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Pardee House Wooster.jpg

A picture of the Pardee house at 124 Massarro St. in Wooster.


Pardee House Wooster.jpg
A picture of the Pardee house at 124 Massarro St. in Wooster.
  • Eugene Pardee
  • 15 October 1814
    Marcellus, Onondaga County, New York
  • 14 October 1888
    Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio
  • Wooster Cemetery, Ohio
  • Phoebe Foster (b.1791–d.1844)
  • Allen Pardee (b.1790–d.1883)
  • Eleanor A. Taylor (b.1815–d.1901)
  • Allen A. Pardee (b.1837–d.1911)
  • Emma M. Pardee (b.1840–d.1872)
  • Oman T. Pardee (b.1842–d.1866)
  • Eugene D. Pardee (b.1844–d.1901)
  • Ossian Pardee (b.1854–d.1939)

Spelling Variations


Pardee, Pardy

Given Names or Nicknames


Biographical Sketches

Eugene Pardee was born on October 15th, 1814 in Marcellus, New York to Allen Pardee and Phoebe Foster.[1] He was a renowned Prosecuting Attorney of Wayne County who lived in Wooster and practiced all throughout his life. He is also well-known for being a vocal abolitionist lawyer and participating in the Underground Railroad operations in Wayne County.


The Pardees moved into Wadsworth in Medina County, Ohio in 1831. Eugene Pardee then set off to the village academy, where he was studying to become a teacher. However, he had found his passion in studying law and was under the superintendency of Van R. Humphrey in Summit County, Ohio. He was admitted to the Ohio bar in 1835 and practiced for a while in Medina County, before coming to Wooster.

Life in Wooster

Very soon after coming to Wooster, he was elected as a Prosecuting Attorney of Wayne County by the Democratic Party. He was re-elected and after serving for 4 years in that position, he went back to his private law office. Later in his career, he pursued for higher positions and was successful in achieving a number of them. He joined the Republican Party at its foundation and was an elector upon the Fremont and Dayton ticket in the 1856 Presidential election. He also served as the Deputy US Revenue Assessor in 1862.

(For more information, see History of the Lawyers of Wayne County, Ohio by Benjamin Douglass- can be accessed through the Genealogy collection.)


The Pardee house is considered to be a significant remainder of the Wayne County Underground Railroad (see Current Preservation Efforts) operations, and one of the very few historically accurate establishments remaining in Wooster. And it is rightfully so, as Eugene Pardee played a big role in the operation. Every biography of Pardee mentions him as an outspoken abolitionist, who was not afraid to express his opinions and defend anti-slavery policies. He would often debate against people defending pro-slavery in the courtroom. He was also stated as being a member of the abolitionist party (also referred to as the Liberty Party). Like many other abolitionists, he joined the Free Soil Party in 1848, and later the Republican Party in 1854.


  • Parents
    • Allen Pardee (1790-1883)
    • Phoebe Foster (April 7th, 1791 - April 23rd, 1844)
  • Spouse- Eleanor A. Pardee (Mar 8th 1815- Jan 25th 1901)[1]
  • Children
    • Allen A. Pardee (Sept 2nd 1837- Nov 22nd 1911)
    • Emma M. Pardee (Jan 12th 1840- Nov 6 1872)
    • Oman T. Pardee (Apr 11th 1842- Jan 23rd 1866)
    • Eugene D. Pardee (Nov 5th 1844- Apr 19th 1901)
    • Ossian Pardee (1854?- Jan 16th 1939)
  • Relatives-
    • Dewne (Dane) Pardee
    • Mary Betsendcerfen (1835- ?)
  • Grandchildren
    • Ethel Dane Roberts (Sept 1st 1870- Sept 1959)

Vital Records


October 5th, 1814- Marcellus, Onondaga County, New York


Eleanor A. Taylor (June 5th, 1836)[2]


October 14th, 1888- Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio


Wooster Cemetery

Census Records

*The abbreviated states indicate birthplace*

1840 US Census for Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio[3]

  • Eugene Pardee, 26, NY, attorney
  • Eleanor Pardee, 25, CT
  • Allen A. Pardee, 2, OH
  • Emma M. Pardee, 1, OH

1850 US Census for Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio[4]

  • Eugene Pardee, 35, NY, attorney
  • Eleanor Pardee, 35, CT
  • Allen A. Pardee, 12, OH, in school
  • Emma M. Pardee, 10, OH, in school
  • Oman T. Pardee, 7, OH, in school
  • Eugene D. Pardee, 5, OH, in school
  • Mary Betsendcerfen, 15, Germany, in school

1860 US Census for Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio[5]

  • Eugene Pardee, 45, NY, attorney
  • Eleanor Pardee, 45, CT
  • Dewne (Dane) Pardee, OH
  • Ossian Pardee, 6, OH, in school

1870 US Census for Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio[6]

  • Eugene Pardee, 55, NY, attorney
  • Eleanor Pardee, 55, CT

1880 US Census for Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio[7]

  • Eugene Pardee, 65, NY, attorney
  • Eleanor Pardee, 65, CT
  • Ethel D. Roberts, 9, MA, in school

Places of Residence

  • Marcellus, Onondaga County, New York
  • Wadsworth, Medina County, Ohio
  • 124 Massarro St., Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio.

Immigration and Naturalization Records

not applicable.

Court Records


Tax Records


Land Records


Denomination Affiliations





  • Attorney

Community Involvement

  • Abolitionist

Educational Services

  • Teaching license in Medina County Village Academy.
  • Law study, one-on-one supervision.

Awards and Recognition

  • unknown




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