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I did not find a lot of information pertaining to Benjamin and Anna Palmer, Daniel and Rachel Eberhart, and Joseph Eberhart. Benjamin and Eliza A[nn] Palmer died in Ashland County, OH and are buried in the Ashland Cemetery. I am including a copy of burial record for these two individuals. In addition, I found an abstract of the death record of Benjamin H. [Palmer]] in Ashland Co, OH and obituary abstracts on both Benjamin and his wife. You would need to contact Ashland County for the complete obituaries.

For Daniel and Rachel Eberhart, I find them residing in Chester Twp, Wayne Co, OH in the 1880 US Census. I find no death record in Wayne or Ashland Counties on them. I looked through the Wayne Co, OH newspapers and did not find an obituary on either of them. They are buried in the Reedsburg Cemetery in Plain Twp, Wayne Co, OH.

Catherine Carey and Joseph Everhart were married on 25 April 1842 in Wayne Co, OH (vol. 4B p. 4). I am not sure where they are in the 1850 US Census. In the 1860 US census, they are residing in Milton Twp, Wayne Co, OH. Both were born in France and there appear to be two children with them: John Philips Eberhart, age 17 years, and Catherine Eberhart, age 16 years. Both were born in Ohio. Catherine, the daughter, married John Whitman on 4 September 1860 in Wayne Co, OH (vol. 6 p. 104). Catherine died on 22 Jan 1921 at the age of 77 years. Her husband, John, died in 1925. Both are buried in St. Peters & Pauls Catholic Cemetery. You may want to contact the church and see if they are willing to search any of their records for you.

Sts Peter & Paul Rectory 161 W Clinton St Doylestown, OH 44230

Joseph and Catherine sold their land to John and Catherine Eberhart Whitman in 1874. I believe John Philips Eberhart may have been deceased by them but I cannot verify this information. He seems to disappear.

Joseph Eberhart emigrated to the U.S. from France in 1840. He applied for a declaration on intent during the September Term of 1850 and became a naturalized citizen in November 1852. There is a Valentine Carry who became a naturalized citizen in February 1847. He emigrated from France to the U.S. in 1840. In September 1852, there is an Augustus Carry, native of France, becoming naturalized. I wonder if Valentine and Augustus Carey are related to Catherine Carey who married Joseph Eberhart. I did not pursue any research on the Carry/Carey line.

Catherine Eberhart died on December 28, 1877 in Milton Twp, Wayne Co, OH. Her death record indicates she was born in Belfast, France. (The burial date in the burial records has been recorded incorrectly.) There are no dates for Joseph Eberhart given. I believe he died between 1878 and 1880. He is still living at the time of Catherine’s death but I do not find him in the 1880 US Census. There is no death record for Joseph and no Probate Court record. Without a death date, it would be too time consuming to go through 3 years of newspapers to try to find a mention of Joseph’s death. Joseph and Catherine are buried in the St. Peters & Pauls Catholic Cemetery in Chippewa Twp, Wayne Co, OH.

I hope this information helps in your research. I am including an invoice with this letter. If you would like copies of any of the other information found on the family, please let me know.