Rules for the Wooster Public Library and Museum (1905)

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Rules for the Wooster Public Library and Museum (1905)


  • Hours: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily
  • Hours: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM Sunday

Officers of the Board of Trustees


  • Committees are appointed by the President of the Board of Trustees of Wooster Public Library: December 1, 1904


Books and Periodicals

Rules and Regulations


Building and Grounds


Patron rules

  • Reading and reference rooms were open to "any person of good deportment and habits" but no person would "be allowed to use tobacco in any form, lounge or sleep, partake of refreshments or use the rooms for purposes for which they are not intended."
  • Silence was expected
  • Reference books and periodicals were to be used only in the library.
  • Residents of Wooster and the Wooster City School District and pupils over eight years old were allowed to borrow books after signing the prescribed application and offering security for the return of the books.
  • Non-residents of Wooster were required to pay an annual fee of one dollar to use the library.
  • Two books could be borrowed at one time and kept for two weeks, after which they could not be borrowed again for three months.
  • A third book could be borrowed by paying ten cents.
  • Fines were set at two cents a day and could accumulate up to the value of the book.
  • Fines were also levied for abuse such as marking a book, even with a lead pencil or turning down the corners of the pages.
  • Rules warned that anyone who abused library property was liable to prosecution under the Ohio Statue and City ordinances for the protection of library property.

Duties of the Librarian

  • Handling Acquisitions-- both purchases and gifts
  • Maintained the catalog
  • Responsible for the library and all of its property
  • To collect and report all fines to the Board of Trustees
  • Keep attendance and work done by the employees
  • Write an abstract of each month's progress for the Trustees.
  • End of the year Annual report was to be given.