The Murder of Sam Monaco

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The Murder


At around 12:30 in the morning, Mr. and Mrs. Monaco heard a knock on the door. When Monaco exclaimed that he was going to answer, his wife protested. After Sam Monaco had gotten dressed and walk down stairs, he opened the door and asked "who is it?"[1]. At that moment a revolve shot at Sam five times. When Mrs. Monaco finally made it down stairs it was already too late. She discovered her husbands dead body lying on the kitchen floor with a steam of blood coming from his heart. [2]

Mrs. Monaco Hurried over to the neighbors and had them call the police. Once the police arrived on the scene, they summoned the coroner.

The Police came to the conclusion that Mr. Monaco believed he had nothing to fear when he had opened the door. Their evidence for this theory was that Monaco had passed his gun to get to the door and never picked it up.

No suspects or evidence were ever found. In fact, only Mrs. Monaco's 5 year old son Henry Monaco, and his mother, had claimed to hear the shots. [3]

Sam Monaco's Criminal Past

Before his early demise, Sam Monaco's house had long been under surveillance by the police. Sam Monaco's alleged bootlegging business had caused his house to be searched twice. Monaco had been concurring the liquor business and created rivals because of it. This, the police believed, was the reason for his death. Mrs. Monaco was said to have not been involved with any business matters. [4]

Connecting Murders

This was not the fist time Mrs. Monaco had a tragedy like this in her home. Ten years prior Mrs. Monaco had lost her second husband Joe Chirillo the same way.[5] Margret Monaco's previous husband Joe was known as a major player in black hand activities. Chirillo had also be accused of being involved in several murders, including the brutal murder of Nicolli Margosinni.[6]

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