The Murder of Andrew Green

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The Murder


On December 7th, 1969, the Green family returned home to find one of their daughters, age twelve, had not cleaned the house properly. In response, the father Andrew Green began beating the daughter with his belt. As an attempt to end her husbands brutality, Mrs. Green tried to intervene. This caused Mr. Green to take out his anger on his wife by choking her. To stop his father, Larry Green ran upstairs and grabbed a shotgun. Once he returned, he shot his father under his left shoulder, killing him instantly. [1]

Andrew Green was the father of 11 children.

Larry Green was the arrested for his fathers murder. His recorded showed no passed violence. [2]

Newspaper Articles

  • December 10, 1969: "Son Kills Father In Family Quarrel" by Unknown, Rittman Press, p. 1.


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