West Salem Library

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West Salem Library
Type Libraries (Public)
Industry Information
Fate Active
Headquarters West Salem, Ohio, United States
Number of locations 99 E. Buckeye St., West Salem, Ohio
Parent Wooster Public Library and Museum; Wayne County District Public Library; Wayne County Public Library

The Northwest School District constructed a new elementary school, leaving the old building vacant. The Village of West Salem purchased the building. Mayor Elmer Toth wanted to make it a community center. WCPL wanted a "physical presence" in West Salem.

Work began late in fall, with much of the work done by staff and volunteers. A wall was taken down and new carpet installed. Shelving, computers, and furniture were acquired thanks to donations from other libraries, local businesses, and banks.

After a year of budget cuts, planning for a West Salem library began in 2004. The Mayor proposed that the Library use space in the circular addition that had been built in 1969. No rent was charged, but the Library agreed to pay $200 a month to help with utilities costs.

The Reading Room began as a completely volunteer-run library. In late 2006, the Library was given a 2-year evaluation. In 2007, a paid staff member was hired to manage the branch, allowing it to be considered a true library branch.

The West Salem Branch interior was renovated in the fall of 2010.

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