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1850 October 11

  • "Resolved That the thanks of this Society be tendered to William Turner, Esq. for his able ... and eloquent address delivered on the present occasion.
    • Resolved That the interests of this Society demand that a copy of said address should be placed in the hands of every farmer and laboring man in the county and that a committee of three be appointed to solicit from Mr. Turner a copy of said address for publication.

Thomas Robison, G. W. Donnelly and S. Kaufman Esqs. were appointed said committee.

    • Resolved That James Johnson for his untiring exertions and labors to organize this Society and advance its interests, deserve the approbation and patronage of the citizens of the county.
    • Resolved That the thanks of this Society be presented to the ladies of the county for their presence and efficient aid on this occasion.
    • Resolved That the board of managers be requested to prepare a brief history of the proceedings of this meeting, including the names of successful competitors for premiums. The reports of awarding committees, the annual address, an abstract of the treasurer's report and such other information as they may deem appropriate and publish the same in pamphlet form for each member of the Society and for general distribution.
    • Resolved That a committee of three be appointed to present the names of suitable persons to fill the offices of this Society for the ensuing year.
    • "Which committee, having retired, soon reported the following list of officers for the ensuing year. Thomas Reed of Sugarcreek, President; Isaac Johnson of Wayne vice president; James Johnson of Wooster, secretary; Lucas Flattery of Wooster, treasurer; managers, Jacob Bowman of Baughman; Hugh Funk of Plain, Thomas S. Battles of Clinton, J. H. Hitchcock of East Union; David Robison of Wooster.
    • On motion the report was adopted and the officers unanimously elected.
    • "The following resolutions were then offered and adopted.
    • Resolved That the thanks of this Society be tendered to Jacob Miller, Esq. of Ashland County, Nathaniel Pierce, Esq. of Medina County and David Cox, Esq. of Holmes County for meeting with the Society and acting on awarding committees.
    • Resolved That the editors of the respective papers of Wooster be requested to publish the proceedings of this meeting in their journals.

-- (Signed) James Johnson, secretary" [1]

  • In addition to the premium list, which was prepared and published listing all of the first winners, the Society's report to the state included a treasurer's report stating that $187 had been received from members and $150 from the County Auditor, making receipts $337. Premiums and expenses totaled $236.66, leaving a balance of $100.34.
    • "The managers feel quite confident that much and lasting benefit will result from the organization of this society, and have no doubt, from the spirit manifested by all classes, that it will gain rapidly in public favor, that its numbers will be greatly increased, and that the next annual fair of the society, will be all its most ardent friends could reasonably expect.

-- (Signed) Thomas Reed, president" [2]

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