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Mining in Wayne County, Ohio

Coal mining is only one type of mining industry found in Wayne County, Ohio. Other mining industries include:

Coal Mines

Baughman Township

  • Burton bank, located on the land of J.P. Burton and operated by Jerome B. Zerby
  • Shaft of Jacob E. Wenger, SE 1/4 of Section 28
  • John Spindler mine, located on the south part of the NW 1/4 of Section 27 and operated by John Spindler and C. Keffer
  • Todd mine (aka Becker coal mine)
  • Neiswanger coal mine
  • Carroll mine
  • McElhenie & Stuck

Chippewa Township, Wayne County, Ohio

East Union Township

  • all sections but section 6, section 7, NW section 5, section 18, SW section 17, N 2/3 section 19, W 1/2 of section 20

Franklin Township

  • William Harrison
  • Stephen Harrison coal mine
  • James Finley coal mine
  • Charles Story coal mine

Milton Township

  • Sections 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12

Paint Township

  • Charles Brown mine
  • Hunsinger coal bank
  • George Mathiot's mine
  • Dr. Roth coal bank
  • Peter Graber mine
  • Flory coal mine
  • Mt. Eaton coal mine

Salt Creek Township

  • Finley mine, located on Mrs. Delano Jeffries farm
  • Daniel Ream mine
  • E. Stutz coal mine
  • Adam Henning mine

Sugar Creek Township

  • Gochenour farm
  • Peter Buchanan farm
  • R. C. Bashford farm
  • David Rudy farm
  • Horst farm
  • John Heigerly farm

Township unknown


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