Wooster Steam Laundry

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Wooster Steam Laundry
Type Dry Cleaning & Laundry Agents
Industry Other Services
Fate Dissolved
Founder(s) Solon S. Hawkins & others; Harry H. Strow; later Ray Pinkerton
Headquarters Wooster, Ohio, United States
Number of locations 7 locations: 21-24 N. Bever St., Wooster, Ohio; Fredericksburg, Ohio; Shreve, Ohio; Reedsburg, Ohio; Holmesville, Ohio; Lodi, Ohio; Sullivan, Ohio
Area served Wayne County, Ohio
Key people Solon S. Hawkins owner; Harry H. Strow owner; Ray Pinkerton ) Owner; Elliott and Mann Bros. Owners
Services Oldest Steam Laundry in Wayne County. Collars and Cuffs a Specialty.


City Directories

  • * 1894-1895 - Wooster Business Directory - ad. [1]

Comprehensive History


Historical documents

  • 1892 - Wooster Steam Laundry [2]
    • As the scribe wandered through Beaver street in quest of industrial institutions, he found his way to the well appointed and thoroughly equipped Steam Laundry of Messrs. S. S. Hawkins & Co. As the hour was not a busy one, the genial proprietor, Mr. S. S. Hawkins, took pleasure in showing our representative through his palatial modern Laundry, explaining the use and merits of various machines, among which well worthy of note is the large brass cylinder washer, the Troy collar and cuff ironer, also a new machine known as the Troy shirt ironer and polisher. As a motive power there is a 6-horse power engine requiring the steam generating capacity of a 10-horse boiler. The packing or bundle tables are fitted with cylinder paper rolls and cutters. In the front of the building occupied by this Laundry is a well arranged office, at which many packages are received and delivered by the cashier. Mr. Hawkins also keeps a horse and wagon constantly engaged in collecting and delivering bundles of laundry work to all parts of the cityu. The scribe being inquisitive as from whence came all the work to justify this outlay of capital and this business method, he put the question. Mr. Hawkins' answer was, from professional, business and laboring, and in fact from people of every vocation and calling in life. Formerly only business and professional people patronized the laundry, but as the superiority of the work becomes known patronage increases, in fact you would be surprised at the number of family washings we do. And the pencil pusher could only mutter, year, verily, this is a progressive age, and ere many moons the old wash boiler, tub and flat iron will be numbered with the relics of the past.
  • 1901 - Wooster High School annual [3]



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