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Pittsburg, Ft Wayne & Chicago Railway Depot.png

Some examples of businesses listed in this sector include: Smithville Brewery, Omnibus, Coach and Transfer Line, Railroads in Wayne County, Ohio

The first train arrived in Wooster, Ohio in 1852. It was the Wooster branch of the Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati Railroad Company.

The first railroad was built through Creston, Ohio in 1863. At the time of its construction, it was the Atlantic & Great Western Railroad. Then, it became the New York, Pennsylvania & Ohio followed by the Erie. When it was removed in 1980, it was under the ownership of Conrail.

In the Wooster Republican newspaper dated 8 November 1899 on page 4, there was a report of "A Phantom Train". It was first seen by Dr. Wm. Faber, coroner of Wayne County, Ohio and his companion. They saw the train, saw the flames shoot up, heard the cracking of timber and breaking of iron bars. The doctor and others who also witnessed the phenomena hurried to the River Styx bridge to render assistance. Upon their arrival, everything was perfectly quiet. There were no signs of any train derailment. It is believed the phantom train was that of the ill-fated train No. 5 that jumped the track near the same spot in the spring of 1899, killing the engineer.