Young House

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Young House
Alternative names Wendell Young House, Wendell and Ed Young House
General information
Address NE Corner of N. Bever St. and E. Larwill St.
Town or city Wooster, OH
Country USA
Construction started ca.1865
Demolished 1968-69

Also Known As Building Name

  • Wendell Young House
  • Wendell and Ed Young House

Comprehensive History

In 1864, Wendell Young (of brewery fame) bought the property at the northeast corner of N. Bever Street and E. Larwill Street from Fredrick and Margaret Schuch. In 1899, the house and property were sold to the surviving Young children -- Ed, Anna, Amelia, and Kate -- by their sister Rosa (Young) Shibley and her husband William. In 1949, Tom and Maude Bryner bought the home, and they in turn sold it in 1957 to Edward and Arline Myers. During the 1950s, the house was extensively remodeled into a duplex. The house was then bought in 1966 by the Cliff Bushnells, and in 1968 it was purchased by W. P. Shank for the purpose of the house's demolition and the construction of a modern apartment building[1].


  • 1864: Property acquired by Wendell Young
  • 1864-65?: House built
  • 1899: House sold by Wendell's daughter Rosa and her husband William Shibley to Wendell's other surviving children (Ed, Anna, Amelia, Kate)
  • 1949: House bought by Tom and Maude Bryner
  • 1957: House bought by Edward and Arline Myers
  • 1966: House bought by Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Bushnell
  • 1968: House bought by W. P. Shank
  • 1968-69: House demolished


  • Wendell Young
  • Rosa and William Shibley
  • Ed, Anna, Amelia, and Kate Young
  • Tom and Maude Bryner
  • Edward and Arline Myers
  • Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Bushnell
  • W. P. Shank


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Wayne County Recorder Property Transfers


  1. "Historical Residence Will Come Down; Another Landmark Falls," by Guy Richard, Daily Record, 17 October 1968, p.32