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Kime (surname)
  States adjacent to Ohio (George Sr. and Samuel Kime), Ohio (Harriet F., Benjamin F., Mary, Eliza A., Joseph W., Clara A., Mary, Susanna, Joshua, George Jr., Mary Jane ("Jennie"), Harriet P., and George Kime)
Notable members George Sr., Samuel, Sarah, Mary, Susanna, Joshua, George Jr., Mary Jane ("Jennie"), Harriet P., George, Harriet F., Jonathan, Benjamin F. Mary, Eliza A., Joseph W., and Clara A. Kime
Name origin and meaning a derivative of Old English "cumb," meaning a vessel, tub, or depression in the ground

Name Meaning & Origin[edit | edit source]

Cemetery records[edit | edit source]

  • Kime-Repp Cemetery (Ohio, Wayne County, Congress TownshipAccording to the updated Kime Cemetery records, George Kime died 16 April 1874 at the age of 72 years, 3 months, 2 days. He would have been born about 14 January 1802. Mary, the wife of George, died 25 January 1863 at the age of 57 years. She would have been born about 1807. At the time of George Kime’s death in 1874, Samuel was the only known son to be living. (Additional information is not known on the unknown daughter who was born between 1825-1830 and Sarah A. Kime who was born about 1831.) Since there was no Probate Court record on file here in Wayne County, Ohio for George Kime, I looked into Land Deeds. In the 1856 Baker’s map of Wayne County, OH G[eorge]. Kime owns property in sections 2, 3, and 4 of Congress Township. In the [Caldwell's Atlas of Wayne Co. and of the City of Wooster, Ohio, 1873|1873 Caldwell’s Atlas of Wayne County, Ohio]] S[amuel] Kime owns the same parcel of lands in sections 3 and 4 of Congress Township, Wayne County, Ohio. Jennie Kime owns a small parcel in section 3 of Congress Township, Wayne County, Ohio.

Census records[edit | edit source]

  • Using the 1840-1860 US censuses, I believe George and Mary had about 8 children. There were two daughters born between 1825-1830 (1840 Census). I believe one may be Mary Kime who married George Repp on 31 Dec 1846 in Wayne County, Ohio. If so, the burial records indicate she was born 5 September 1826 and died 19 June 1862. Another daughter remains unknown to me at this time. There is a daughter Sarah A. born 1831. I am not certain who she married or when she died. She was still with George Kime in the 1860 census as single. There is a Sarah Kime who married Elias Freeman / Freyman on 10 Dec 1865. This could be her. Jonathan was born 25 August 1833 and died 24 March 1860. He possibly married Sarah Hagans. Samuel was born 9 August 1836 and died 14 July 1907. He married Mary “Polly” Mosier (aka Susan). Susanna was born 28 July 1841 and died 16 July 1859 (updated Kime Cemetery records). Joshua was born 27 July 1845 and died 23 April 1846 (updated Kime=Repp Cemetery (Ohio, Wayne County, Congress Township) records). George was born 26 August 1846 and died 8 August 1867.
    • Dwelling 1211, Family 1199
      • Krim, Samuel, 23, male, farmer, $475 personal estate, born in States adjacent to Ohio
      • Krim, Susan, 17, female, born in Ohio
      • Note: The census indicates that Samuel and Susan were married within the year.
  • I am not sure where George is residing in the 1870 US Census. It could be Medina County, ohio or Wayne County, Ohio I have been unable to locate him in the census at this point in the research.
  • The 1880 census shows Samuel’s wife as Mary Kime, age 37. The 1900 census shows her as Polly, age 58 and born January 1842. She indicates she has had 12 children – 10 of whom remain living. In the 1910 census, she is listed as Susan, age 67, widow, born in OH, and she indicates she has had 12 children – 10 of whom remain living. Polly is a common nickname for Mary. Susan could be her middle name. I do believe Susan, Mary and Polly are one in the same individual. The evidence seems to point this direction.

Land records[edit | edit source]

None of the land deeds actually say father or son. George may have remained in Medina County, Ohio until his death in 1874. He is not listed in Wayne County, Ohio Death Records 1876-1905 (film) or in the Index to Probate Court Records Wayne County, Ohio. I looked through Marriages Deaths Divorces (1870, 1872-1875) Medina County Gazette, Medina, Ohio and did not find his death listed. I looked through Index to Probate Court Records of Medina County, Ohio and he was not listed. Our department does not have the Medina County, Ohio Death Records for that time period.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • I did not find the actual document that states George Kime is the father of Samuel Kime. However, some of the evidence seems to indicate this is the case.

Obituary[edit | edit source]

Vital records[edit | edit source]

  • I spent most of my work time yesterday trying to find a document to tie George and Samuel Kime together. The burial records do not indicate a relationship. I was unable to find an obituary on neither George nor Samuel Kime. Samuel Kime's death record does not give his parents name. I could find no Probate Court record (will/estate) on George Kime. Here is what I discovered.
  • I believe Samuel Kime b. 9 August 1836 d. 14 July 1907 is the son of George Kime based on circumstantial evidence.
  • Note: There is a Mrs. Sarah Kime who marries George Repp on 24 February 1863 in Wayne County, Ohio. There is a strong possibility that this Mrs. Sarah Kime was the widow of Jonathan Kime who died 24 March 1860. George Repp could be the widow of Mary Kime who died on 19 June 1862.