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  • Martin, Daniel C. (category Individuals with Leiter Surname)
    1849 in Wayne County, Ohio (vol. 4B, p. 414). They were married by George Leiter, Lutheran minister.
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  • Commercial House (Congress, Ohio) (category Individuals with Leiter Surname)
    Applecreek, is spending a week with her sister, Mrs. Frank Reed, at the Commercial House. 1902 - January, Blain Leiter and Miss Rillie Brown were united
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  • Plain Township, Wayne County, Ohio (category Individuals with Leiter Surname) (section Newspaper Citations With No Attached Images)
    Jefferson. The 2-story brick home with 12-rooms was built prior to 1873 as it appears on the map of the year. It has a hop roof with wooden shakes. The Webbs spent
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  • Horn, George W. (category Individuals with Leiter Surname)
    1855 in Wayne County, Ohio (vol. 4.5 p. 271). They were married by George Leiter, Lutheran minister.
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  • History of Zion Lutheran Church in Wooster, Ohio (category Individuals with Leiter Surname)
    Lutheran Church, in order to make way for a union with St Paul's Church of Smithville, dissolved the union with Trinity Lutheran Church of FRanklin Township
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  • Transcription of Religious Societies, Part 2, Pages 76-100 (category Individuals with Leiter Surname)
    thereupon order that he be licensed for the purpose aforesaid Thereupon I John {Surname|Patterson}} Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas aforesaid by virtue of the
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  • being supplied with at least one good spring. When found in its pristine state, it was covered all over with a dense and heavy forest, with the exception
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  • Ministers performing marriages (category Individuals with Ackeret Surname)
    The denomination of each minister, when known, has been included. Other individuals performing marriages in Wayne County, Ohio are included on a separate
    48 KB (73 words) - 16:31, 21 February 2018
  • Caldwell's Atlas (1897)/Congress Township (category Individuals with Addleman Surname)
    Congress Congress Village 0.5 Leighey G Congress Congress Village 36-38 Leiter Frederick H Congress Congress Village 84 Lemmon John Congress West Salem
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  • Crown Hill Cemetery Burial Records (category Individuals with Abel Surname)
    This is an incomplete list of those individuals buried in the Crown Hill Cemetery located in Orrville, Wayne Co, OH.
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