The Murder of Nicola Scavelli

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The Murder


On November 24th, 1883, Nicola Scavelli and Servio Grantinetti got into a argument in their local boarding house. Once the argument had escalated, Grantinetti stabbed Scavelli. With his injuries, Nicola was sent to the local hospital were it was predicted he would doubtfully survive his wounds.[1]

Cause of Death

Despite what was predicted Nicola was thought to have healed well and was even released from the hospital early. His previous injuries of a gash out of his abdomen and a cut in his small abdomen had supposedly been fix wen he left two weeks before his death. Nicola was sent back to the infirmary after getting sudden spills of nausea and feeling low. After a few days of pain, Scavelli finally died. The autopsy found the cause of death to be from the small intestine healing to the wall of the abdomen.This created blockage and eventually his painful death.[2]

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