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  • White Front Store
    • Date unknown
    • Date unknown
    Key Persons
      • 18 S. Market St., Wooster, 44691, Ohio, United States
    • 1884. Wooster City and Wayne County Business Directory, 1884-1885. Shives, Merz & Shives, Compilers, Editors and Publishing Industries, Wayne County Herald, Wooster, Ohio, 1884. R 917.71 W88 1884-1885

    For the past three years this establishment has enjoyed a liberal trade from residents of both city and country. Mr. Bechtel carries in stock a large and choice stock of wall papers, embracing latest patterns and newest designs, window shades, decorations and fixtures, embracing dados and many beautiful patterns. He also keeps baby carriages and children's express wagons, velocipedes, stationary, base ball goods, etc. Mr. Bechtel is a native of this state, and in 1862 he enlisted in Co. F, 102d Regt. O.V.I., serving with credit and distinction to the close of the war in 1865, and received an honorable discharge. [1]


    The White Front Toy Store

    • The White Front Toy Store.
      • Within the past week we paid a visit to the White Front Toy Store, and was greatly surprised to see the large stock on the counters and shelves. The quality of goods is superior to anything we have ever seen in Wooster, and consists of albums, fine stationery, ladies' large and small satchels, ladies' work baskets, fancy baskets, Christmas cards, and in fact everything in the way of Christmas goods for the fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, their cousins and aunts. In the children's department there are among thousands of other articles, sleds, wagons, velocipedes, hobby horses, and toys in endless qualities. This is the place where Santa Claus can lay in his supply of presents for the little ones. An inspection should be made to appreciate the immensity of this stock. [2]

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    Toys of all kinds

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