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  • Wooster Board of Trade Band
  • Performing Arts / Spectator Sports / and Related Industries
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Key Persons
    • Wooster, 44691, Ohio

Highlights to the Official Minutes

  • Excerpts of Minutes from 90 Years of Looking to the Future: 1900-1990 [1]


  • The Board of Trade Band was organized.


  • The Board of Trade Band entertained those assembled at the annual Board meeting.
  • In September, the Board of Trade Band presented its last outdoor concert of the season. The Wooster Daily News suggested that listeners should be generous with their silver when the collection plates were passed.


  • Mr. Quinby, of the Membership and Band Committee, was kept busy with the Board of Trade Band. In March, he reported that the band had made a demand on the Board that each member be paid $1.50 per night for rehearsal and $1.00 per night for concerts. The matter was referred back to his committee.


  • Mr. Quinby reported in June that the Band wished to put on a "Tag Day." The Band was authorized to proceed and collected $519.


  • It was resolved that the Board lend the Band any amount they may need for new uniforms, not to exceed $1,000.
  • On October 25, the Band was sent to the College to take part in the dedication of the new stadium at a cost of $100 to the Board.


  • The annual meeting was held in the new high school auditorium during which a band concert was rendered by the Board of Trade Band.
  • In April, a loan of $350 was approved for the Band.


  • The Board convened their November 12 meeting at their new offices in the Citizens Bank Building at which time the Band reported they had insufficient funds to get them through the winter.
  • Band director Kaufman appeared at the December 10 meeting stating he didn't want the Board to think the Band was a group of parasites or money grabbers, but were working in common accord to furnish the people of Wooster with real music. The Directors authorized a concert to raise funds.


  • A proposition was sent by the Board to city council requesting they include in their budget $1,000 to be paid for concerts by the Band since all citizens enjoyed the music.


  • In a time of financial crisis, delinquent payments, and declining membership, a bill submitted by the Band was the last straw for the Board. The bill was ordered paid, but the Executive Secretary was authorized to terminate relations with the Board of Trade Band.


  • Board of Trade Band property, such as musical instruments, owned by the Board of Trade was turned over to the Board of Education.

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