The Murder of Nicolli Margosinni

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==The Murder


On the afternoon of July 27th, 1913, Nicolli Margosinni and his family were eating lunch with the Guzzo family in their home. Joe Chirillo was said to have entered and begun to shout that he was "going to burn the house down." [1] Looking for a fight, Margosinni began to head for the cellular when he was caught by his coat and pulled to the lawn. The two wrestled around on the ground for a while until Joe removed a razor from his pocket. Chirillo slashed Nicolli on the lip and cheek. After this attack, Joe began to run. He drew a revolver and shot Margosinni four times. One bullet hit Margosinni's left cheek. Other bullets entered his left arm and hand. Nicolli's cousin, Nicollo Yutx, was also shot when he ran to help after the initial gun fire. [2]

The murder was said to be a result of a past argument in Italy. Both Joe Chirillo and Nicolli Margosinni had come from the same province in Italy. [3]

Joe Chirillo was not the only man involved in this brutal attack. Two other men named Antonio Ross and Antonia Galtons were believed to be player's in the murder.

Joe Chirillo was discover by police a mile away from the scene hiding in a field. Antonio Ross was found in a cornfield two miles from the crime.

It was said that during the trial both Chirillo and Galtons looked happy and as if they had"enjoyed it immensely."[4] Relatives of the two men who had came to their hearing were said to have even given gifts, food, and kisses. [5]

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