The Murder of Oliver Hagerman

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The Murder


On the 24th of December 1913, an argument arose in the Mackey house hold where Roy Dunkle and Oliver Hagerman were employees and lived. It was said by several witnesses that Oliver Hagerman had arrived at the Mackey house after spending the day drinking heavily. Oliver entered the family room shouting that he was going to "clean up the whole family,"[1] and threw a chair at the family's visitor Clarence Kalor's baby. Then, according to the Mackey's, he proceeded to drag both Mr. and Mrs. Mackey to the ground. Mr. Mackey began to yell for help once Hagerman had began to get the better of the fight. Dunkle, who had previous conflict with Hagerman, heard the Mackey's screams and entered with a revolver.

Hagerman was shot once in the back of the head. Dunkle was arrested the next day for Hagerman's murder. Hagerman had been raised and trained by the Mackey family. [2]

Hagerman's Past Violence

Hagerman had been previously charged two separate times with variations of assault. The first was and assault and battery charge against a former costumer. It was said that Hagermen had knocked the man down and beat him several times in the head. This event took place in the year 1911. [3] The second assault charge was made by Roy Dunkle himself. In 1912, Dunkle and Oliver Hagerman had gotten into a feud ending with Hagerman attempting to cut Dunkle's throat with a razor blade. The wound required twelve stitches. [4]

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