Wayne County Draft List, World War I

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This document contains the names of all persons drafted into the military from Wayne County during World War I. It comprises pages 134-144 of the Frank Gerlach file, which is currently housed in the Genealogy and Local History Department of the Wayne County Public Library in Wooster, Ohio.

List of Drafted Servicemen
Last Name First Name City of Origin
Cappola Carlo Wooster
Brumter Irwin Wooster
Frederick Harold Wooster
Zarlengo Dominic T. Wooster
Culler Eugene M Wooster
Funk Jacob R. Wooster
Martin Herschel Wooster
Zimmerman Fred C. Wooster
Seeds Lewis R. Wooster
Marker Leo M. Wooster
Guzzo Guy Wooster
Larkins Reginald E. Wooster
Hale Fred W. Wooster
Harrington Roy A. Wooster
McQuigg Harry Wooster
Koonz Forest Wooster
Fisher Walter A. Wooster
Brenstuhl Wm. H. Wooster
Weamer Paul M. Wooster
Millerhaus Frank H. Wooster
Weiser Carl E. Wooster
Arnold Walter D. Wooster
Reed John S. Wooster
Miller Roller K. Wooster
Kean Geo. C. Wooster
Donnelly Robert B. Wooster
Buckloz Chas. N Wooster
Davison Jas. B Wooster
English Allen A. Wooster
Peckinpaugh Wester Jr. Wooster
Kitchen Chas. N. Wooster
Boigegrain Virgil E. Wooster
Fleckinger Wm. H. Wooster
Brumter Frank M. Wooster
Aber John G. Wooster
Kaudger Arthur Wooster
McKinley Wm. P. Wooster
Boley Glenn C. Wooster
Haley Jas. S. Wooster
Agian Tony Wooster
Weber Chas. H. Wooster
Slossnagel Ward B. Wooster
Funck Daniel C. Wooster
Carn Joy H. Wooster
Thomas Vetal M. Wooster
Rettinger William L. Wooster
Werner Chas. E. Wooster
Siger Walter W. Wooster
Vaughn Clarence L. Wooster
Syriopoulos Vasiols K. Wooster
Sherrick Jos. P. Wooster
Baxter Thos. Wooster
Delfini Mauro Wooster
Hosley Amos I. Wooster
Babcock WW. Arthur Wooster
Straub Harry C. Wooster
Burkley Calvin Wooster
Koeble Elmer B. Wooster
Lehman Russell H. Wooster
Johnson Dudley Wooster
Cherry Roy M. Wooster
Elliot Albert R. Wooster
McClarran Clifton R. Wooster
Poole Oatho E. Wooster
Palmer Dallas Wooster
Ellsperman John F. Wooster
Warner Winfield H. Wooster
Levers Willis A. Wooster
Sanborn Lloyd D. Wooster
Zolliff John C. Wooster
Sidle Harold C. Wooster
Zarlengo Vincent F. Wooster
Laubach Dudley R. Wooster
Mowrer Harry W. Wooster
Hosler Warren E. Wooster
Golaser Irwin G. Wooster
Hiser Laurel V. Wooster
Rutter Chas. Wooster
Ritter Fred I. Wooster
Biggs John J. Wooster
Shaka Athan Wooster
Lyon Paul D. Wooster
Leavitt Edw. H. Wooster
Rovere Ven Azio D. Wooster
Giacomo Nicolas Di Wooster
McConahey Ray H. Wooster
Snyder Harry L. Wooster
Miller Bailey H. Wooster
Herpel Albert F. Wooster
Treece Earl Wooster
Messamore Durbin Wooster
Baker Dwight H. Wooster
Eyman Herbert Wooster
Eason Glendale Wooster
Bloom George Wooster
Stauffer Troy B. Wooster
Marks Chas. Wooster
Campbell Ray B. Wooster
Bosley John B. Wooster
Johnson John R. Wooster
Misseldine Earl D. Wooster
Mark Guy Wooster
Antenuci Joseph Wooster
Baab Walter Wooster
Hensel Harry Wooster
Caskey Glenn G. Wooster
Stauffer Glenn K. Wooster
Fetter Rollin Wooster
Forry Paulding B. Wooster
Moses Issac Wooster
Barnett Simon Wooster
Matthews Clarence L. Wooster
Schneider Allen Wooster
Hearn Harry Wooster
Fletcher Col. William M. Wooster
Weaver Erwin V. Wooster
Cutter Chas. L. Wooster
McDaniel Thos. G. Wooster
Kiser Chas. Wooster
Schuck Robert J. Wooster
Figert Raph E. Wooster
Schuck Howard D. Wooster
Donnelly Harold Wooster
Baker Jas. L. Wooster
Wepler John F. Wooster
Aylesworth Harry C. Wooster
Zarlingo John Wooster
Gage Daniel Wooster
Humbert Paul O. Wooster
McClure Kendall S. Wooster
Webb Lake L. Wooster
Leighty Emmett Wooster
Hughes Alfred N. Wooster
Palmer John Wooster
Dyke John F. Wooster
Casmer Forest Wooster
Campbell Luther R. Wooster
Sutton Richard C. Wooster
Anderson Arnold Wooster
Miller Earnest F. Wooster
Egger Daniel Wooster
McDaniel Abner R. Wooster
Newkirk Henry M. Wooster
Feightner Chat W. Wooster
Deihl Julius P. Wooster
McQuade John A. Wooster
Franks Forest Wooster
Runkle Walter Wooster
Stinebring Jas. G. M. Wooster
Taggart John F. Wooster
Best Kenneth E. Wooster
Garver David E. Wooster
Bucholz Jos. H. Wooster
Lisle Leslie Wooster
Leher Maurice D. Wooster
Price Major C. (Col.) Wooster
Dike John E. Wooster
Porter Clayse E. Wooster
Shay John P. Wooster
Lingle Jacob L. Wooster
Kelly John C. Wooster
Canakamp John D. Wooster
Charlton Robert E. Wooster
Baney Roy Wooster
Bouer Orris L. Wooster
Post LeRoy E. Wooster
Blough Frank W. Wooster
Hindman Harry H. Wooster
Swartz Grover C. Wooster
Mumaw Adau H. Wooster
Mowery Lloyd E. Wooster
Mackey Chas. W. Wooster
Ritter Elmer W. Wooster
Stout Harry R. Wooster
Hovostti Jos. Wooster
Alexander C. M. Wooster
Wender Clinton M. Wooster
Lawrence Geo. A. Wooster
Lewis Jameson Wooster
Shamp Harry T. Wooster
Wertenberger Geo. E. Wooster
Gilbert Edwin L. Wooster
Strock Earl W. Wooster
Farmer Homer H. Wooster
Dougherty Arthur Wooster
Jones Walter C. Wooster
France Brighton E. Wooster
Snodgrass Harry S. Wooster
Snyder Thos R. Wooster
Adams Edward Wooster
Mohr Clarence L. Wooster
Sullivan Jas. N. Wooster
Varrassi John Wooster
Lawrence Emmet A. Wooster
Botimer Walter T. Wooster
Jeffries John W. Wooster
Kaufman Russell L. Wooster
Bartell John C. Wooster
Braunick Wayne Wooster
Conrad Merl Wooster
Wiggins F. J. Wooster
Long Hugh J. Wooster
Antonuccio Antonio Wooster
Johnson Andrew W. Wooster
McVey Everett W. Wooster
Miller Lester A. Wooster
Kendall Fred R. Wooster
Weimer J. W. Wooster
Miller Elmer E. Wooster
Ackey Glen M. Wooster
Ackerman Warren S. Wooster
Snyder Floyd S. Wooster
Elliot Newell J. Wooster
Dillon Chas. R. Wooster
Gallentine William W. Wooster
Motz Francis. B. Wooster
Bloxham Geo. K. Wooster
Clark Milton N. Wooster
Hays Ralph H. Wooster
Perkins Fred M. Wooster
Joliff Leslie N. Wooster
Harter Virgil G. Wooster
McClure Chas. W. Wooster
Gauveiller Rowland S. Wooster
Zarlengo Joseph Wooster
Botkin Jas. H. Wooster
Odenkirk Walter L. Wooster
Kettler Geo. L. Wooster
Russ Henry A. Wooster
Ghormley John W. Wooster
Webber Geo. F. Wooster
Petica Nicholas Wooster
Reiman Chas. S. Wooster
Maynard Clarence B. Wooster
Wood Clinton T., Jr. Wooster
Senff Ralph E. E. Wooster
Ginter Junior M. Wooster
Strahl Willard W. Wooster
Enders Robert K. Wooster
Buchanan Walter F. Wooster
Metsker John N. Wooster
Hines Wm. Wooster
Adams Benh. M. Wooster
Spencer Warren P. Wooster
White Paul. I. Wooster
Baird Richard H. Wooster
Potts Geo. Jr. Wooster
Spencer Jas. H. Wooster
Long Thos. A. Wooster
Kaufman Caroll D. Wooster
Silver Daniel D. Wooster
Shaw Paul V. Wooster
VanNest Jos. P. Wooster
Mitchell Fred W. Wooster
Green Stephen N. Wooster
Whitaker Francis S. Wooster
Taggart Davis Wooster
Compton Chas. W. Wooster
Kimber Geo. R. Wooster
Grabiel Floud E. Wooster
Dickason Donald E. Wooster
Fritz Ward A. Wooster
Charles Dwight M. Wooster
Clark Henry P. Wooster
Leavitt Robt. M. Wooster
Willier Andrew J. Wooster
McClelland Wm. N. Wooster
Maynard Chas. V. Wooster
Warner David M. Wooster
Douglass Wm. C. Wooster
Harper Howard E. Wooster
Saurer Robt. D. Wooster
Townsend Wm. B. Wooster
Weber Edw. J. Wooster
Johnson Ray H. Wooster
Fair Vergil P. Wooster
Heron David A. Wooster
Schmid John B. Wooster
Harshaman John Wooster
Bechtel Harry Wooster
Williams Alex (Col) Wooster
Russell John S. Wooster
Koontz Harry Wooster
Johnson Lyman Wooster
Fisher Clarence Wooster
Finley Leslie L. Wooster
Campbell Alexander Wooster
Ebert Haratio B. Wooster
Massoni Jas. Wooster
Figer Dominick Wooster
McKee Jas. D. Wooster
Adams Geo. H. Wooster
Kain Wm. H. Wooster
Stahl Emery D. Wooster
Chapman Harold P. Wooster
Ammon Carl. L. Wooster
Welty Russell Wooster
Farquino Niccoli Wooster
Hershberger Park Wooster
Davenport Ellis Wooster
Flickinger J. R. Wooster
Kaup Ray N. Wooster
McKee John R. Wooster
Findlay Robt. Wooster
Hauenstein Harold R. Wooster
Baugartner Harold K. Wooster
Reardon Jas. A. Wooster
Hawk Glen C. Wooster
Kamp Wayne F. Wooster
Yahres Albert T. Wooster
Lehr Wm. R. Wooster
Pringle Paul V. Wooster
Plank Paul M. Wooster
Ryall Geo. W. Wooster
Smith Raymon T. Wooster
Brannan Russell Wooster
Green Arthur C. Wooster
Foss Clifford P. Wooster
Porter Kirk E. Wooster
McSweeney John Wooster
Johnson Ralph W. Wooster
Frasher H. S. Wooster
Keehn Paul E. Wooster
Bell Samuel Wooster
Rentsch Samuel B. Wooster
Gault Harry D. Wooster
Baird John A. Wooster
Hall Jas. H. Wooster
Fitch Hugh R. Wooster
Reiman Harry Wooster
Derr Geo. E. Wooster
Fulmer Lawrence R. Wooster
Stoudenheimer Ben Wooster
Hites Thos. A. Wooster
Ryall Geo. W. Wooster
Keena John B. Wooster
Ryall Geo. W. Wooster
Markley John W. Wooster
Post Geo. B. Wooster
Talbot David R. Wooster
Weir Wm. T. Wooster
Spear Robert M. Wooster
Alexander Ralph Wooster
Mullins Jas. Jr. Wooster
Buchanan Paul S. Wooster
Tomassetti Venanzio Wooster
McClure Paul H. Wooster
Yanders Howard H. Wooster
Smith Thos. L. Wooster
Silver Mike Wooster
Wile Ralph Wooster
Chalfant Allen B. Wooster
Revennaugh Jas. P. Wooster
Wordline H. W. Wooster
McClelland John B. Wooster
Fetter Emmet L. Wooster
Spangler John W. Wooster
Shupe Notre E. Wooster
Slutz Robert F. Wooster
McLaughlin Harold N. Wooster
Barr Ross Wooster
Miller Ray W. Wooster
Hauser Ear J. Wooster
Berger Ernest F. Wooster
Mitler Wm. F. Wooster
Johnson Henning Wooster
Weiss Nicholas J. Wooster
Waifel V. W. Wooster
Flory Harry R. Wooster
Fritz Chas. M. Wooster
Bowman Neal F. Wooster
Bricker John A. Wooster
Wright Edwin M. Wooster
Schaffter Earl F. Wooster
Fitzgerald John W. Wooster
Craig Dell D. Wooster
Goheen Richard C. Wooster
McClure John T. Wooster
White Ralph P. Wooster
Myers Bly A. Wooster
Smith William N. Wooster
Smith Alonzo Wooster
Strauss Loren Wooster
Long Milton Wooster
Dunkle Hillis Wooster
Noletti Joseph Wooster
Forrer Leonard E. Orrville
Stiener Lester M Orrville
Benner Irvin Orrville
Farmer Frank Orrville
Runa Carl Orrville
Longshore Warren E. Orrville
Lehman Aaron J. Orrville
Wakefield Melvin E. Orrville
Wersenciono Bernard J. Orrville
Leichty Ervin C. Orrville
Seigley Fraqnk M. Orrville
Philips Clement W. Orrville
Neuenschwandar Jacob Orrville
Bixler Calvin Orrville
Tschantz Ira M. Orrville
Buch Alfred K. Orrville
Zuercher Isaac Orrville
Ziebler Arthur J. Orrville
Royer John A. Orrville
Dye Earl R. Orrville
McQuaid G. H. Orrville
Koch Leonard C. Orrville
Sigafoos Sheridan Orrville
Doyle Harry Orrville
Goodwin Elmer Orrville
Hanlow Alex Orrville
Starkey E. J. Orrville
Staffer Oscar D. Orrville
Coscinott Dominic Orrville
Schwartz Adam A. Orrville
Parsons Robert A. Orrville
Bohlen John W. Orrville
Murray Arthur Orrville
Thoren Jacob Orrville
Shutzman Walker I. Orrville
Main William G. Orrville
Postelwait M. D. Orrville
Williams Harry Orrville
McDowell Reeve E. Orrville
Hutchinson Merel C. Orrville
Hahn Clayton Orrville
Swartz Floyd D. Orrville
Wilhelm Edwin L. Orrville
Carr Geo. P. Orrville
Monyer Archie Orrville
Singleton Leo T. Orrville
Johnson [B]urwold B. Orrville
Wirth David E. Orrville
Fair Mahlon E. Orrville
Gainer Homer A. Orrville
Steiner Ray Orrville
Lesvengood Wm. Orrville
Crider Samuel Orrville
Geiser [L]esley Orrville
Lehman Otto S. Orrville
Fox Kramlin B. Orrville
Markley John Orrville
Winston Samuel N. Orrville
Willmer Fred L. Orrville
Brenner Edward C. Orrville
Denbrock Karl E. Orrville
Imhoff Ray L. Orrville
Wirth Frederick C. Orrville
Asbury [_]elarma Orrville
Wilson Walter Orrville
Moser Ray E. Orrville
Patterson Cecil C. Orrville
Rehm Herbert R. Orrville
McPerry Wm. R. Jr. Orrville
Conner [_]ale S. Orrville
Chine Louis Orrville
Garfield Stephen Orrville
Hershey Vernon C. Orrville
Wilson [W]m. O. Orrville
Roth [_]lem M. Orrville
Royer Harry C. Orrville
Weygandt Ron N. Orrville
Zuercher [E]dwin Orrville
Brillbart [F]rank R. Orrville
Gainer [S]ilas D. Orrville
Budd [T]erry Orrville
Snyder [H]enry Orrville
Eahelman [R]alph L. Orrville
Harlin [_]lumer J. Orrville
Smith Ward M. Orrville
Boynton Levu H. Orrville
Wygandt Carl C. Orrville
Rehm Leroy A. Orrville
Klopfenstein Glenn R. Orrville
Snyder Chas. T. Orrville
Alsip Clifford H. Orrville
Moser Lester C. Orrville
Maggos Peter Orrville
Stringfellow Cullen Orrville
Winkler Ralph Orrville
Perlstein Max Orrville
Harns John N. Orrville
Sansburg Howard Orrville
Martin Oliver D. Orrville
Nussanbaum [_]enas Orrville
Bonner John Orrville
Graff Wm. H. Orrville
Purdy Galen Orrville
Miller Archie E. Orrville
Smith Edward Orrville
Engle Cheater K. Orrville
Murray Blaine Orrville
Shafer Amos E. Orrville
Barnett Sam Orrville
Yionto Emilio Orrville
Kimberlin Howard N. Orrville
Brenneman Harry C. Orrville
Henderson Raymond C. Orrville
Barlow Forest L. Orrville
Bauer Carl Orrville
Bott Fred Orrville
Boss William F. Orrville
Frey Adlie Orrville
Ayers Thurman W. Orrville
Walker Ray C. Orrville
Brown Paul Orrville
Ragland Lynn Orrville
Schie Albert Orrville
Hedden Wm. G. Orrville
Bilderback Floy J. Orrville
Stopf Martin R. Orrville
Winker Christian Orrville
Shilling Wm. F. Orrville
Roth Daniel K. Orrville
Fisher Elmer D. Orrville
Walbaugh Harvey E. Orrville
Palm Ralph B. Orrville
Busch Victor Orrville
Pair Wm. B. Orrville
Creeks Milton N. Orrville
Zimmerly Simon M. Orrville
Sprunger Ira D. Orrville
Horst Jay M. Orrville
Rehm Raymond Orrville
Eshleman John E. Orrville
Luca Frank B. Orrville
Klay W. F. Orrville
Spindler Jacob M. Orrville
Wenger Merle M. Orrville

Transcription Notes

  • Typographical errors, such as capitalization and spacing errors, have been corrected where appropriate.
  • Given the age and condition of the document, certain names and segments have been rendered illegible.
  • Suggestions have been given in brackets where appropriate.
  • Empty brackets indicate that a segment is missing, however, no suggestion has been made.
  • The notation [sic] has been inserted where possible mistakes have been made.
  • As with all names and old documents, misspellings and phonetic spellings are common. Please be advised that certain sounds and letters, such as "B" and "P", "M" and "N", "T" and "L", and "I" and "J" are frequently confused and adjust your search accordingly.
  • Likewise, common first names are often abbreviated on this list. Names like George and Joseph are shortened to "Geo." and "Jos."

Cities of Origin of Drafted Men

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