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Wayne County National Bank, The
Type Banks
Industry Finance & Insurance
Fate Dissolved
Predecessor(s) State Bank of Ohio, The (1845-January 27, 1865) Wayne County branch
Successor(s) National City Bank - Wayne County, Ohio Branches
Founded Wooster, Ohio (January 27, 1865 (1865-01-27)) 1908-09 directory claims Est. 1845
Headquarters Wooster, Ohio, United States
Number of locations Downtown, Main branch, 101 W. Market St., Wooster, Ohio, Branches: Cleveland-Beall, 1776 Beall Ave., Wooster, Ohio
Key people John R. Sanderson Assistant VP; 1904: Loan Officers - John Sanderson, Bill Rouch, Pete Armstrong, Ken Schar; Additional Staff - Virginia James, Nancy Paguiano, Connie Shelley, Priscilla Norton

The Wayne County National Bank was once one of Wooster's oldest businesses and largest commercial banking institutions located on the southwest corner of the Public Square. The bank was founded in 1845 and originally chartered as the Wayne County Branch, State Bank of Ohio, in 1849. The National Charter was received in 1865 at which time the name, Wayne County National Bank, was adopted. At one time it was recognized as the 8th oldest bank in Ohio. In 1976, the Wayne County Historical Society recognized the site as a Wayne County Historical Landmark.

Following 2004's buyout of the former Wayne Bancorp by Cleveland-based National City Bank, Pittsburgh-based PNC Bank announced on October 24, 2008 it was acquiring National City for $5.58 billion in stock and cash.

Locations[edit | edit source]

City Directories[edit | edit source]

  • 1908-1909 - Moore's Standard Directory of Wooster, Ohio
  • 1915 - Directory of Wooster and Bloomington, Ohio
  • 1928 - Wooster Directory, Elmer S. Landes, President; E. C. Dix and P. C. Firestone, VP; Robert R. Woods, Cashier; John A. Myers and W. G. Gerlach, Assist Cashiers111-113 S. Market St., p. 203, 217

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Historical documents[edit | edit source]

  • Wooster City and Wayne County Directory, compiled by S. E. Neikirk and P. W. Snyder, September 1904, p. 8. [1]
  • 1906 - Wooster High School annual [2]
  • Wayne County Topics: Monthly newsletter published 1954-1973

Timeline[edit | edit source]

  • 1845 - bank founded
  • 1849 - bank chartered as
  • 1865 - previously known as Wayne County branch of the State Bank of Ohio, 1845-January 27, 1865
  • 1865 - received National Charter and adopted the name Wayne County National Bank
  • 1976 - site recognized as a Wayne County Historical Landmark
  • 2004 - Bought out by National City Bank
  • 2008 - Bought out by PNC Bank

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