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Extraction Land Deed 1[edit | edit source]

Wayne County, Ohio Land Deeds volume 3 pages 551-552
Land deed between Joseph H. Larwill and his wife Nancy Q. Larwill and the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Society,
formerly known as the Church of the Tabernacle.
The date of the transaction is 18 March 1825 and the land is located on lot 25 in the Town of Wooster.

The trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church include:

Received for records on 22 March 1825 and recorded on 25 March 1825.

Signed by Francis H. Foltz, Justice of Peace
S. Cox, Recorder

Transcription Land Deed 1[edit | edit source]

Larwill to Methodist Society v3 p551.png

Transcribed from Wayne County, Ohio Land Deeds volume 3 pages 551-552
by Deborah Kitko, MLS, PLCGS on 18 September 2015.

Page 551

  1. Joseph H. Larwill} This indenture made this eigh
  2. to } teenth day of March in the
  3. Methodist Society } year of our Lord one thousand
  4. eight hundred and twenty five by and between Joseph
  5. H. Larwill and Nancy Q Larwill his wife of the Town
  6. of Wooster Wayne County & State of Ohio of the one
  7. party and William Barns James Armstrong James Ed
  8. gar Stephen Cliff and Nicholas Singley trustees
  9. of the Methodist Episcopal Society in the Town of
  10. Wooster aforesaid known and distinguised by
  11. the names of the “Church of Tabernacle” and their
  12. successors in Office of the other part Witnesseth
  13. That the said Joseph H. Larwill and Nancy his wife
  14. do by these presents donate assign confess and
  15. make over unto the aforementioned trustees and
  16. their Sucessors in Office for the sole use and benefit
  17. of the said religious society forever the following
  18. described lot or parcel of lands with its privaled
  19. ges and appurtenances to wit In lot numbered
  20. twenty five in the Town of Wooster aforesaid
  21. To have and to hold the said lot numbered twenty
  22. five unto them the said trustees and their succes
  23. sors in Office forever for the use and benefit of
  24. said Society called and known by the name of the
  25. church of the Tabernacle to be by them used for the purs
  26. pose of erecting and building thereon a house of
  27. houses of Public Worship and when so erected to be
  28. by them used and occupied as such as they may
  29. think proper but the said trustees nor any person
  30. or persons claiming title to the said lot no. 25 in
  31. through or under them by virtue of this Indenture
  32. and not to use or occupy the said lot or any part there
  33. of as a public or private burial grounds for the inter
  34. ment of deceased persons or for any other purpose

Page 552

  1. or purposes than above set forth under the penalty of
  2. forfeiting all claims right title or interest in and
  3. to the said lot or any part thereof. And the said
  4. Joseph H. Larwill and Nancy his wife do warrant
  5. and defend the title to the aforesaid lot number
  6. twenty five unto them the said Trustees and their
  7. successors in Office for the use andd purposes herin
  8. before mentioned and none other forever against
  9. whereof they the grantor aforesaid have been un
  10. to signed their names and affixed their seal the
  11. date first above mentioned. Signed sealed &
  12. us. Wm Larwill Joseph H. Larwill
  13. John Smith Nancy Q. Larwill
  14. State of Ohio} On the 18th day of March AD 1825 per
  15. Wayne County} the above named Joseph H. Larwill who ack
  16. nowledged the above instrument of conveyance to
  17. be his voluntary act and deeds for the purposes
  18. therein as pressed. Also on the same day personally
  19. same Nancy Q. Larwill wife of said Joseph and
  20. being by me examined separate and apart from
  21. her said husband and she at the same time being
  22. fully acquainted with the contents of the above
  23. deeds of conveyance acknowledged that she exe
  24. cuted the same of her own free will & consent with
  25. out any coercion or compulsion from her said
  26. husband and that she now in the same manner
  27. ackowledges the same. Given under my hand
  28. & seal the date above. Francis H. Foltz Justice of the Peace
  29. Received for records March 22d & recorded March
  30. 25th 1825 S. Cox, Recorder

Other Land Deeds[edit | edit source]