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Probate Records

  • Wayne County, Ohio Probate Court records 1812-1900 are indexed through RBHayes.
  • All Probate Records for Wayne County through #14629 are available through FamilySearch.
  • The Index to Wayne County, Ohio Probate Court 1812-1834 is available through FamilySearch. This is another option to locating the correct file number.
  • To locate the digitized records online, follow these steps.

Known File Number

Once you have the file numbers, here is what you do.

  1. Log in to FamilySearch.
  2. Search the Catalog for the place. <United States, Ohio, Wayne>
  3. Choose <United States, Ohio, Wayne - Probate records>
  4. Choose <Estate papers, 1808-1939; index 1812-1934>
  5. At this point, it says "Ohio, Probate Records are available online, click here." You can try to search this method first. It may save some time. If you choose not to, scroll down the page a bit.
  6. Look for the file number of interest between the numbers given in the listing. For example, you are interested in Probate file #12016 for Margaret Baysinger. This will be on page 3 of the listings. Select "Estate papers, no. 11061-12029. File #12016 falls between these numbers. Click on the camera. All the images will appear.
  7. The case files are in numerical order. You may need to randomly select an image number to see where you may fall. It is a trial and error.
    1. For example, I randomly chose image 3000. This is for Probate File #12020. I went too far.
    2. I adjust my image number to 2500. This is for Probate #12006. I know the image I want begins between image 2500 and 3000.
    3. I try 2700. This is for Probate #12011. I am almost there.
    4. I try 2800. Still not there.
    5. I try 2900. Not there.
    6. I try 2950. Bingo. Margaret Baysinger, Probate file #12016.