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  • Wooster Machine Co
  • Merchant Wholesalers - Durable Goods
  • Castings
  • 1909
  • Date unknown
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    • Wooster, Ohio, United States

New Factory for Wooster

  • New Factory for Wooster [1]

The Wooster Machine Co. has closed a deal for the purchase of Davis Clutch Co., of Cleveland, which through the efforts of the company and a bonus of $2,000 from the Wooster Board of Trade will be brought to this city. The purchase price was $5,000 besides the bonus.

This proposition has been under consideration for some weeks. The Machine Co., looked favorably upon it and brought the matter to the attention to the Board of Trade. The Board recently decided to give the bonus, and Tuesday evening the contract between the two companies was signed. The machinery is now being loaded in Cleveland and will reach Wooster some time next week.

The machinery will be installed in the plant of the Wooster Machine Co., on East Liberty street, and the bonus is given provided the company employs 15 men within a year and keeps this up for five years. The local company, stands behind the guarantee. The whole concern will go under the name of the local firm. Mr. Monk, of the Cleveland company will become superintendent of that branch of the local firm.

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