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  • Wooster Shale Brick Company
  • Mining
  • Shale, Bricks
  • 1892
  • 1971
Key Persons
Key Persons
  • [[Robert Critchfield, Miles Beeler, Lloyd Stevens, Emmit Dix, Manual Claporlas, Francis Template:Whitaker, Scot Gisinger (1946- )]], 1946 Owners
    • 0000 Mechanicsburg Rd., Wooster, 44691, Ohio, United States
    • 201 W. Liberty St., Wooster, 44691, Ohio, United States

"Did you ever stop to think just how important a business factor the Wooster Shale Brick Co. is? Look at the illustrations on the opposite page. Thousands and thousands of dollars are invested in this mammoth plant and it ranks with the biggest in the United States. The company manufactures the "Wooster Paver", a brick known in practically every municipality in this and adjoining states. This brick has done more to carry the name of Wooster through out this territory than all other products combined as it is seen wherever we walk or ride. No other article can possibly give and equal amount of publicity.[1]

For twenty-five years the Wooster Shale Brick Co. has been manufacturing the "Wooster Paver". There is no business in the world where competition is as keen and where such skill is required as in the manufacture of brick and to continue time and again with repeat orders, shows how popular and well made this brick is.

Their product has stood the test of the U.S. government they having, in every case, fully met the requirements. Severe as this test is, a better test is that they have been used right in this section for over two decades and today those who commend them most are those who used them most.

There is a difference in the brick that is made by the Wooster Shale Brick company, as it has stood the test. It stands today as it has through the years, the highest perfection in brick, for paving and building. They combine durability, and attractiveness.

The Wooster Shale Brick company has now at its plant a stock of the very best brick they have ever produced. They consist of No. 1 paving brick for streets and roads and No. 2 for houses and for barn foundations, and contractors and home builders will consult their own interests and serve them best by corresponding with this company before engaging material.

They are at all times pleased to answer all questions and give any information at their command which will be of benefit to prospective buildings of houses, barns or roads.

Address all communications to Wooster Shale Brick company, Wooster, Ohio." [2]

The Best of Shale Brick

  • The Best of Shale Brick. [3]

Samples of What Wooster Will Do-- The Works Will Be Ready Soon.

The affairs of the Wooster Shale Brick and Clay Co. are assuming shape rapidly. City Engineer Kirkwood was engaged today in staking of the grounds for the buildings and kilns. The contract for the machinery is to be let next Tuesday and as all of the firms who have proposition's have the machinery on hand there will be but little delay in getting the business in operation, when the work is started which will be in a few days at the farthest.

That the clay found on the Myers farm will vitrify and answer all purposes has been fully demonstrated. A number of very fine paving brick made from the clay were received yesterday. The clay was sent to Bucyrus where the brick were molded, but as the works there were not in full operation, the brick were sent to Canton and burnt by the Canton Shale Brick Co. The brick are very hard and unusually heavy, and pronounced by experts to be fully as good as any of the sample bricks every shown in the city, many claiming a very marked superiority. Wooster shale will soon be the lead for quality.

Quick Facts

  • 1892 - Wooster Shale Brick Company incorporated under the laws of Ohio.
  • 1907 - Company was sold to W. R. Barnhart[4]
  • 1916 - The Shale Brick & Tile Company of Malvern, Ohio, purchased the Wooster company.
  • 1946 - Sold the company to Robert Critchfield, Miles Beeler, Lloyd Stevens, Emmit Dix, Manual Claporlas, Francis Template:Whitaker, Scot Gisinger.
  • 1963 - March 6, the name was changed to Medal Brick, Incorporated and formed with E. C. Myers as President.
  • 1971 - June, Announced the closing of the company, because they could not meet anti-pollution-control measures due to flying ash and smoke. After this date they began demolition of the physical plant.

Business Letterheads


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