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Current Contact Information
Address 3333 Burbank Rd
City, State, Zip Wooster, Ohio 44691
Phone Phone: (330) 263-5266
Contact Person Barry Saley
Contact Title Manager
Last updated 2020-03

Wooster Fire Department
Type Fire Departments
Industry Public Administration
Fate Active
Headquarters Wooster, Ohio, United States
Number of locations 510 N Market St, Wooster, Ohio
Key people
Website http://cityofwooster.com

Fires in Wooster, Ohio[edit | edit source]

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Comprehensive History[edit | edit source]

Historical Fire Departments[edit | edit source]

1859[edit | edit source]

  • Delaware Fire Co. No. 1: Engine House, east side Public Square, north of Liberty
    • John D. Miller, Foreman
  • Rescue Fire Co. No. 2: Engine House, east side Public Square, south of Liberty
    • E. W. Botsford, Foreman
  • Wooster Fire Co. No. 3: Engine House, north side South Street, between Market Street and Buckeye Street

Wooster Fire Company No. 1[edit | edit source]

  • Wooster Fire Company Organized 1827
  • This volunteer fire company consisted of two engineers, two ace men, six ladder men and two pike men. Also at this time a reservoir was sunk at the northeast corner of the public square to be used as a water supply for fire suppression. In the years that followed, additional volunteer fire companies were organized and numerous reservoirs and cisterns were placed throughout the town. Until 1868, the different fire apparatus consisted either of hand-drawn or horse-drawn hand pump fire engines, hose reels and ladder trucks.

Deluge Fire Company No. 3[edit | edit source]

  • Deluge Fire Company Organized in 1868 with the assistance of the Town of Wooster, Ohio
  • Purchased a Silsby fire steamer

Relief Company No. 1[edit | edit source]

  • Relief Fire Company Organized
  • In 1896, Purchased a Allerton fire steamer which was horse-drawn, replaced the old hand pump fire engines

Rescue No. 2[edit | edit source]

Relief Fire Company No. 4 was organized in 1839 but was then called the Rescue No. 2

No. 4[edit | edit source]

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Timeline[edit | edit source]

    • Credit for majority of information comes from the Wooster Fire Department website where information was gathered by: Douglas C. Myers, Records Specialist, Retired, Wooster Division of Fire [1]
  • 1837 - Established Wooster Fire Company No. 1
  • 1868 - Until this year, the fire apparatus consisted either of hand-drawn or horse-drawn hand pump fire engines, hose reels and ladder trucks
  • 1868 - Deluge Fire Company No. 3 established with the assistance of the Town of Wooster, purchased a Silsby fire steamer
  • 1896 - The Relief Fire Company No. 4 purchased an Allerton fire steamer. These fire steamers, which were horse-drawn, replaced the old hand pump fire engines.
  • 1870s - various independent fire companies formed an association creating the Wooster Fire Department and the position of fire chief to supervise fire suppression activities; the first of all twenty seven fire chiefs was James Curry. Each volunteer fire company still had its own captain in charge of the company.
  • 1876 - Steamers began to decline with the development of the City Water Works in 1876, as did the system of reservoirs and cisterns.
  • 1884 - December 23, No. 4 held its First Annual Re-union of the Relief Fire Company.
  • 1888 - The City Of Wooster built its first city hall, located on the north side of the 200 E. Liberty St., with a fully equipped fire department located in the rear of the city hall. The first Gamewell fire alarm system was installed at this time. The fire department was then reorganized as a paid department with a paid fire chief, two paid regular firemen and a compliment of volunteer minuteman. The volunteer minutemen, known much later as reserves, were abolished in 1988. The first fire chief of the new paid department was Elmer Funk. The creation of the paid department ended the era of the independent fire companies, their company buildings sold for different uses or razed; the only fire engine company building still standing is Relief Co. No 4’s most recently occupied by Boyd's Drug Store, and presently, Tulipan Hungarian Pastry and Coffee Shop.
  • 1915 - A Buick was purchased as the chiefs car
  • 1916/17 - A motorized Reo fire truck was purchased
  • 1917/18 - In 1917, horses were kept by the fire department; horses were sold in 1918
  • 1928 - Chief Edward F. Snavely reported the purchase of a portable inhalator, a device use to assist victims of breathing difficulty. Inhalator calls were the first run on using the fire chief’s car or one of the fire trucks. Firemen attended to the victim until transport could be made by one of the local funeral home ambulances.
  • 1950s - The number of emergency medical calls for assistance increased year by year
  • 1959 - November, a bond issue was passed for a new city hall, new main fire station, and a new second fire station to the north of town.
  • 1962 - Under the direction of Chief Lloyd S. Eberhart, the fire department moved into the new quarters in early 1962. The fire city hall was shortly thereafter razed.
  • 1970s - only two funeral homes were still providing emergency ambulance service.
  • 1974 - November 1, the Ohio State Legislature passed a law which intensified the requirements governing emergency medical service and the funeral homes could not afford to comply. The responsibility for providing emergency medical service fell to the Wooster Fire Department under Chief Edward F. Schuch. Additional personnel were hired, trained in emergency victim care and two ambulances were purchased. Emergency medical service officially began November 1, 1974
  • 1976 - a third ambulance was purchased primarily for transfers from Wooster Community Hospital to out of town medical facilities.
  • 1995 - Chief M. Victor Haugh began to initiate a paramedic program for the Wooster Division of Fire
  • 1997 - April, the City Of Wooster approved the proposed training program and purchase of the necessary equipment. Medic training takes 11 months with classroom study and practical work in emergency departments and with other fire departments.
  • 1997 - July, the department became paramedic operational with those personnel who already had their training
  • 1999 - March, the base level of 18 certified paramedics had been achieved.

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  1. Credit for majority of information comes from the Wooster Fire Department website where information was gathered by: Douglas C. Myers, Records Specialist, Retired, Wooster Division of Fire

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