Killbuck Township, Wayne County, Ohio

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Historical Information

Until 1810, all of Wayne County was one township named Killbuck. The township was named in honor of the old Indian chief, Chief Killbuck. [1] Chief Killbuck's native name was Gelelemend and the English translation, John Killbuck Jr.. The original Killbuck Township was wiped from the map when Wayne County was formally organized in 1812. The new duly elected county officers divided Wayne County into four new named townships of Sugar Creek, Wooster, Mohecan (sic), and Prairie.

In 1964 the Council of the City of Wooster, by resolution number 1961-49, petitioned the Wayne County Commissioners to erect a new township within the corporate limits of the City of Wooster, and make the boundaries of the said township to coincide with the corporate limits of the city. The township trustees of Wayne Township and Wooster Township took legal action and filed an injunction against the erection of this new township. Their legal action to block the formation of the new township worked its way through the courts and was appealed to the Ohio Supreme Court where it was dismissed. On March 9, 1964 the resolution to establish a new township within Wayne County was passed and a new Killbuck Township was established.

Killbuck Township is located within the corporate limits of the City of Wooster and was established on March 9, 1964.

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Author Elinor Taylor on 14 February 1985, wrote "Bloomington Was Wooster's New Kid on the Block" in which Killbuck Township is mentioned.


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