Day (surname)

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Day (surname)
  Tiffin, Ohio (Ezra F. Day), Wayne County, Ohio (Joseph, Mary Ann, Amanda, Martha P., Eliza C., Stephen F. Day, Jr.
Notable members Stephen F. Sr., Stephen F. Jr., Stephen F., Ezra F., Joseph, Mary Ann, Amanda, Martha P., Eliza C., Emily, Charles H., David, Marintha Jane, Emanuel, Rosetta, Rosanna, Willis, and Effie Day
Name origin and meaning English, "day" or, alternatively, derived from "David"

Name Meaning & Origin

Biographical sketch

  • I was able to find some information on Stephen F. Day born on 4 September 1798 and the Stephen F. Day born on 2 November 1849. These individuals were father and son respectively. I am not sure of the connection with Stephen F. Day born 28 February 1826. The Wood County, Ohio|Wood County, OH]] History book indicates that Ezra F. Day, son of Stephen F. and Elizabeth {{Surname|Strause Day, was the grandson of Stephen F. Day, physician of Wooster, OH. I cannot find any evidence of this relationship in the little research I have completed.

Occupations of

  • Stephen F. Day, physician of Wooster, OH was married to Eliza L. Straughan of Columbiana County, OH. Stephen and Eliza resided in Wayne County, OH until their deaths. They had 6 children: Joseph born 1833; Mary Ann born 1837; Amanda born 1839; Martha P. born 1846; Stephen F. born 1849; and Eliza C. born 1851. Their son Stephen F. Day was a resident of Wayne Co, OH for most of his life.

Vital records


  • Stephen F. Day (1826-1909) was a resident of Wood Co, OH by 1842 when he was about 15 years of age. He resided for most of his adult life in Northwestern Ohio. He married Mary A. Philipps in Sandusky County, OH. This union brought forth 10 children:
    • Emily Day born 1851 married to Martin Shively
    • Ezra F. Day born 1853 married Charlotte Riley 17 Jan 1878 in Tiffin, Ohio
    • Charles H. Day born 1855
    • David Day born 1857
    • Marintha (sp?) Jane Day born 1859 married Edwin Ballinger
    • Emanuel Day born 1861
    • Rosanna Day born 1864 married Charles H. Williams
    • Rosetta Day born 1864 (twin to Rosanna) married Wiliam Bovie
    • Willis Day born 1866
    • Effie Day born 1871 married Eli Hollenbaugh




  • Stephen F. Day (1849-1912) was married twice. The first time he was married to Kate Catherine Schmuch|Schmuck. Catherine died on 29 September 1887 and Stephen F. Day married Fanny Martha Griswold sometime around 1896 or 1897. Stephen F. Day had no children by either wife.