Besancon Barn

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Besancon Barn
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General information
Type Barn
Address 887 W. Main Street
Town or city Smithville, OH
Country USA
Current tenants Jump n SHOUT!
Construction started 1820s
Relocated 2003
Owner Neil and Natasha Wood
Technical details
Structural system Timber framed

Also Known As Building Name

Comprehensive History

Originally constructed in the 1820s, this timber-framed barn was built as part of a farm on Geyers Chapel Road. In the 1930s, Francis Besancon purchased the farm, and over the years milk and straw sheds were added. Richard Besancon owned the farm after his father's death, but by the early 2000s the growth of the nearby industrial area meant that the barn needed to be removed from the former family farm. It was purchased in 2003 by Don Dravenstott, owner of The Barn Restaurant, and after planning and repairs, the barn was reassembled near Toyrifix, along State Route 585, and an addition was created for a furniture assembly area. Minor architectural changes were made when the Woods took over the ownership of the building, but the barn retains most of its original timbers and charm.

According to a Daily Record article published at the time of the barn's move[1], local timber-framer Rudy Christian estimated the barn to be built in the mid-1820s, based on the type of framing used -- "more European in style than later Americanized structures." Christian also noted that the cut marks on the frame appeared to have been made using a water-powered mill, something that was used rarely after the mid-1800s.


  • 1820s: Barn constructed on Geyers Chapel Road
  • 2003: Barn sold to Don Dravenstott, relocated to near The Barn Restaurant
  • 2016: New owners Neil and Natasha Wood open Jump n SHOUT!


  • 2016-date: Neil and Natasha Wood
  • 2003-2016: Don Dravenstott
  • ???-2003: Richard Besancon
  • 1930s-???: Francis Besancon (father of Richard)

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