Wooster Inn

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Wooster Inn
Type Restaurants (Fine dining)
Industry Accommodation & Food Services
Fate Active
Founded Wooster, Ohio (1959 (1959))
Founder(s) Ken Bogucki Proprietor & General Manager
Headquarters Wooster, Ohio, United States
Number of locations 801 E Wayne Ave, Wooster, Ohio
Key people Ken Bogucki (2003-2018) ; Chris Bogucki General Manager; Justin Bee; Joey Biello; Benjamin Walsh, Executive Chef; Beth Kessinger, Chef du Cusisine; . Sous Chefs Jerrod Weyer and Devin Holland
Services Fine dining, casual and catering.
Website www.thewoosterinn.com

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  • 1959 - Opened
  • 2003 - Ken Bogucki the Inn’s executive chef and general manager for six years prior to forming KMB Management Services in 2009
  • 2009 - The College of Wooster created a separately incorporated entity called, "Wooster Inn Management Co.", created in 2009 to be the owner of the Inn’s assets,” transferred to it by the College.
  • 2009 - July 1, Ken Bogucki formed KMB Management Service Corp. and took over managing The Wooster Inn. At least seven rooms were renovated.
  • 2018 - December 31, slated to be the closing date for KMB Management Service Corp. contract on Wooster Inn

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