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Many decades prior to the establishment of the incorporation of the Wooster Library Association in 1857 and the establishment of the Wooster Public Library and Museum in 1897, a Library in Wooster existed as a Society. On 17 December 1811, "An Act to incorporate the Wooster Library Society" was passed following "The First Session of the Tenth General Assembly of the State of Ohio" held in Zanesville, Ohio on 2 December 1811. The following is an excerpt of the Act. [1]

An Act to incorporate the
Wooster Library Society
Sec. 1. Nathaniel Hamilton, Simeon
Deming, and William ford, shareholders, are made
a body corporate in law to be known by the name of
"the Wooster Library Society." May contract, sue and
be sued, plead, have a common seal, make bylaws, etc.
Sec. 2. To meet annually and elect officers.
Sec. 3. Bylaws are to be passed at the annual
meeting. Proviso as to notice of assessing taxes.
Sec. 4. Directors may call special meetings.
Sec. 5. Made capable of receiving donations, etc.
Sec. 6. Library is to be kept at Wooster.
Sec. 7. Act subject to alterations. December 17,
1811. pp. 5-7


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