The Murder of Carl Yoakem

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The Murder


On January 12th, 1985, Truman Watts shot and killed Carl Yoakmen. The Murder was said to be witnessed my multiple bystanders at around 5:30pm. Once the police had arrived on the seen at around 5:50pm, Carl was pronounced dead on the seen. Carl Yoakem died from a single shot to abdomen by a close range 12-gauge shotgun. [1]

Truman Watts turned himself over to the authorities and was instantly arrested for Carl Yoakmen's murder.[2]

Yoakem's murder was the first murder since three years prior in Rittman.[3]

Carl Yoakem's Previous Arrest

Carl Yoakem was previously arrested after a police chase in 1980. He was said to have been driving at over 40mph and was only stopped once he ran into an embank.[4]

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