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Wayne County, Ohio Regiments

According to Bowen's History of Wayne County, Ohio, Wayne County, Ohio furnished over 3,200 volunteers from 1861-1865. This did not include a considerable conscript force (page 223).

  • 4th Regiment, one company
  • 16th Regiment, one company for three months and five companies for three years service
  • 41st Regiment, one company
  • 120th Regiment, five companies
  • 102nd Regiment, three companies
  • 107th Regiment, one company
  • 169th Regiment, National Guards, three companies
  • 85th Regiment, 30 men
  • 9th Ohio Cavalry, one company
  • small detachments for several artillery companies
  • fragmentary enlistments in different infantry organizations

Wayne County Service Pensions, Civil War

Wayne County, Ohio Men on Board the Sultana

One of the greatest disasters of the Civil War was the explosion of the steamer, Sultana, on the Mississippi river on April 27, 1865. On board that day were 2,200 Union soldiers, many of whom were exchanged prisoners of war who were on their way to their Northern homes after many months of suffering in Southern prisons. There were roughly 400 men that survived the explosion and approximately 1,700 killed. On board at the time of the disaster were 130 men of the 102nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry from Wayne, Holmes, Richland, and Ashland counties; many of whom perished.

Survivors Native to Wayne County, Ohio

  • George Anderson, born in Wayne County, Ohio 1838-JUL-20, enlisted in Company F, 102nd O.V.I. at Wooster 1862-AUG-06
  • Otto Bardon, born in Wooster, Ohio 1841-AUG-28, enlisted in Company H, 102nd O.V.I. at Wooster 1862-AUG-08
  • William A./Harmon Christine, born in Wooster, Ohio 1841-SEP-23, enlisted in Company H, 102nd O.V.I. at Wooster 1862-AUG-06
  • Philip L. Horn, born in Wooster, Ohio 1844-OCT-24, enlisted in Company I, 102nd O.V.I. at Wooster 1862-AUG-07
  • L. W. McCrory, born in Wayne County, Ohio 1835-NOV-05, enlisted in Company A, 100th O.V.I. at Portage, Ohio
  • George S. Schmutz, born in Congress, Wayne County, Ohio 1846-JUL-22, enlisted in Company I, 102nd O.V.I. at Wooster 1862-AUG-02

Perished Native to Wayne County, Ohio

  • Henry Bahl
  • Amos Brenizer
  • Gideon Harrington
  • James Huntzberger
  • Joseph E. McKelvey
  • Benjamin Musser, Jr.
  • Godrey H. Omwig
  • Cyrus Smith

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102nd OVI, Co. H. Individuals in "Wooster Mess" photo: J. Huntsberger, D. Ammon, T. McMurray, C. Smith, G. W. Laughridge, O. Bardon, Joseph Baughman, Perry Miller, John Baney, S. Fogleson, Patrick Henry McAnaney, Charles Phillips

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