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  • Dr. William S. Battles
  • 1827
  • Shreve, Ohio
  • 9 August 1895
  • Shreve, Ohio
  • Physician ()
  • Thomas S. Battles (b.1803–d.1900)
  • Ann Elright (b.1815–d.1896)
  • Barbara Battles (b.1850–d.1872)
  • Susan Battles (b.1846–d.1929)
  • Neland Battles (b.1846)
  • Johnson G. Battles (b.1829–d.1909)
  • Hannah Battles ()
  • Thomas Battles Jr. (b.1833–d.1894)
  • Anna Battles (b.1857–d.1951)
  • Melancthen/Ella M. Battles (b.1853–d.1936)
  • Mahala Kiester (b.1832–d.1892)
  • Catherine/Kate (Battles) Brown (b.1859–d.1945)
  • Emma (Battles) Slaybaugh (b.1866–d.1951)

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Biographical Sketches

Born in 1827, Dr. William S. Battles was the son of Thomas S. and Anne Battles, a prominent abolitionist family in Shreve, Ohio. Dr. Battles played a huge role in continuing the Battles family's participation in the Wayne County Underground Railroad operations. He aided his father, Thomas S. Battles in transporting the fugitives. He also provided medical treatment for fugitives in the local area.


Dr. Battles received his degree from Columbus Medical College as a Physician, specializing in Allopathy. Battles grew up helping his father with the Underground Railroad operations, and later stayed in Shreve to possibly continue conducting while his father Thomas S. Battles moved to Illinois.


An article written by Dr. Battles himself was published in the Wooster Republican in 1886.[1] He recollected a particular fugitive experience in 1845, when he and his father helped transport a fugitive family to the next station. It was an unexpected visit from the family, and with Charity Bell's farm being unavailable at that time, they very quickly had to find them shelter at another abolitionist's house and transport them when it was the right time. Dr. Battles mentions in the article that they spotted the slavecatchers in Wooster who were inquiring about the family, offering 800 dollars as a prize. They had no clue the family was hiding under the hay of a wagon Dr. Battles was driving. He ends the article with a warm sentiment that even the 80 times amount of 800 dollars would not have led them to give up those people to the animosity of slavery. Both his daughters, Kate Battles Brown and Emma Battles Slaybaugh, also have recollected memories of their father and grandfather's work which were published in Daily Record articles. There are also records of him serving in the Civil War as a doctor.[2]


  • Parents
    • Thomas S. Battles (Jan 19th, 1803- Oct 24th, 1900)
    • Ann Elright (May 20th, 1815- Aug 27th, 1896)
  • Siblings
    • Anna Battles (1857-1951)
    • Barbara Battles (1850 - April 17th, 1872)
    • Hannah Battles
    • Johnson Battles (April 1829 - 1909)
    • Melancthen/Ella M. Battles (Dec 25th, 1853 - May 24th, 1936)
    • Neland Battles (1846 - ?)
    • Susan Battles (Jan 25th, 1846 - Feb 6th, 1929)
    • Thomas Battles Jr. (1833-1894)
  • Spouse: Mahala Kiester (1832- Mar 17th, 1892)
  • Children
    • Emma Battles Slaybaugh (Oct 15th, 1866- Feb 6th, 1951)
    • Catherine/Kate Battles Brown (1859- Jun 23rd, 1945)

Vital Records


1827- Pennsylvania (possibly?)


Mahala Kiester (Nov 20th, 1855)[3]


Aug 9th, 1895- Wooster, OH[4]


Shreve Cemetery

Census Records

  • 1850 US census for Clinton, Wayne County, Ohio[5]
    • Thomas S. Battles, 48, PA, Farmer
    • Johnson Battles, 21, PA, Farmer
    • Thomas Battles, 19, PA, Farmer
    • Anne Battles, 34, PA
    • Susan Battles, 4, PA
    • Melancthen Battles, 4, PA
    • Barbary Battles, 2, PA
    • William S. Battles, 23, PA, Physician
    • Ellen Stewart, 25, PA
  • 1870 US census for Shreve, Wayne County, Ohio[6]
    • W. S. Battles, 47, PA, Physician
    • Mahala Battles, 38, PA
    • Catherine Battles, 11, OH, in school
    • Emma Battles, 3, OH
    • Harry Whitney, 22, OH
  • 1880 US census for Shreve, Wayne County, Ohio[7]
    • William Battles, 53, PA, Physician
    • Mahala Battles, 48, PA
    • Kate Battles, 21, OH
    • Emma Battles, 13, OH, in school

Places of Residence

Shreve, Ohio

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US Civil War[8]


Physician & Surgeon

Community Involvement


Educational Services

  • Columbus Medical College

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