vote, resolution was read by Mr. Gow be it resolved that the city council erect a city building on lots known as Babb and Logan lots, north side E Liberty Street between…