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Benjamin Pope

  • Born:6 May 1815
  • Place of Birth: near Lancaster, Fairfield County, OH
  • Education: Seminary of the Joint Synod of Ohio of Columbus (later called Capital University (1878))
  • Marriage: Elizabeth M. Hippee
  • Date of Marriage: 14 Sep 1843
  • Place of Marriage: Ohio
  • Death: 8 Jun 1864
  • Place of Death: Wooster, Ohio
  • Burial: Wooster Cemetery, section 5, lot 486

Elizabeth M. (Hippee) Pope

  • Born: 14 Sep 1823
  • Place of Birth: Canton, Stark County, Ohio
  • Occupation: Principal of Grove Female Seminary 1853-1865
  • Death:18 Dec 1905
  • Place of Death: Wooster, Ohio
  • Burial: Wooster Cemetery, section 5, lot 486

According to Ben Douglass' History of Wayne County, Ohio on page 540:

Elizabeth Pope qualified herself for the duties of teaching at an early age. She engaged in the profession of teaching at Delaware, Ohio for two years prior to coming to Wooster, Ohio.

"In the spring of 1849 she became the successor of Mrs. McKee--wife of the Seceder minister of the long-gone by--she transferring to Mrs. Pope her pupils, numbering five or six, whom she instructed about two months. In October she opened the session, assisted by Miss Sarah Hippee, with between thirty and forty pupils upon the roll. The term was taught in the house now owned and occupied by O. F. Jones, Esq.

"In the spring of 1853 she took possession of the old Academy building, and continued her labors as Principal of the institution until 1865, establishing for herself and her school a reputation that made the name of 'Mrs. Pope's Seminary at Wooster' popular throughout Wayne and neighboring counties."