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General Information

One of our researchers has taken the time to browse early Wayne County, Ohio Newspapers searching for information on physicians practicing in Wayne County, Ohio. This Wiki page is the compilation of his work.

Physicians, 1890

Physicians, 1891

Groups of Physicians, 1891

Physicians, 1892

Groups of Physicians, 1892

  1. Wayne County Democrat SEP 14, 1892
  2. Wayne County Democrat SEP 14, 1892

Physicians, 1893

Groups of Physicians, 1893

Physicians, 1894

Groups of Physicians, 1894

Physicians, 1895

Groups of Physicians, 1895

Physicians, 1896

Groups of Physicians, 1896

Physicians, 1897

Physicians, 1898

Physicians, 1899

Physicians, 1900

New Wooster Doctors
The State of Ohio Board of Medical Examiners at Columbus, last week, upon critical examination as to qualifications, professionally gave legal authority to Mr. Harry J. Stoll, son of Dr. J. H. Stoll, and Miss Kate McClure Johnson, daughter of the late Judge Isaac Johnson, of Wooster, to practice medicine. Both are graduates of University and also of Medical Colleges, and have had practical experience in hospital work. They enter the ranks of the profession under the most favorable auspices for talent, learning and skill.

—Unknown, Wayne County Democrat 1900-JUL-11