McMillen (surname)

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McMillen (surname)
  Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania (John P. McMillen), Jefferson County, Ohio (John and Dr. Alexander M. McMillen), Adams County, Pennsylvania (Thomas McMillen), Wayne County, Ohio (Alexander C. McMillen), Ohio (Jane A., John, William, Alex, Sarah, and Thomas McMillen)
Notable members John, John P., John, Mary, Dr. Alexander M., John, James, Alexander C., William, Gen. Thomas, Thomas, Joseph Warren, Charles, Sarah/Mary Jane, Roxanne, Martin, Matilda Lillian, Rev. William, William A., Jane A., John, Alex M., Sarah L., Hanna R., William M., Laura, Edwin, Martha, Mary, John P., Julian, Lonette, Henry, Charles, and Elizabeth M. McMillen

Biographical sketch

John McMillen, son of John P. and Catherine Moore McMillen, was born 17 Nov 1817 near Richmond, Jefferson County, Ohio. He was “eighth child of John P. and Catharine (Moore) McMillen.” The biographical mentions a little later that John P. and Catherine Moore McMillen had 5 children, four of whom grew to maturity. (I am thinking that John McMillen was the 8th child of John P. McMillen and the 5th child of John P. and Catherine Moore McMillen.) The four children who grew to maturity include:

Books & other documents

  • According to the researcher’s information, Thomas McMillen who was born in 1804 and married Jane was the son of General Thomas McMillen (1778-1852) and Mary (Hoagland?) McMillen. Other children listed include Joseph Warren, Charles, Sarah/Mary Jane, Roxanne, Matilda Lillian, and Martin McMillen. Also, there is a notation indicating Thomas McMillen (1778-1852) was born in Adams County, Pennsylvania came to Ohio in 1814; and emigrated to Henry County, Iowa in 1840. Thomas McMillen died in Iowa. (This information comes from Douglass’ History of Wayne County, OH p. 653)

Cemetery records

Census records


  • With further research, I found an abstract of a lawsuit between Alexander M. Millen and John Garves. It is dated 2 March 1828. Hannah McMullen signed her mark. Interesting enough, there is a Hanna R. McMillen buried with John P. and Catharine McMillen in the West Cemetery (Ohio, Wayne County, Salt Creek Township) (old part) found in Salt Creek Township, Wayne County, Ohio. Her dates indicate a birth on 20 May 1806 and she died 2 Oct 1846 at the age of 40 years, 4 months, 12 days. I am not sure how this Hannah ties in with the family (possible daughter or daughter-in-law?). I have not made any connection, yet. At this point in the research, you may want to research in Jefferson County, Ohio (1801-1829 records) and Stark County, Ohio (1829-1860s) to see if there is any more paper trail. You may want to consider tax lists, land deeds, cemetery records, church records, or county records for starters.) Also, since William M. McMillen appears to have been a brother to Thomas, you may want to follow his lead in Buchanan County, Iowa to see if there is any reference to his parents or siblings in an obituary or other document. I am unable to prove without a doubt that Thomas McMillen who died in 1886 in Wooster, Ohio is the son of John P. McMillen. Evidence and previous research done by individuals seem to indicate this is not the case. On the contrary, I have not picked up a paper trail for the Thomas McMillen who is the son of John P. McMillen other than a mention in John P. McMillen’s will.

Occupations of

Probate Court

Willis & Estates

  • William A. McMillen, in his Last Will and Testament, asked that his father, Thomas McMillen, be the guardian for his two children: A. M. McMillan and Edwin S. McMillan Probate Court file #3826). The will is dated 6 February 1871.
  • John T. Shields was the executor of the estate of William A. McMillen. William A. McMillen had a sister, Sarah L. Shields (wife of John T. Shields), and another sister listed as Mrs. John Johnston.
  • In the family papers, there is a copy of a will of Thomas McMillen of Henry County, Iowa. It is dated 29 June 1851. In the will is the list of heirs.
    • Mary McMillen, wife
    • Julian McMillen, single daughter
    • Mary Jane, single daughter (minor)
    • Joseph Manner McMillen, son
    • Sarah McMillen, daughter, alias Sarah Bucher
    • Roxana McMillen, daughter, alias Roseanna Kister Iowa
    • Henry Hoagland McMillen, son
    • Matilda McMillen, daughter, alias Matilda Kean
    • Charles McMillen, son
    • Thomas McMillen, son
    • Lonette and Laura McMillen, children of Martin McMillen, grandchildren of Thomas McMillen
  • The will of John P. McMillen clearly states that he had three children by his first wife. These were Elizabeth M. Moore, Thomas, and William M. McMillen. Children of his 2nd wife, Catherine, include John (bequeathed the whole of the farm just west of East Greenville, Stark County, Ohio; Alexander M. McMillen ($1200); James P. McMillen ($900); and Mary Mandeville ($400). The Last Will and Testament is about 3 pages in length but does not give the whereabouts of his children. His estate papers only include a couple documents, neither of which provides much information. The only land transaction I find for him is dated 18 Aug 1825 where John P. McMillen and George Watson of Jefferson County, Ohio are the executors of the last will and testament of William Bailey, late of said county (Jefferson Co, OH). The land is being sold to Adam Bear of Wayne County, Ohio.

Vital records

  • Thomas McMillen, head of the household was 46 and born in Ohio. Jane McMillen, wife, was 46 and born in Ohio. - Thomas McMillen (1788-1852) was the possible son of Thomas and Jane Masters McMillen. They were possibly married in 1763 in Pennsylvania.