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  • Smithville Village Council
Public Administration
  • City and Town Councils
  • Date unknown
Key Persons
    • 207 W. Main St., Smithville, 44667, Ohio, United States

To Organize Trade Board

To Organize Trade Board: Smithville Leaders Banquet at Smithville Inn. [1] On Thursday evening at eight o'clock the mayor and council of Smithville village were delightfully entertained at a banquet given for their pleasure by the management of the new Smithville Inn, situated on the square. The events of the evening were begun with an inspection by all those present of the many improvements and the generational renovation and refurnishing of the hotel.

The invocation by Rev. Drawbaugh of the Smithville Lutheran Church and the signing of "America" preceded a full course appetizing chicken dinner, which was heartily enjoyed by all. After the meal, smoking was enjoyed by all those who indulged in cigars. Addresses were made by W. P. Hare, Ray Everstine, proprietor of the hotel, Rev. Drawbaugh, Mayor Mishler, and City Clerk Hartzler.

Messrs. Hare, Hartzler and Drawbaugh were particularly full of humor. Mr. Hare urged the need of a board of trade or business men's association, and his remarks were met with unanimous approval. It was mutually agreed that an organization of such a nature will soon have its inception in the village. Music was furnished for the occasion, and beautiful decorations were in effect. Rev. Drawbaugh offered the benediction. The mayor and council were pleased to observe the many improvements in the hotel and rejoiced in the fact that it is becoming famous in this section.

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  1. Daily Record. Wooster, Ohio. 1926 July 23, p. 3.