Wooster Republican, Business Abstracts 1880

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Wooster Republican Jan. 1, 1880

JH Carr, corner room over the hardware store west of the courthouse.
Aquila Wiley, east side of N Market Street, three doors south of North Street.
JR Woodsworth, office E Liberty Street, in Childs building, opposite the post office.
John R McKinney, office over Lucas and Weiler Shoe Store, SW side of square.
Orr and Reider, SW side, tow doors south of WC National Bank, upstairs.
Downing and Yocum, SW corner of square, in the Quimby building.
Isaac Johnson, office SE corner of square.
McSweeney and Parsons, office in Keefer Iron block, upstairs.
B, SB and BF Eason, office upstairs in Zimmerman Exchange block, W Liberty Street.
McClure and Smyser, #6ME, upstairs.
Alfred J Thomas, office 1st door south of the WC National Bank, SW side of square.
Frank Taggart, office over the National Bank of Wooster, with LJ Barker, W Liberty Street.
ES Dowell, office 2nd floor over TS Johnson bank, SW side of the square.
Q Jeffries office, SW side of square, upstairs, formerly occupied by John P Jeffries.
MB McClure, NE side of square, opposite county building.
Hiram B Swartz, mayor’s office, SE side of square.
SR Bonewitz, office over JH Taylor grocery store, W Liberty Street.

AH Horn.
J Dazelle Alexander, SE side of square.
T Teeple, Cincinnati Art Gallery, NE side of square.
J Zimmerman and Co., drugstore, W Liberty Street.
City dry goods store of Roller and Wilson, W Liberty Street.
EB Childs, sale of boots and shoes, selling stock of William Childs decd.
William Shibley, watches and jewelry, corner of E Liberty and Buckeye Streets.
Harding and Co. hardware, one door west of the courthouse.
JJ Geitgey, furniture store, E Liberty Street, Curry’s old stand.
Light running domestic sewing machine, J Hoffman and Son, office SW corner of square.
Barrett and Ogden.
Lake Grocery and Bakery, W Liberty and Walnut Streets.
DQ Liggett.
Co-partnership of Frederick H Harding has an interest in our business firm this date, Harding and Co., WH and WA Harding Jr. Frederick H Harding, one door west of the courthouse.
Pierson and King, west corner room of the American Hotel.
Kuhn Bros., London Tea House, 31 S Market Street.
Lumber yard of Hartman and Durstine, corner of Larwill and Bever Streets.
Wooster Business College, 1870, SB Walters, Box 405 Wooster.
DW Matz and Co. Hardware, #2ME.
JS Bissell and Son, #1ME dry goods.
Rice Book Bindery, blank book and stationary in the Downing block, 1st floor, NE side of square.
Clark Bros. dry goods, Acadome building, E Liberty Street.
Hoelzel and Kaltwasser; Perry J Power; John Simon.
E Chatelain, gold and silver watches, clocks and jewelry.
Saybolt Plumbers, dealers in iron pipe, W Liberty Street.

Wooster Republican Jan. 8, 1880

Report of WCNB as of Dec. 12, 1879, 255529.63 in assets and same in liabilities, E Quimby Jr. cashier.
Wooster Business College, established 1870.
SB Walters, box 405, Wooster.
Emporium block Hardware Store, DW Matz and Co., #2ME.
Wholesale and retail dealer in organs and pianos.
JH Thomas in Teeple Photography Gallery, NE side of square.
Co-partnership of WA Harding, WA Harding Jr. and FH Harding.
Wooster Agricultural Works 1880 overhauled and renovated our machinery, now prepared to repair machines and all kinds of engines.
Mrs. CW Horn has hard and soft coal at her coal yards, 2nd door east of the Eastern House, E Liberty Street.
Parry J Power, SE corner of square for suits, hats and caps.
Dr. HM Shaffer, formerly an old resident of Wooster, has returned and purchased the John Leies property on South Street, near Wooster Engine House #3 and has once again resumed the practice of medicine. George Schlagle has moved his notion store and now occupies the store room in west side of Downing block. He has a stock of goods newly arranged in room and presents a gay appearance.
Mr. James Johnson, one of the oldest citizens, will occupy the rooms vacated by Isaac Johnson, SE corner of square and will act as notary public and draw up writings of all descriptions.
Pierson and King, west corner room of the American Hotel.
JJ Geitgey, E Liberty Street, furniture store at the old James Curry furniture and undertaking.

Wooster Republican Jan. 15, 1880

Josh Nachtrieb has quit his hat business and on Monday took up abode as clerk of new hotel where it makes comfortable feel at home for he is everyone’s friend.
Mr. Connelly could not have found a better man for the place, corner of Liberty and S Buckeye Streets.
Stoner announces a great closing out sale of sewing machines at his store on S Market Street.
WW Hanna arranged for season of 1880 as the best platform spring wagons shop on N Bever Street.
Winter, connected with jewelry at Brauneck corner. Singer sewing machine for sale as Mr. Winter is manager.
John H Thomas, dealer in pianos and organs at T Teeples Gallery, NE side of square.
Will Beresford, tailor and draper, has moved to his new rooms in Connelly’s new hotel block, E Liberty Street.

Wooster Republican Jan. 22, 1880

Gents furnishing goods at half rate.
AM Glick has a splendid line of ladies clothes at Golden corner. Cash clothing Store, SW side of the public square, opposite the court house, old D Robison clothing store (Purdy and Quimby before moved down on E Liberty Street.)
Headquarters for all kinds of brushes at Wooster Brush Works, #35 S Market Street, Foss and Bros..
Mr. Fred Mullins admitted he last summer entered into a partnership with John K McBride law firm known as McBride and Mullins.
Little drug store around the corner, SE side of square, Laubach and Beavard.

Wooster Republican Jan. 29, 1880

Will Beresford, Archer House, E Liberty Street, corner of Liberty and South Buckeye Streets. Archer House is run by Jonas Nachtrieb, who quit his hat business and took over the hotel.
Last week Mr. PJ Power made an assignment of his property to Mr. TE Peckinpaugh for the benefit of his creditors.
Mr. George Power has purchased the clothing store of PJ Power.

Wooster Republican Feb. 12, 1880

Philip S VanHouten has been appointed cashier of WC National Bank to fill vacancy by death of Ephraim Quimby Jr.

Wooster Republican Feb. 19, 1880

Mr. RS Newkirk, firm of Newkirk and Liggett has sold his interest to Mr. Jas Green with the new firm to be known as Green and Liggett.
Jonas Nachtrieb has resigned his position as clerk of Archer House. He will travel to Colorado, after which he will act as traveling salesman for New York hat office.

Wooster Republican Feb. 26, 1880

George L Myers is again on duty at his boot and shoe store, #50 S Market Street.

Wooster Republican March 4, 1880

Attorneys same.
T Teeple Cincinnati Art Gallery, #120 NE side of square.
Isaac Barnett, Oliver Foss and William Eunger under name of Isaac, Barnett and Co., started brush manufactory in rooms above HJ Kauffman’s tobacco and cigar store.
Capt. Shultz, trade in Downing block for collars.
Report of WCNB as of Feb. 21, 1879 had 228279.90 in assets and same in liabilities., PS VanHouten cashier.
New Wooster Vibrator is now being built at Wooster Agricultural Works, old McDonald and Co., John H Kauke manager.
London Tea House, Kuhn Brothers, 31 S Market Street, will move April 1st to Powers Red corner Clothing Store, opposite Bissell’s brown corner.
Rice Book Bindery, blank books and paper in Downing block, NE corner of square.
Mrs. CW Horn, dealer in hard and soft coal, two doors west of the Eastern House, E Liberty Street.
JH Reid, blanket robes and harness.
Wisner and Muschenick, gents furnishings and shoes.
Machines of all kinds and makes at music and sewing machine store of John H Thomas in T Teeple’s Photography Gallery, NE corner of square, first floor.
Clark Brothers for dry goods in Acadome building, E Liberty Street.

Wooster Republican March 11, 1880

House painting, sign painting. Leave orders at Philip Hess on N Bever Street, north of Snow Flake Mills. Philip Hess and Freeman Bowers.
Sale next 30 days of house furnishing goods and stoves at cost. Closing out sale for purpose of going west. Call at old stand of Howard and Co. to get bargains.
Queens ware and glassware at Cunningham and Bro. on W Liberty Street.
As of April 1st, fast approaching annual moving will soon be at hand. This spring there will be some important business changes. John Simon, merchant tailor, will move March 1st to Teeple’s room on NE corner of square. Powers Clothing Store will be moved to room now occupied by John Simon, and April 1st, Kunh Brothers will move their grocery Red Corner Clothing Store vacated by Power.
Leave orders for George Lundy coach and express line at Archer House, where he keeps his slate.
Col. CC Townley celebrated landlord who presided over American House three years, is about to leave Wooster to take charge of Fairmont court in Cleveland.
A walk through store of David Nice will convince you he is bound to keep up the reputation of old Nachtrieb stand. He will not be outdone in this line of hats and caps. David Nice, E Liberty Street, opposite the American Hotel, old store of Jonas Nachtrieb.

Wooster Republican March 18, 1880

New wallpaper for sale at FD Belnap, E Liberty Street, near the Archer House, three doors east of American Hotel.
Granite Works. As soon as the building which is now in progress on E Liberty Street next to Curry and Cameron Lumber Works is complete, it will be about April 1st, they will design anything in their line. Call on William Robertson at residence on Bowman Street, between Buckeye and Bever Streets or at office of Curry and Cameron, E Liberty Street. Owners Alcock, Donald and Robertson under name of Wooster Granite Works.
Fire originating at a stable of Christopher Holler on N Buckeye Street, came close to being conflagration of neighborhood on last Monday evening at 7 pm.
New firm of brush manufactory of Isaac Barnett, Oliver Foss and William Unger under name of Barnett and Co. business on large scale, is in rooms on S Market Street, directly opposite the Banker Carriage Works.
Roast pig and turkey was served up at L Young and Sons Restaurant on S Market Street.
Dr. William H Corwin, son of late Hon. Tom Corwin, died of paralysis at residence of George R Sege in Lebanon.
Bob Shibley has delivery wagon on our streets. Headquarters on public square. Leave orders at the Central Hotel and at Barrett and Ogden Clothing Store.

Wooster Republican March 25, 1880

Harsh and Co., manufactory of umbrellas and parasols, covering and repairing, opposite Zimmerman Store, W Liberty Street, sign of the umbrella.
Wooster Picture Frame Depot, DY Landis, prepared with his new line of molding and newest style of machines to manufacture picture frames.
Factory on Beall Ave. near the depot, opposite Curry Lumber Yard.

Wooster Republican April 1, 1880

Headquarters for sale of brushes, wholesale and retail. Wooster Brush Works, 35 S Market Street.
WA Underwood, new whip factory. The following is an excellent cut of WA Underwood whip factory, corner of South and Buckeye Streets, formerly the Marble Works building. He moves this week into the new building where he takes advantage of increased facilities for manufacture of whips of all kinds.
AH Hunt MD, office over Shibley and Brothers Jewelry Store, SE corner of square, residence on N Buckeye Street, formerly owned by Jerry Fox.
The partnership between McClarran and Caskey and E Funk, doing business under name of E Funk and Co. on E Liberty Street, is dissolved by mutual consent.
Mr. E Funk will continue business and has chareg to settle all accounts. Elmer Funk, John S Caskey and Harry McClarran. March 25, 1880 ad.
E Funk, E Liberty Street, grocery at Curry block, brick building.
Wooster Steam Granite and Marble Works, at old stand, corner of South and Buckeye Streets. Monument works of all kinds at Rhodes and Metzler, corner of South and Buckeye Streets.
Jeremiah Bosset of Salem, purchased Jep Emmons livery stable on N Buckeye Street on Tuesday, paying 2700.
Dr. JH Reynolds has left for the east to be absent for some time on account of illness of Mrs. Reynolds. While he is gone, matters have been left in the hands of George Liggett.
Jessie B Koch, having purchased JR Bowman livery stable, has moved the stock to larger barn in rear of the Childs property on W Liberty Street.
J Hoffman and Son, selling cheapest sewing machines. Call and see. Office SW corner of square.
Emporium Drug Store of Green and Liggett, #3ME.

Wooster Republican April 8, 1880

Dr. JE Barrett has moved his office a few doors east of Archer House, E Liberty Street.
The mayor’s office and council chambers have moved to new rooms over Gerlach and Kinkler Meat Market, S Market Street last Saturday in Germania Hall.
DY Landis, for picture frames on Beall Ave., opposite Curry Lumber Yard.
Rice Blank Book and Stationary House in Downing block, opposite county buildings.
John J Jackson has moved his stock of famming implements to rooms formerly occupied by Howard and Co. on W Liberty Street.
Dissolution of partnership of McClarran, Caskey and E Funk firm of E Funk and Co. grocery store. E Funk will continue the business on E Liberty Street.

Wooster Republican April 15, 1880

I have moved my carpet shop from South Street to E Liberty Street, 1st door east of Harrington Coal office, AD Seigenthaler.
Mrs. Fox has just returned from New York with millinary goods.
Best place to buy embroidery is at Fogleson.
Mrs. RH Pollock, having dissolved partnership with Mrs. Fox, has opened millinary room in Downing block with Miss McMillan as a trimmer of one of the best establishments of Cleveland, will be in charge of trimming department.

Wooster Republican April 29, 1880

JE Barrett MD, a few doors east of the Archer House, E Liberty Street.
CW McClure has made important improvements in front of his tin store on S Market Street.
Mr. Opprisch, manager of Golden Corner Clothing Store, has returned to active duty after several weeks absence by sickness.
Ira Droz, popular clerk in McClarran and Caskey grocery store, entered into bliss of married life to Mrs. Lizze Grossenbach.
WC National Bankhas changed hands last Friday. The capital stock 50000, together with marketable paper on hand and the bank building, was sold to Jacob Frick, JSR Overholt and Henry Rockey for 67500. They will take possession May 4th.
The Exchange Bank has been moved from the rooms in the American Hotel to room on SW side of public square in room formerly occupied by Bates Brothers, who have moved their office in with Revenue Collector on second floor of Zimmerman block building.

Wooster Republican May 6, 1880

JC St John has moved his insurance office to Downing block, NE side over Schleger Store. Also James B Power and Son are refitting the rooms on S Market Street, formerly occupied by Kuhn Bros., 31 S Market Street, for purpose of starting a grocery store.

Wooster Republican May 13, 1880

WC National Bank capital stock 50000, surplus funds 10000. President JSR Overholt, PS Van Houten cashier, JT Hartman teller. Stockholders are Edward M Quimby, Jacob Frick, Jacob G Hartman, PS Van Houten, JSR Overholt and John W Frick.
John Raeb, butcher, S Market Street, just below Central Hotel is selling first class meat.
French soup served by Louis Straub last Saturday, was delicious, S Market Street, Germania Hall block building.

Wooster Republican May 20, 1880

Bossert and Son are doing livery at Emmons old stand, N Buckeye Street.

Wooster Republican May 27, 1880

JB Power’s new grocery store, formerly occupied by Kuhn Brothers, 31 S Market Street. Mr. Fred Power is also behind the counter.

Wooster Republican June 3, 1880

Wooster Monumental Granite Works. We are prepared to do all kinds of work for cemetery purpose. Give us a call, Alcock, Donald and Robertson.
WS Hurst for lime, 34 E Liberty Street, opposite the Archer Hotel.
Roller and Wilson City Drug Store, W Liberty Street.
John G Jackson has moved his stock of farm implements to rooms formerly occupied by Howard and Co., W Liberty Street.
WC National Bank, capital stock 500000, surplus funds 10000, Jacob Frick president.
AM Glick, dry goods, Golden corner dry goods store, SW corner of square, old D Robison Golden corner store.
D Robison, SW side of square, OP Risch manager.
Rooms in American Hotel block on E Liberty Street occupied by the Exchange Bank have been fitted up for a fancy notion and ladies dress goods and gents furnishing store.

Wooster Republican June 10, 1880

AM Glick, Golden Corner Clothing Store of D Robison, SW side of square, OP Risch manager.
Rooms in American Hotel block on E Liberty Street occupied by the Exchange Bank have been fitted up for a fancy notion and ladies dress goods and gents furnishing room.

Wooster Republican June 24, 1880

John H Thomas. Organs, pianos and sewing machines for sale. Go to new music store, E Liberty Street, one door east of the Archer House.

Wooster Republican July 8, 1880

DQ Liggett Acadome Dry Goods Store, E Liberty Street.
Fruit cans, brass kettles for sale at CW McClure stove and tin store, 54 and 56 S Market Street.
Physicians, dentists and attorney same.
House, sign and carriage painting. Leave orders at Philip Hess paint shop on N Bever Street, north of Snow Flake Mills. Philip P Hess and Freeman Bowers.
WC National Bank of Wooster, Jacob Frick president, JSR Overholt VP, PS Vanhoten cashier.
Wooster Picture Frame Factory of DY Landis on Beall Ave. near depot, opposite oldCurry Lumber Yard.
Cooking stoves at AS Lehman, #3ME.
Carriages, buggies, platform wagons at John Wilhelm carriage shop, 94 E Liberty Street.
David Nice, former stand of Jonas Nachtrieb, hats and caps, E Liberty Street, opposite the American Hotel.

Wooster Republican July 15, 1880

Ladies and kids boots and shoes at WF Woods, #18 E Liberty Street.
Mr. JL Gray is building largest and constantly residence on his ground on S Bever Street this summer.

Wooster Republican July 22, 1880

D Nice has shop three doors east of the post office. Umbrellas at closing out prices.
Having severed my services with HS Childs, I take time to thank my many friends for their very liberal patronage and cheerfully recommend my friends to patronize Star Clothing Store, AC Boigegrain.

Wooster Republican July 28, 1880

Last call. We will close out balance of summer silks for 10 days at 40 cents a yard. AM Glick, Golden Corner Cash Clothing Store, SW side of square, OPF Risch manager.
JC Moore, office Keefers iron block, over Hardware store.
JW Baughman, office in courthouse, middle room on east side.
JR Woodsworth, office Childs building, E Liberty Street.
John K McBride and Frederick J Mullins, office Keefers iron block, upstairs.
Ezra D Shreve, surveyor, office in the county buildings.
National Bank of Wooster, capital and surplus 63000, directors John Zimmerman president, George P Emrich, M Welker, John Willman, Jacob Frick, James S Hallowell, David Thomas.
Wooster Picture Frame Manufactory, DY Landis.
Redinger, Stevens and Co., foundry and machine shop.
ED Fisher, manufacture of harness and saddles, 64 S Market Street, below Albright’s.
JB Power Clothing Store has moved to J Simon store, SW side of square, under Jeffries Law Office, four doors below WC National Bank.
John H Thomas, pianos, organs and sewing machines, on E Liberty Street, one door east of the Archer House.
JW Maurer, in Babb’s building, E Liberty Street, opposite Eastern House for tin ware and kettles.
Copper kettles for sale at CWD McClure’s Stove and tin store, 54 and 56 S Market Street.

Wooster Republican Aug. 4, 1880

George F Potter MD, office over Barrett and Ogden, E Liberty Street.
Hagerstown drill and Victor double hauler and clover for sale by JC Jackson, old Howard building, W Liberty Street.

Wooster Republican Aug. 11, 1880

George Faver’s Ice Cream Parlor, next to the post office, E Liberty Street.
The Boston Tea House, groceries, teas, tobaccos, JB Power, 31 S Market Street.
Death of Dr. JB Wescott of Wooster.

Wooster Republican Dec. 1, 1880

Green and Liggett Drug Store, two doors west of the post office, #4ME.