The Murder of Adda Boyer

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The Murder


On August 21st, 1932, Ira Boyer and his wife Adda had a visitor. Adda Boyer's youngest son had come into town from Tennessee.[1] Ira and Adda Boyer had just been married 2 months previous. Both Adda and Ira had been married twice before. When Adda's son James came into town without the consent of Ira it created conflict. The next day the two had been arguing so long that Adda had packed her bags and threatened to leave with $1,000 of Ira's money. She even was quoted saying "I'm running this house."[2] This statement finally pushed Ira over the edge. In response Ira shouted, " I will show you who is running it,"[3] and grabbed his shot gun. He immediately pointed and fired at Adda's head. The shot was so strong it nearly tor half of Adda's head off. [4]

Once Adda was killed, Ira was said to have gone over to the neighbors house and told him to call and officer because he had shot his wife "like a rabbit."[5] Then he proceeded to throw all Adda's clothes out of the house into the neighbors yard and lock himself in his house.[6]

When The office was finally able to get Ira out of his home he made no effort to conceal that he had shot his wife. He was taken into the sheriffs office and jail that night.[7]

Ira Boyer's Trial

Ira Boyer pleaded not guilty at the first hearing on Wednesday, the 24th of August. At the hearing the prosecutor pushed that the murder was deliberate and premeditated.[8] After the grand jury deliberated for two and a half days, they came to the conclusion that Ira Boyer, age 66, murdered his 44 year old wife Adda. He was indited for first degree murder.[9] Ira pleaded guilty to man slaughter and was sentenced to one to twenty years in prison.[10]

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