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Wilhelm Building
Alternative names Clapper Building
General information
Address current 340 E. Liberty St., Wooster, Ohio, formerly 92 E. Liberty St.
Town or city Wooster, Ohio
Country United States
Current tenants Mezmorize
Completed 1854

Comprehensive History

Carriage and buggy maker, John Wilhelm, built the 2-story brick building on Lot #641, located at 340 E. Liberty St. in Wooster, Ohio in 1854[1]. The distinctive Greek Revival style of architecture is still evident today. On Lot #640 attached to the brick building is a small wood frame building likely constructed after Wilhelm bought the property in 1862.

The possibility of a securing a big contract in 1899 to print salt bags for a very large salt company likely spurred George Clapper to buy the property in 1901[2]. The name CLAPPER is still visible on the top of the brick building and references the time period between 1904-1922 when businessman George A. Clapper and his wife Huldah operated the Clapper Printing & Bag Co. out of the building. After their deaths in 1922 and 1920 respectively, their daughter, Vera Clapper inherited the property. Vera Clapper sold one-half interest in the property to Daisy Mae Derr when the business became Derr Printing Co. These two women held the property until 1943. The Imhoff & Long Co. operated at this location for a number of years.


  • John Wilhelm
  • Rachel Wilhelm
  • Hulda S. Clapper, George Clapper, Vera (Clapper) Moody
  • Daisy Mae Derr
  • Elmer E. Badger, David DeWitt Badger
  • Clarence Landes, Elmer Landis
  • Harry H. Landes, Thomas J. Landes
  • Ralph L. Mowrer, Pearl E. Mowrer
  • Ben Imhoff, Genevieve Imhoff, Ralph Long, Clelia Long
  • Richard Pratt, Judith Pratt
  • Ernie Lehman, Debra Lehman
  • Michael Husain


  • 1854-1890s? Wilhelm Carriage Works
    • Call on the old reliable Carriage Builder, East Liberty St., if you want an honest job at a reasonable price; with forty years' experience as a Carriage Builder and the assistance of a corps of No. 1 mechanics he cannot be beat for neatness, durability and cheapness;call and be convinced, or send your orders which will be promptly filled. [3]
  • 1904-1922 Clapper Printing & Bag Co.
  • 1922-early 1940s Derr Printing Co.
  • 2015 Mezmorize


  • 1854 Construction


Newspaper articles

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Wayne County Recorder Property Transfers

  • 1852: Henry V. Bever To Ephriam Quinby Jr. Vol. 38 p.431 SE Qrt. Section 4, Township 15, Range 13 and Part of NE Qrt. Section 9 $5,000
  • 1853: E. Quinby's Addition to Wooster Plat Vol. 1 p.32
  • 1853: E. Quinby Jr. To John Wilhelm Vol. 43 p.612 Lot #641 $425
  • 1862: E. Quinby Jr. To John Wilhelm Vol.56 p.717 Lot #640 $400
  • 1887: Theodore D. Wilhelm, executor for John Wilhelm deceased To Rachel Wilhelm (widow) Vol. 116 p.99 Lot #641 $5,000
  • 1888: Theodore D. Wilhelm, executor for John Wilhelm deceased To Rachel Wilhelm (widow) Vol. 117 p.3 Lot #640 amongst 5 other properties for $8,200
  • 1894: Theodore D. Wilhelm, executor for Rachel Wilhelm deceased To Elmer E. Badger Vol. 132 p.100 Lot #640 $613
  • 1901: Rachael A. Wilhelm, John Wilhelm To Huldah S. Clapper Vol. 143 p.387 Lot #641 $2,000
  • 1917: Huldah S. Clapper To George A. Clapper Vol. 165 p.48 Lot #641, 174, 682, and part of 1615
  • 1917: Elmer E. Badger To Elmer Edison Badger, David DeWitt Badger Vol. 178 p.270 Lot #640 $5 revenue stamp
  • 1922: George A. Clapper, deceased To Vera Clapper, daughter, Vol. 190 p.476 Affidavit of Transfer Lot #641, 682, and part of 1615
  • 1922: Vera Clapper To Daisy Mae Derr Vol. 192 p.51 one-half interest in Lot #641 $4 revenue stamp
  • 1937: Elmer E. Badger, Emily Badger To Clarence Landes, Elmer Landes Vol. 232 p.428 Lot #640 $5.50 revenue stamps
  • 1943: Daisy Mae Derr, Vera (Clapper) Moody, Clyde Moody To Ralph L. Mowrer, Pearl E. Mowrer Vol. 251 p.159 Lot #641
  • 1946: Ralph L. Mowrer, Pearl Mowrer To Ben Imhoff, Ralph Long Vol. 259 p. 319 Lot #641 $10.45 revenue stamps
  • 1947: Margaret Landes To Harry H. Landes, Thomas J. Landes, estate of Elmer Landes Vol. 268 p.301 parcel No.2-Lot 640
  • 1956: Harry H. Landes, Thomas J. Landes To Ben Imhoff, Ralph Long Vol. 331 p.399 Lot #640 $24.20 revenue stamps
  • 1966: Ralph Long, Clelia Long To Ben Imhoff Vol. 416 p.349 Lot #640, one-half interest Lot #641 $35.75 revenue stamps
  • 1983: Benjamin Imhoff, Genevieve Imhoff To Richard Pratt, Judith Pratt Vol. 586 p.301 Lot #640, #641 $176 conveyance fee
  • 1993: Richard Pratt, Judith Pratt To Ernie Lehman, Debra Lehman Vol. 694 p.391 Lot #641 $150,000
  • 2011: Ernie Lehman, Debra Lehman To OHIO DREAM TEAM L.L.C. (MICHAEL HUSAIN) Lot #641 $132,000

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