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Generally, this template should not be used directly. Rather, one should usually use the appropriate subtemplate of this template. To see a list of available newspaper titles or to request the creation of a new subtemplate, please see User:Merlin/spellbook/newspapers.


This template and its heirs add an explicitly semantic, machine-readable, bibliographic layer to a simple unordered list item.


To create a single bibliographic item, locate the appropriate subtemplate and provide the following parameters (when known and applicable):

Parameter name Example value Note
title The Title of the Newspaper Article Just the title in plaintext. Do not add quotation marks, style, etc.
year YYYY The year of publication, four digits.
day DD The day of the month of publication, two digits (01&ndash31).
month MM The month of the year of publication, two digits (01–12).
page p A single digit or a range.
section S The section of the periodical.
author Jane {{Surname|Doe}} The author or authors. Surnames can be wikified, but should be done so manually.

A series of template calls to the "newspaper article" template family should constitute the sole parameter of a call to Template:Newspaper articles.

Example source

A simple example of a semantic "Newspaper articles" section would be entered as so:

{{Newspaper articles |
  {{Daily Record article
    | title = One Heckuva Big Buildings: Visitors Awed By Gerstenslager Co.'s Newest Facility
    | year = 1955
    | day = 16
    | month = 12
  {{Daily Record article
    | title = Gerstenslager's Last Buggy in Marshallville
    | year = 1967
    | day = 18
    | month = 04
    | page = 3

The whitespace (empty spaces, new lines, etc.) is mostly ignored by the wiki software; it is stylized above solely for the sake of readability.

Sample output

The two calls to Template:Daily Record article defined above produce the following:

  • December 16, 1955: "One Heckuva Big Buildings: Visitors Awed By Gerstenslager Co.'s Newest Facility" The Daily Record.
  • April 18, 1967: "Gerstenslager's Last Buggy in Marshallville" The Daily Record, p. 3.