Wooster: City of Progress (1914)

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Wooster: The City of Progress[edit | edit source]

This publication was probably published in 1914. This is an abstracted list of the businesses listed. it was compiled by Christina Walton.

   The Daily Republican (newspaper) 
   Post Office
   Buckeye Aluminum Company (org. in 1902, moved to Wooster in 1914) 
   Lincoln Highway Cafeteria  
   Canton-Hughes Pump Company (moved from Canton to Wooster in 1911) 
   Landes Real Estate Agency (est. in 1905) 
   Gerstenslager Company — East Liberty St., near PA RR Depot (Wooster factory opened in 1907) 
   Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station (O.A.E.S.)--”one to three miles s of Wooster” (moved to Wooster in 1892) 
   Wooster Shale Brick Company (started 1889) 
   W.E. Hawk — near the B & O RR depot, formerly Wayne Lumber Co. (1914) (lumber & logs) 
   Cedar Moss Company — Penn. Railway at foot of East Liberty St. (began in 1911) (various cleaning solutions) 
   Gray & Smith Flouring Mill - Wooster location began in 1856 (Shreve location, also) 
   Porter Machine Company — East Liberty St., various machines occupied the bldg. for over 40 years, Mr. Porter bought business in 1912 (mfg. clutches and pulleys) 
   City Book Store — first door east of Citizens National Bank  
   Rexall Store — south side of East Liberty St., next to old Post Office site 
   Central Construction Company — Spruce St. (concrete blocks) 
   T.E. Rice Piano Company — est. around 1904 (piano & musical instruments) 
   New Wooster Preserving Company — incorporated in 1909 
   Larwill Garage — South Market St. at junction of Madison Ave., on Lincoln Highway (service station) 
   E.W. Mann (car dealer) 
   The Wooster Machine Company — East Liberty St. (org. In 1909) (succeeded Barrett Machine Works) (mfg. Wooster Land Roller & Pulverizer) 
   Wooster Brush — established in 1851, Bashford Building on e side of Public Square, then No. 35 South Market St. (Hine property), East Liberty St. (next to Wilhelm’s Carriage Factory, then Clapper’s Bag Factory), South Market St. (1st & 3rd fl., 2nd fl was occupied by Wayne County Mutual Insurance Co.), then rear of No. 35 South Market St., in 1907 moved to No. 56 South Market St. (2nd half of the Foss & Lee Block), finally new factory to the intersection of Madison Ave. and the PA RR (tracks) 
   Statler Concrete Stone Company 
   Minglewood Coal Company (approximately 25 years) (coal & building material) 
   Bell Brothers (almost 40 years) (importers of draft horses) 
   The Iron Crib and Bin Company (org. In 1909) (mfg. Marshall Corn Crib & the Wayne Grain Bin) 
   Mougey House — below the Public Square on Market St. 
   The University of Wooster (org. 1866, inaugurated and classes started in September of 1870) 
   New American House — half block from Public Square, one block from the Post Office  
   The Wallace Theatre — near Public Square on East Liberty St. 
   Tyler Grain Company (started in 1864) 
   Wooster Granite and Marble Works (started in 1889) 
   The City Shoe Store — on the Public Square (opened in 1914) 
   The Danford Company (furniture and undertaking) 
   Shibley & Hudson (fifty-eight years) 
   The Citizens National Bank (org. In 1905) 
   The Daily News (nine years ago)  
   The William Annat Company (incorporated In 1913) (Wm. Annat began dry goods house in 1879) 
   The Wooster Hardware Company (began in 1882, present owners bought it in 1891, incorporated In 1911) 
   The Wooster Hospital (org. In 1907) 
   The Standard Coach and Pad Company (mfg. of pads and harnesses) 
   The Wayne Photo Company
   The People Saving and Loan Company (est. In 1892)  
   The Commercial Bank (reorganized In 1905) (succeeded Albert Shupe & Co.) 
   The Smith and Schott Company (started in 1905) (wholesale grocers) 
   The D.C. Curry Lumber Company (org. In 1868, James Curry started first planing mill in 1853) 
   Millersburg, Wooster, & Orrville Telephone Company (org. In 1889) 
   Ohio Overall Company (bought from E.B. Childs in 1906) 
   Kibler-Kaufman Company (clothing & men’s furnishing store) 
   The Wayne County National Bank (org. In 1845 as The State Bank of Wooster, national as of 1865) 
   East Ohio Gas Company  
   Southwestern Way